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Kirby is an adorable 28 lb boy. He LOVES 💙 other dogs and walks. He runs up to his foster parents with a wagging tail for love, gets a very little bit of petting, but then remembers that he is still scared of people and runs away 😞. When on the street he had to be caught by trap because he was too scared to be caught by hand.
His wonderful foster parents have had him since the start of December and have been working with him a lot but they said if there is anyone who has more experience in socializing a dog or has more time 🐕💞 to work with him they just want what is best for him.
If anyone wants to meet Kirby to potentially foster him and continue his socialization please email 💻📱 westburycare@gmail.com

What a great Friday!🙌🎆
Sampson, now named Jojo, found his happy forever home 🏠 this week and he will be very loved😍! He has a canine 🐕and feline 🐈 sibling in his new home 🐾💙

Waiting for the weekend like a #queen 👑🐾... (Bonus: I spy four #hedgehogs)

Homeless puppy siblings. Anyone who love dog and available adopt them? #doghomeless #adoptpuppy #cutepuppy #cutedog #puppy #dog #homelessdog #homelesspuppy #bangkok contact to @khammay.choice and i can be volunteer take them to you🙏🏻

#tbt to the babiest me. #GrowingUp is hard, so many lessons to learn! 🤔

*'포인핸드' 어플을 이용하여 당신에게 맞는 반려동물을 더욱 쉽고 편하게 입양할 수 있습니다*
사진은 제 친구가 입양한 강아지 '하루'입니다♡ <#dontbuyadopt>;
If you're looking to adopt your future companion that fits your lifestyle, the "Pawinhand" app makes it easy for you!
This app lists abandoned and lost animals throughout Korea, and is very easy to use. There isn't an English version, but if you are interested in adopting an animal, please ask your Korean friends or use a translator! This app is great, and I hope that you will find your future forever friend!

So true! 😰😝
The pain!!!

21.02.0218 | 54 Days old 🐾
They have grown much bigger now, and still looking for forever home! ❣️DM us if you know anyone who loooooooooooooooooooooooves pups & dogs. 😍
#puppy #puppyofinstagram #adoption #puppyadoption #adoptpuppy

Shep might be a low-rider, but he isn't low on love 🐾💙to give! He is a super friendly guy 😎 who just wants to hang with everyone. 📱💻Apply to meet Shep!
www.westburycare.com/adopt 📸 Book your photo shoot for pets or family with Shauna @bebeluxephotography

Happy Happy Tuesday! Yasss!!💙
We are happy to announce that Zen, now named Macaroni, had found her happy forever 🏠🙌home! Macaroni is a great name for this happy playful girl 😃😬

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