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Stress and poor diet create a toxic environment that weaken your immune system. It’s important that you take protective measures for immune health.

Anyone else use #maca?
It's an adaptogenic root, which means it regulates the hormones in your body! Especially helpful for #thyroid and #adrenals (think burnouts, exhaustion, stress...) and also helpful for boosting physical energy and libido. 💪🔥
Gelatinized #macapowder is easier to digest and absorb into the body. ☄
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#245lbs #sumodeadlifts for 6 reps at 1030pm after a day full of clients feeling easy. This is only day 1 of week 2 of being back into training after taking a good 2-3 weeks off over the holidays. This lift felt so good I'm going for 265 next week, and 285 on week 4. If I can keep going at this rate I will be in the #300club by the spring! How is this possible? 1. #Discipline and staying on track. Because I have a #4dayprogram, my program normally starts on Monday and ends on Saturday. I decided I wanted to spend Monday watching #gameofthrones with my boyfriend instead. #excellentchoice #iregretnothing. I knew that meant I would have to go to the gym on Tuesday after work in order to stay on track for the week, and that's exactly what I did.

2. #aminoneurofrequencytherapy. See that disc on my right temple? That bad boy is called #geniusbrain and it really helps me keep my #mind right and my #energy up. I also have on other discs to boost performance and recovery. I have been using the discs to balance my #hormones, which has led to better #gluteactivation. All #organs have related muscles, and the glutes are related to the #endocrine aka #hormone organs and #glands. The #adrenals are part of this system as well. Ever heard of them? Yeah, kind of important for energy 👌. 3. Last but certainly not least this lift was possible because of following a scientifically based program written by my phenomenal #strengthcoach @damicofitness that was specifically tailored to fit my goals and strengthen my weaknesses. In my opinion everyone who has fitness goals should have a well educated #strengthcoach and/or #personaltrainer who provides a program that enables one to get the most out of their time spent in the gym. It is less expensive than doing in-person training sessions, but you still reap most of the benefits. It's a no brainer!

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R I T U A L I S T I C W E L L N E S S Teaching is without a doubt my dharma and each class and workshop I teach is a meaningful experience to me. But... I'm MOST excited to be teaching an upcoming workshop in April about rituals and routines. We'll work on redesigning how we start and end our days with rituals based in Ayurvedic principles and circadian medicine.💫
My infatuation with this subject matter began when studying for my Master's in Ayurveda. The title of my thesis was The Impact of Routine on Health and I studied how people with consistent routine and daily rituals were able to maintain best health, even better than the superfood, ultra-exercising counterparts. I'm so, so, excited to share the beginning parts of something bigger I've been working on in this 2-hour workshop!✨
Register by linking to bio @sagecenterkc or experiencesage.com.
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An unexpected snow day means a slow morning, tea, and time to meal plan. What are your favorite recipes to make for out of town guests?❄️🤔

Happy hump day everyone! #Coffee is my morning go-to but I don’t use it as an energy source. So many people drink coffee to perk themselves up in the morning, not realizing that there’s a deeper, underlying issue to their fatigue. That’s where I come in, to help you reclaim your energy by treating the cause! DM me if you have any questions or just want to talk! #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicmedicine #adrenals #stress

NEW YEAR, NEW MOON! 🌛✨ The new moon symbolises new beginnings, and is an excellent time to reflect back on your old goals and set yourself new ones. This magical time is the perfect opportunity to start anew, and what better way to do that then with a SuperFeast list of 20 things to do in 2018! This wonderful poster is a culmination of  what our SF family consider to be some essential everyday to-do's! We have listed these in an A2 poster form so that you guys can enjoy the visuals too - and we'll be launching them for sale on Monday so make sure you get your hands on this limited edition piece! Oh!! And To top it off - we're challenging you, to embark on the wonderful journey of liver cleansing - with the 100 days of SCHIZANDRA challenge! More on this tomorrow! Stay tuned friends ❣️

Preventing Burnout Tip: Bring some colour into your life. Life is more than just work. Colour comes from variety and comes from having activities and practices during your week that switch you off from work, connect you with people, and provide a sense of fun. Doing the same thing day in day out is a boring existence that erodes your resilience and is a sure way to feel fed up and despondent. It’s a new year, time to think about what you’re going to do to stimulate your senses and energise yourself.

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As a Nutritional Medicine practitioner, I always get asked: what is your philosophy of eating? Do I eat and advise my clients to eat Paleo, high-fat/low-carb, Vegan, Alkaline, Macros, etc, etc? I believe that each body is unique and responds to different foods in different ways, and this can change throughout your life depending on your health issues, age, and exercise demands.
If you are experiencing health issues, I would encourage you to do an elimination diet, and strip your nutrition back to a healthful dose of some fruit, veg, good oils and meat (unless you, personally, need a rest from meat as well). I've designed a thorough elimination and re-introduction plan, based on many reliable sources of possible troublesome foods, that can help you identify if any foods (even healthy ones) are contributing to your health issues.
I'm currently doing this plan at the moment as part of healing my adrenals and gut - and seriously, it is NOT hard. In fact, it is a joy to eat lots of nourishing and cleansing foods, and be in COMPLETE control of what you eat. I'm looking forward to the reintroduction process, to gain a greater awareness of how different foods interact with my own unique biochemical makeup!
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Huge shout out to @twpfitness tonight for hosting me for a talk on ADRENAL health! Stress is an inevitable part of life...what’s important is how your body is dealing with it! We talked about everything from causes of adrenal insufficiency, to signs and symptoms, to the importance of objective testing, and of course some treatment options! Interested in learning more? PM me or book for a complementary meet and greet to discuss this important topic further.

Taking to doggy babies out to walk at their favorite park, and get my movement in. I don't do as much strength training as I would like due to my #adrenals ... But a glorious day makes up for it. ❤💞 🐕
#Pacificnorthwest #doxiemom

When you’ve identified the specific body system and or organs needing support, you can use this chart to help navigate which natural options to use.
If you need help identifying the concern, you can schedule an appt with me for an Electro-Dermal Biofeedback Screening. The screening will give you an overall picture of what is stressed in your body.
Screenings are done Online or in my Murrieta office in the Alive & Well Center for Natural Healing.
You can schedule an appt at LivingJen.com #bodysystem #organs #endocrine #digestive #circulatory #respiratory #immune #nervoussystem #rootcause #youareinchargeofyourhealth #naturaloptions #wellness #healthandwellness #toxins #urinary #spine #colon #brain #onguard #doterra #doterrawellness #ddrprime #lifelongvitalitypack #adrenals #healthylivingjourney #livingjen

There's no shame with where you are right now. Eventually you will get where you want to be!
Will it take planning, discipline, and time? Yep. Will you have to make choices that your friends and family might think you are crazy for? Yep. But what do you want?? Why do you want it?? .
My goals over the years have evolved. I used to care about being skinny or always wanted 6 pack abs thinking that'd be the ultimate destination in being fit and healthy. But now that I'm in the last year of my thirties🤦‍♀️, I really don't care about those things anymore. .
I was so conditioned after having 4 babies to "lose the baby weight" and maybe you find yourself there now - stop with the internal or outer pressure on yourself. What makes you FEEL the best? What foods are going to help you have the most energy to care for your family and do your job and daily tasks? What types of workouts are going to make you feel strong and energized, rather than drained and depleted? Find one you can look forward to!
I love when I talk to people who love their fitness routine, but there are so many of you that haven't found your groove yet. You may not feel comfortable working out in front of others, you may have time constraints, or you may think you are too out of shape to start. All of those feelings have solutions when you DECIDE you are ready to make a change! .
I DECIDED to commit to 80 Day Obsession because I want to challenge myself and become a better me. These programs challenge me physically and mentally, as well! If you are looking for something new and are curious about what I'm doing, go check out my blog to learn more! Link in bio!

Today these cute assistants are going to teach you how to pronounce Vanilmandelate, also known as VMA. VMA is the primary metabolite for Norephinephrine/Epinephrine. 🤗
Tomorrow we will educate you on this organic acid marker and what it measures! 📈
There is still time to sign up for our OATs webinar on January 23rd at 11am PST. The link is still in our bio ☝🏼
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Learn more about ways your body can react when you are suffering from adrenal fatigue by going to www.drlam.com #adrenalfatigue #sensitivities #food #adrenals #fatigue

I had to break into my own product stash last night because we were out of Evening Calm going on day 3. Sleep is so much deeper with this baby helping me out. 😴

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Loving these easy to make protein bites, which are better for my sensitive blood sugar (thanks, Hashimoto’s) than other sweet snacks. I’ll get the super simple recipe on my blog soon 🙂 My functional doctor couldn’t have been anymore right when she said focusing on protein was the way forward to feeling better.
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“Getting my day started right this morning. thank you @herbworks_ltd for the brain essentials and clear calm energy. #wakeupandwin “ 📷 @johnxsantos

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