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Dear Jagger (aka "cheeks")...stop growing. It's freaking me out. ♥️Love, your mama #thursdaythought #adoptionrocks #jaggerjude #babiesofinstagram #polkadots #hairtospare #babygirl #ilovehersomuch #ilovebabyfat

MiRACLES HaPPEN. This one's name is Dorothy ("Dot" for short)!
Could not be more excited for @derekbyrondavis and @whitleyodavis who just adopted the most precious little bundle of joy! Our entire family is in 7th heaven.
#miracles #littlebundleofjoy #family #familyphotography #familygoals #adoptionrocks #miracleshappen

These two have my heart forever & ever! You simply can't convince me there's ever been two cuter toddlers ☺️😍❤️ Can't believe in about 5 months we are going to have three kids three & under! God writes the best stories 🙌

Goldie girl is F I V E months old today. She is talking, smiling, and giggling all the time. She sleeps 12 hours straight, hates tummy time, and loves to be kissed. She's a full blown thumb sucker and it's pretty dang cute, like everything else she does 😬💕
#growgoldiegrow #32weeker #preemiepower #lovemakesafamily #adoptionrocks #5monthsold

A year ago today we brought Callie Jo home from the hospital. You always imagine leaving the hospital with a newborn would be a celebration. Emotions are so different when it comes to adoption. I wish I could perfectly put it into words. We smiled and stared at this precious face but we were so sad and broken. We watched birth mom wiping away the streams of tears as she kissed Callie in her car seat one last time. We hugged birth mom so tight but didn't know what to say. My heart hurt so much for her. I couldn't even imagine how she was feeling...but I had such a deep desire to say the perfect thing or act a perfect way. But there is no such thing. I could do nothing to help relieve the pain she was feeling.
We drove away quiet. We were overwhelmed that birth mom had not changed her mind. We were overwhelmed that she still chose us to parent this precious baby girl. But again it was different. The celebration wasn't the same. Because of the change of plans in the hospital, we stayed away giving birth mom space. Our walls started going up not knowing if this was going to be our daughter or not. Putting my emotional walls up is one of my biggest regrets. We had a more difficult time bonding with Callie because of it all. I don't know what would have made it better...but it was a lesson that every adoption is different.
It may have not been a perfect bond at first sight but I love our Callie Jo more than anything. Bringing home a newborn may not always be perfect at first. There may be some bumps in the road as you get to know each other...but the time put into loving your child is worth every second.

We are making mess and memories over here. ☝🏻🎨 Red paint was spilled all over a rug yesterday. 😳😳We had fun painting, and actually Genevieve's favorite part was helping me spray and clean up the paint on the rug. 🤷🏼‍♀️😍I love this messy, beautiful life. 💕

Dreaming of them snowy days ❄️💖 || Floral pj by us. Shop link in our bio ☝️🌸||. Adorable pupper @charlotteostewart #toothandhoney #snowpuppy

Together at home at last! Praise the Lord! #adoptionrocks #ethiopiaadoption


Mr. Puggles with his adorable human! #adoptionrocks #adoptdontshop #rescue

Adopt Colt! Contact us for more info on this cute #goldenretriever #golden #pawspets #parisanimalwelfaresociety #adoptionrocks

#flashbackFriday to one year ago:
This was our 7th weekend at the orphanage and with Bea well on the road to recovery but still very underweight (just over 7kg/15lbs) and covered in skin issues due to deficiencies so we were giving her as much to eat as possible. These Plumpy Nut therapeutic food packets are provided by @unicefethiopia for the severely malnourished and were shared amongst all the kids at Berhan.
People often ask how we coped with all we went through last year, and to be honest I'm not totally sure. It sometimes seems as though I'm looking back at someone else's life because it feels like it was all a crazy dream. I never thought I was a strong person, but no-one really is until you have to be. I've realised motherhood brings out the strongest in us.

There are many tough aspects of motherhood, but I am less phased by some than I might have been otherwise, had we not been through a challenging adoption process, and from one of the poorest countries in the world. Food is one of them.
I've never looked into recommended daily allowances or worried if Bea's having enough of each food group. I always imagined my child would eat healthily, and for the most part we do ok. But I wouldn't have been so free and easy with my biscuit stash except that on those weekend visits we did all we could to supplement Bea's diet with some calorie-filled carbs, and it was hard to stop the biscuit train running once we got home!
Some days I do have my niggling doubts, worrying if she's eating well, and enough. (Looking at this photo she thought it was hummus, which has been more than 50% of her diet this week!) But no matter what, I know that she'll never go hungry again. Pretty much any food that goes in is good for something, and if it's healthy food? Well that's a bonus! One day she'll like fruit and veg as much as I do, one day!
#BeatrixEllaBontu #memoriesforlife #perspective #itsallrelative #adoptionrocks #toddlerfood

Nine years ago, almost to the day. The day our adoption process came to an end and this spunky kid became forever and legally our son. 💜 Seventeen years ago we experienced our first devastating miscarriage which began our long and emotional journey to have our family. It was a long and difficult road but this face makes it all worthwhile and we know God had a plan. 💜#AdoptionMadeUsFamily #ForeverFamily #TBT

#Repost @urgentdogsofla
This is what an #ownersurrender looks like 😞Please don't welcome a dog into your home unless you're responsible and ready, We will feature this poor dog when they become available @eastvalleyshelter #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptionrocks #losangeles #viral #shelterdog #videooftheday #spread #share #viral #sad #heartbroken #heartbreaking #endsuffering #snauchzer #dog #dogsofinstagram

Well done Timehop - these are some of my favorite pictures of my sweet girl❤️. I love being reminded of these precious memories. #oneyearlater #adoptionrocks #adoptionislove #lovemakesafamily #mightymamasbyadoption

How's this for a #tbt 😍 Teeny tiny Asher, 10 months before we met. I'm so thankful the Lord wrote our story the way He did, even though it's absolutely nothing how we would have written it. It's so much better. And as cliche as that sounds, it's the truth. I wish with my whole heart I could have snuggled this tiny baby and smelled his newborn smell, but I trust God had a purpose in those 10 months. Remember that even if you feel like God has forgotten you in your waiting season, He's always working on your behalf...and this picture will always remind me of that ❤️ #theschevingsadopt #asherjonathon

Nothing makes this babe happier than going to the playground. Thankfully, we have one a block away. The only problem is that every time we take Libby Lou on a walk, he expects to go to the playground. When he doesn’t get his way, it makes for a not so peaceful walk. 😬#babygetsupset #playgroundsrock #letsgotothepark #mamasboy #mylittlecutie #adoptionrocks #adoptionislove

Ruby enjoyed her girls weekend camping with her mum! She is living the life! Thank you Sarah for giving this girl an amazing home!
#happytails #camping #lake #613rescue #adoptionrocks #adoptdontshop #girlsweekend #doglife #sunsouttoungesout

Soakin up the sweet solo child life 😍😘 #fosterbrother.
Theodore comes home tomorrow and words canNOT describe my excitement! It'll be a long road to recovery but I'm confident he's up for the challenge. And thankfully, he won't have to go through it alone #teamtheodore #hipreplacement

Repost from @lmorganics 💕 "Just a reminder that you've got TEN more days for EVERY purchase (wholesale AND retail) to send 20% of proceeds to this sweet, loving, precious, adorable family of three as they prepare to become a family of FOUR with YOUR help! 🌿

I wish you could know them in person if you don't. My heart melts at the sight of them each time. What a precious gift they are to each other and to those around them!"

#tbt to the day I became a US citizen. 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇺🇸 #babywaffles #adoptionrocks #80sbaby

Bedtime! Even at 14, I still get kisses and cuddles! #adoptionrocks #myprincess #pastorswife

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