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Just a casual Saturday night with a two time Olympic Gold Medalist. I can die a happy woman now. #twentyyearcrush #mclainward #adultammystrong

Some of our great .80 round from today, our .90 round was not so great! Thank you @allykroff for a good two weeks, we learned so much! #adultammystrong #kroffstables #americanequus #halohorsesllc #kimberleefarms

We have some exciting stuff in the works for team Mozzie- I can’t wait to share the news with you guys 😍🎉🍾🤫🦄

Prada stayed in yesterday after being sedated to get her teeth done. Bunny was a good big sister and checked on Prada to make sure she was feeling ok. 😋❤

It’s finally Friday y’all! I’m so excited because we finish moving into our new house today (which I’m already obsessed with) and I have the day off 😁 It’s been raining like crazy which mean Kassie is probably a mud monster! But the other day we jumped this tiny cross rail! We have never ever jumped anything! She even tucked her little knees! We had a blast. We aren’t jumpers and I don’t care that this isn’t a huge jump but it was so much fun to change it up😜 🚀 #DressageRidersGoneRouge

Back to the Highs today! I’m a little stiff from my tumble the other day, but I think riding will be the perfect cure 😉 #AdultAmmyStrong

I had a great, very difficult lesson today working on transitions, control, and my equitation. I had just heard about KFC running out of chicken and was too shaken to think to ask anyone to film my rounds (that’s not a joke. I was seriously concerned about 1) where I would eat lunch and 2) if I was single-handedly responsible for the chicken shortage because I love their grilled chicken so much). So instead I thought I’d post this #tbt video of me and Pluto 5 months after giving birth to my daughter (I’d been back riding probably 3 months). #pluto #nottheplanet

Baby Hannah being lost and confused in a horse show is not so different from how adult Hannah operates these days 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #throwbackthursday #tbt #shortstirrup #strugglefest #adultammystrong #horseshowlife

I finally pulled the trigger and threw away my old paddock boots. I’m a firm believer in literally letting them fall off my feet before getting a new pair. Anyone else with me?! #adultammystrong #oldboots #woreout #outwiththeold #paddockboots #ariat #lastedlong @adultammystrong

I love spending time with this animal! Obvi he’s my favorite ride, but getting to spend so much time just chilling with him at this show is the best 💙 #AdultAmmyStrong 📸: @printablepony

This is a Gulfport PSA: I was stuck inside the bathroom stall for an embarrassing minute (or two). I tried to unlock the door and the latch would NOT budge. I was getting a little angry because I knew I was going to have to crawl under the door to get out but had to wait for the other people in the bathroom to leave so I wouldn’t shame myself. Well, that’s about when I noticed there was a 2nd latch... yeah... the one I was trying to open was permanently screwed shut... #themoreyouknow #justtryingtosaveyallsdignity #horseshow #horseshowlife #horsenation #adultammystrong #adultamateur

On occasion, I do participate in non-horsey activities. @fuckyeahtylerthecreator just dropped a truth bomb about Rochester “y’all ain’t got shit here, i saw a tree and that was it..... but you have the best MF grocery store what’s it called.... Wegmans” 😂😂😂😂😂 #tylerthecreator #wegmans #adultammystrong

Came home from work and #bearmetalbuildings has my pens totally covered and ready for the hot weather. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 One more day to tidy up and put the separators up between stalls. #happyhorses #homefarm #adultammystrong #bigpets #horsesathome #horsesathome🏡 #equestriansofinstagram

Two busy days in the concrete jungle has me tired & in need of some Vitamin H! Looking forward to seeing this guy Friday. Also, WOW time to pull his mane 😂

Excited to see the wild boy tonight- vacation was fun but I missed this little nugget 😍🍑 #futurefeipony #adultammystrong #pleasebegood #unicorn

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