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The saddest pooch on earth, because Mom & Dad's @gandmrestaurant #crabcakes aren't for her 🐾☹️🐕 I guess the Cornish Game Hen liver & gizzards in my dinner were fancy enough 😆#LemmaSkye #frownypooch #rescue #adoptionsuccessstory #rescuepup #actuallyaspoileddog #pamperedpooch #sweatergame

Yay for Ronald! Not only did he find his forever home but he is now working in accounting 😹 So happy that this guy has found his forever home.
#adoptdontshop #adoptionsuccessstory #adoption

ADOPTED! "I volunteered out at Blue River Horse Center all last summer, it was a great experience and gave me a chance to revive my love of horses. During most of the summer, I didn’t really become attached to any of the horses, I loved them all but really had no plans to adopt. I wanted to become a better rider and re-familiarize myself with the care of horses. As the summer progressed, I had ridden several of the horses and my skills were improving. I hadn’t ridden Tango until the last month or so, because she was a little more spirited and a less trained than the other horses. But, when I finally rode Tango, I felt a connection with her. She was a challenge to ride at first but I could see that she wanted to learn and to allow me to grow as a rider. It was fun to be learning together. Somewhere in there, I decided that would work, that we could learn together, and that it made sense to adopt her. I loved her sweet disposition, and felt so comfortable in her smooth trot, and she was very responsive. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get a horse that had such wonderful traits.”
Congratulations Tango and Kay!
#adoptionsuccessstory #adopted #rescue #rescuehorse #valentinesday #happyhorse #lovestory #dreamcatcher #endofthetrail #perfecthorse #foreverhome

Got tail? 😂 Rocking out today with #oneearup, watching @goldbikechef, wishing the rain would end so I could go play outside. #lemmaskye #rescue #happytobealive #adoptionsuccessstory #rockdog #sweatergame #crate #venuepooch #venuedog #oneearup #mentalwellnesscanineunit #sweatergame

About 1.5 years has passed by since Riley found his forever home. We are so happy to watch him grow up in a loving family! 🐶❤
#dps #dpssuccess2018 #dpsrescue #rescue #rescuesuccess #adopt #adoption #adoptadog #adoptacat #adoptdontshop #adoptionsuccessstory #adoptionsuccessstories #riley #missyou #proudofyou #timeflies

Happy twenty-fifth birthday, Punk! Happy, happy, birthday.

Daddy and I are so very glad you were born, and that, because it was meant to be, we found our way to each other.

Our l-o-n-g journey from "we to three" was bumpy and winding, and despite that, or maybe because of it, it can best be summed up in five little words; "You were worth the wait!" You WERE worth the wait.

Today, I'm throwing it all the way back to your fourth birthday when you were obsessed with all things cowboy, from this sweet felt hat to the little red boots you wore with everything from bathing suits to pajamas.

Whenever we asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, the answer was always, "I wanna be a cookin' cowboy!" This still tickles me, and I'm not sure if I'm sad or relieved that dream wasn't realized.

With that said, you're the author of your own story, and it's never too late to make your wildest, cowboy, dreams come true if you really want them to.

And to show my support, I'll even lend you the pony on a stick you "rode" everywhere in case you want to trade in your current ride for something that gets better mileage.

You are my joyspot! I love you very much.

#happybirthday #happytwentyfifthbirthday #thecookincowboy #memories #storyteller #storytelling #adoptionsuccessstory #worththewait

Thank you to everyone who made our adoption event a success this weekend! Luna dazzled in her sweater, there were reunions with alumni, and Zoey (5477) went to her furever home. Volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you, you are amazing!!

There aren’t many things in this world more beautiful than love between pets and their humans! Here is sweet @tiny_timtam being showered with love from his mama @pigpup ❤️

He’s 6 months old today!!!!
Like for real? Already?
#6monthsold #adoptionrocks #adoptionsuccessstory

Another @therescuetrain #AdoptionSuccessStory. Greg & Peggy have been fostering Hamilton & Jelly since they were 12 weeks old. After a while, they couldn't imagine them going anywhere else and decided to adopt the bonded pair for #Christmas. Hamilton follows Greg around like a dog and even greets him at the door, while Jelly is an amazing gymnast and excellent help in the kitchen. Thanks for being great fosters and even better adopters. If you're interested in #fostering, please visit http://bit.ly/rtfoster (link in profile) #AdoptDontShop #WereSavingAPetForYou

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