Ça fait maintenant 1 an que je partage ma vie avec elle! 💕 Je n’aurais jamais pensé qu’un animal pourrait avoir autant d’impact sur ma vie! Vraiment la meilleure chose qui me soit arrivée depuis longtemps! #dogsofinstagram #boxer #boxermom #adoptionday #boxersofinstagram #furmom #roomate #loveatfirstsight #boxerpuppy #boxerdog

A child born to another woman calls me mommy. The magnitude of that tragedy & the depth of that privilege is not lost on me. -Jody Landers
📸 For all those going thru their own #adoptionjourney, a cuff stamped with John 14:18 ' I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.' A wearable reminder during #adoptionawareness month that YOUR baby is coming ❤️

today is our 5 year #cataversary 😹5 long years of this demon face&her ridiculous shit❤️ .
#catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #furbaby #adoptionday #peanut

Happy “got-you” day Percy! We love you. 😽😽😻😻😻 #adoptionday

"Being adopted is like having blank pages in the first chapter of your life."
Thursday is World Adoption Day. In honor of this global day of awareness, I will be publishing a vlog about meeting my biological cousin! It definitely felt like filling in a few paragraphs of those empty pages. ❤️
Photography: @cg_craig_gary

Do you know an adoptive family that has sacrificed a lot this past year? We want to honor them by giving them a special ADOPTION NOW prize pack this Saturday in honor of #nationaladoptionday. Comment/tag the name of the family below and tell us why they should win!

a year ago today my mamma drove all the way to Anaheim to get me. today we ran some errands together in the very same car I spent my first 6 hours with her in. today we went through the car wash for my first time ever and it was scary! a year later, I even have my own car bed and window! so much has changed in one year but I’m grateful the universe chose her to be my mamma. we make a great team! here’s to many more! 🐶❤️😍 #justpugtatothings #adoptionday #anniversary #swipeforbabypugtato

This Saturday November 17th is National Adoption Day! Don’t forget to congratulate those around you who have adopted, been adopted,or are considering adoption!

I missed #worldadoptionday last week because Lord knows I have been behind on everything, so I’ll just pop in a few days late on this. Par for the course 🤷🏻‍♀️ My friend @lindsaydsmith really put it best in her post about adoption--Instagram showcases the highlights (of everything, but adoption included), and I’m glad we document the good things. But the truth is that there is some HARD stuff that comes with adoption. My brother joined our family in 2006 when he was 11 months old, and God continues to use the story of adoption to teach me more about His character and the goodness of the Gospel. There are identity crises, sin struggles, and fights for stubbornness that come along with adoption, but isn’t that true for all of us as believers, too? It is not uncommon for a child who was adopted to go through a grieving process of separating themselves from the life they know they must have had before they joined their forever family. Sometimes they fight against their new identity as a son or daughter in a confused effort to hang onto a piece of their previous life. See also: all of us, fighting against our identity as sons and daughters of God to hang onto the sin we’ve been living in because it’s more familiar, more comfortable. If you wanted to read an entire blog post about this, you wouldn’t be looking for it on Instagram, so I’ll keep this brief, but suffice to say that adoption is beautiful, messy, refining, and sanctifying for everyone involved. Even on the hard days, it is a gift to see God’s grace through the lens of adoption, and if you’re ever lucky enough to witness that first hand, I would recommend it a million times over.
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It’s my two year adoptaversary! Mom even got me a puppuccino to celebrate!! 🎉 🐶 2️⃣ #adoptaversary #adoptdontshop #adoptionday

Happy Adoption Day Mavis (aka Mavy, Beavis, Beavie, mewmew, dick face, hey don’t do that...) I can’t imagine life without my little shadow, pain in the ass, breakfast buddy, bathroom monitor, adventure kitty 🖤we love you @mavistails #1year #adoptionday

Tuesday’s pup ——— Ebony💗
Ebony is a 3 month old girl. She is very sweet and gentle. Some many children like her. You want to bring her home?
🔊Adoption day: Discovery Bay post office every Saturday 3pm-6pm
📲Facebook/Instagram: @hkpaws_official ————————————————
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Another success story! One of our sweet foster kittens, Chrissy, went home today! She was pre-adopted about 3 weeks ago by a wonderful woman who had a calico/torti just like her years ago. 💕💕 If you see a kitten on our foster list you love send us a request to pre-adopt! Pre-adoption is the same as adoption, you just wait a short while until the kitty is ready to go home, getting updates and photos in the meantime. It’s a wonderful way to have some time to get your house ready for your new family member and you don’t miss out on a kitten you love. 😻 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #adoptersrock #adoptionday #foreverhome #fureverhome #tortiesofinstagram #rescuekittens #adoptdontshop #preadoption #kittenlove #vfapadoptions

It's Monday which means it's time to get up and start your week!

Little Orphan Annie Tori avoided a hard-knock life when she was rescued from the cruel outside world at just 2 days old. She grew into the sweetest kitty and now she’s off to start a new life with her forever family. I’ll miss you my lil cry baby😹#adoptarescuecat #savealifeadopt #adoptionday #rescuecatsoftexas #fosteringsaveslives #secondchances

Two years ago we made it official and adopted this amazing boy! He loves rain boots, playing in the mud, roaring like a dinosaur and so many other things! He keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh! He gives the best cuddles and he brings so much joy to our lives! #adoptionday #gotchaday #bestdaysofmylife #fostertoadopt #wouldnthaveitanotherway

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