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On a non-fitness related note; these products are amazing 👌🏻 I've struggled for years with my skin and tried every new product and treatment. But after being given the wash in a set a while ago and noticing a real difference I decided to give some of their other products ago. Honestly it's improved my skin so much and meaning I don't need daily foundation finally! So thanks @soapandglory #nailedit #adultacne #acneproblems #acnetreatment #skincare #fitness #realtalk #blogger #vitality #beauty #lifestyleblogger

New skin who dis?! Nov 2016 - July 2017. 14 days to go to be free of #roaccutane. If I listened to all the naysayers about using this treatment I would be adding Topicals like crazy and getting minimal results. Thanks to Dr Pat Dunwell and Dr Katanya Clarke, Musgrave Medical team and Carimed.

Thanks @earthelementsja for the delivery, been wanting to try your stuff for the longest, but to get to the store is always so out of reach... .
Just hoping I'll get some results for these products. As this #AdultAcne #StressAcne is just annoying now.

Adult ACNE: Stress, poor diets and pollution fuel 200% rise in outbreaks - and one in three sufferers are over 35! #oriflame #healthy #skincare #acne #adultacne

ACNE IS EMBARRASSING | I'm someone who likes to share because I'm aware that we are human and everything isn't perfect all the time ..actually it never perfect . But even THIS has taken a toll on me. Acne is physically painful but it can be emotionally crippling. It really takes a toll on your self-confidence /esteem. If you've seen me in public within this last week I've been under a hat and a huge pair of shades. Yesterday I almost didn't go out at all because it was REALLY BAD and painful . But I did what I always do when I feel insecure about something ...I SHARE IT. I've been doing daily Bentonite / Charcoal / French Clay masks from @healthfoodherbcenter and it's been expelling all of the toxins out of my skin. IT GETS WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER...and this my friends is the WORSE. Keep in mind that this side of my face is currently my "GOOD SIDE" the other is outrageous..you can go check it out on my IG story if you're brave. I'm drinking a gallon of water a day , exercising, eating clean , and riding this bitch out. 🤷🏽‍♀️I'll keep you all posted on the progress. For anyone dealing with this ...it's nothing to be ashamed about. Don't kill yourself trying to hide. Find what works , ask for help , and let's work it out 💛 #acne #adultacne [ Watch my IGstory for the FULL STORY]

YES to: science #pride🌈 & some sweet #adultacne

It's #funfactfriday!🎉 Did you know recurring breakouts are largely due to dry skin?! When skin is dry, it cracks, and these cracks make it a lot easier for bacteria to get through your skin's protective outer layer & deep into your pores 🙅🏻The best solution? Try to opt for non drying skincare products like ours, with no harsh chemicals or drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or large amounts of alcohols ✨ So you can be blemish free & still have glowing healthy skin!

I don't get it. I'm almost done with month 3 of 20mg/day and I feel like I'm back where I started. Breaking out with small pimples all over my face. Is that normal? Will it get better? Or do I need a higher dosage? I look like shit and I'm demotivated 🙈😿💩 #accutane #accutanejourney #acne #adultacne #skinproblems

Cop this Bernard Tomic. #savage #adultacne #antifungalscalpwash


SWIPE RIGHT for before photos.
My updated results using SeneGence Oily to Acne line, Spot On, Polishing Exfoliator and Facial Resurfacer. I couldn't be happier with the results I am seeing. Finally products that work!!!

Had my third @imageskincareireland peel done today @therapieclinic with Sarah today. I honestly cannot get over the difference that the peels, products and Sarah's invaluable advice have made to my skin. Over the last few years I suffered with adult acne and now I barely have a spot. We're only half way through the treatments too so I cannot wait to see how good my skin looks after the full thing! #beauty #skincare #acne #adultacne #imageskincare #spf #treatyoself #happyfriday #skin #image #healthyskin #peel #acidpeel #therapie #happy #results #lovetherapie

Packing for a trip and only have hand luggage? No need to worry! Our products are all 50ml or under so the perfect airport security size, so no messy decanting or compromising on what you take. We are packing for a little trip this weekend - this is not all we’re taking by the way! 😊 #honestskincare #smallbusiness #friday #fridayfeeling #weekendaway

Isn't she beautiful? Often times I hear women say "I wish I never had my period." Then my heart breaks cause we should celebrate our femininity more, be more proud and love everything that makes us women. I do understand though, I can't remember all the times I called in sick for work because my period had started the night before or morning of. I'd be bed bound for a day, feeling nauseous, muscle pain all over my legs, cramps of course and sometimes even a fever. My mission for that day was to TRY to sleep and have 2 hot-packs rotating all the time. Oh and I also had to manage seeing a doctor to get my sick note...
So yeah, I do understand. What I am trying to say is that you don't have to accept this as your new normal. You CAN fix yourself and have light, almost painless periods. You just have to know how to support your body in getting there. Message me or leave a comment if you' like to get started on your way to an easier period! 🌹

Day-175-I'm slowly working on it with meticulous skin care. Soon accutane will be over and that's all I'll have as far as ammunition. I'm still using the evologie system which I find gentle and effective. (I'm actually so impressed I've written a product review which I'll post today). I'm not against trying hydroquinone eventually, but I think that would come well after accutane withdrawal. Side effects are the same as usual and I think I've finally adjusted to how I've been feeling except for the hair shedding has gotten worse in this last month than ever before. I really hope that one stops soon. It's back to work and reality for me today. Sending you all love and healing vibes. .
#dianne35 #adultacne #hormonalacne #skin #instablog #accutane #epuris #accutaneblog #acneblog #sideeffects #acnewarefare #accutanejourney #isotretinoin #badskin #skinproblems #acne #isotretinoin #dryskin #acnemedication #zits #accutanecommunity #roaccutane #skincare #beautifulwithacne #hyperpigmentation #scars #blemishes #dermatology #skin #accutaneproblems

Been reading up about the water challenge people are doing. Drinkin a gallon a day 💦 which is about 8 pints. Easy! 😐🤣🤣 improves health inside and out which sounds good to me. 35 but some days my body feels double that soo....Gonna give it a whirl yes!! 😆👌 .
#waterchallenge #gallonofwater #waterbenefits #waterbottle #healthychoices #stopandchug #familylife #mumof3 #fibrowarrior #anemia #adultacne #chronicillness #letsdothis

Really need to start being consistent in how I post photos of my skin and do the same angles and shit each time bc bc my feed is a mess also I've been hoovering and cleaning and laundry-ing today so that explains the shine and apparently pissed off face in the second photo. No active breakouts, just scars and hyper-pigmentation. #acne #acnescars #acneproblems #hormonalacne #cysticacne #adultacne #myeyebrowsareamesstoo

Day 88, almost done with month 3! My skin feels better. I also started to apply rosehip oil every evening, which helps with red marks.
The only annoying thing right now are my split mouth corners. Looks stupid and hurts 😷👎
Side effects: dry and hurting eyes, aching joints (swimming yesterday was tough), blisters on my feet, a lot of ingrown hair from waxing? --> I have now Aloe Vera gel which I use after hair removal. Do you use it for anything else?? #accutane #acne #adultacne #skinproblems #sideeffects #accutanejourney

I always say, don't cover it up, clear it up!! Unblemish is the #1 Premium Acne brand in the U.S. and you can see why!!⠀

Here is what gorgeous teammate, Kimberly Diddle, had to say about her stunning transformation:⠀
"I have struggled with acne since my preteen years. I had great results with ProActiv when I was younger but as my skin aged, I noticed it was drying out my skin more than normal. When I heard there was an 'adult version of ProActiv' I was totally on board to give it a try. Needless to say, UNBLEMISH did not disappoint!! Not only did it treat my acne, but my skin feels rejuvenated! I am LOVING my R+F glow!!"⠀

Message me and say goodbye to those stubborn acne and hello to a more positively RADIANT looking you!!⠀

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So before I get to posting more products I'm trying & using I thought I'd share what my 30-something-year-old skin 🤓 is like ⬆️ -I've mapped it out in graphic form
Pretty much I have almost every concern there is:
•Wrinkles: 😫more noticeable on my forehead
•Rosacea: ☺️honestly I didn't think a brown person could have this, ignorance is a curse; now mostly on my cheeks (previously on forehead & chin as well)
•Acne: ☄️ahhh the dreaded adult acne that is a totally diff beast than my teenage years
•Oily: 💦Whereas I had oily skin all over when younger it's now localized to my t-zone.
•Dry: 🌵I never had dry skin until I hit my 30s and it's the worst (I actually miss oily skin)

I'll go into detail of each concern more with future posts so stay tuned! 👀💁🏻 #acne #adultacne #wrinkles #rosacea #dryskin #oilyskin #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarelover #healthyskin #iloveskincare #hudabeauty #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #skincareobsessed #skincarecommunity #skinchart #facechart #glamlifeguru

Everything is clearing up! Last night I used @skinceuticals #skinceuticals #retinolnightcream and then made sure to put a generous amount of @dermalogica #dermalogica #intensivemoisturebalance to combat any dryness from using the retinol. I can feel such a difference just from one night in the texture of my skin and the amount of congestion! 😌

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