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First cheer competition of the season and I’m already ready for a spa day 😅 But The Squeeze tried running into the performance mat about 25 times, during a performance 🤦🏽‍♀️ Think she’s ready to throw that big bow on 🎀?

from family and friends in every sector of life, to my long time lover and a glorious piece of california shaped beef jerky, i’m beyond grateful for all of the gifts that being adopted has afforded me. this collage represents a fraction of those who have influenced me and make me a proud member of the adoption community. THANK YOU, PEACE & LOVE - always and especially today, on #nationaladoptionday .................................................. *** hi there! if you are a #koreanadoptee and want to, have already or are currently searching for your biological family, please consider following the account @korean.adopted . bio searches are tricky! @robyn.joy.park and i have both done them! MULTIPLE TIMES! we feel like we have a thing or two to share with you. whether it’s pointing you toward community events, post-reunion services, offering advice on DNA tests or helping you be visible online, we want to help you. holler at us! even if it’s to bitch about korean orphanage record keeping in the 1980s. WE’RE ALL EARS! xx #KAD #koreaphonehome #nationaladoptionmonth #koreanadoption #koreanadopted #koreanadoptees #adoptee #adopteestories

Check out my interview with @cci_adoptees👇🏽 Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this project 🙌🏽 🇨🇳 Humans of CCI on Facebook

Credits to @ryanirfandavies for the photo 📸

#adoptee #chineseadoptee #adopteevoices #manchester

It has been such a beautiful experience and one of the best things I think they did was immersed me in the culture from an early age. Although I look very similar to the mother I have now, it was crucial for me to gather that sense of identity in the little bit of roots I know. Ukrainian.
I had the option to do Ukrainian dancing, school, and learn the language. Looking back, I can see how that decision shaped, and made
the adoption more normalized. I was surrounded by other kids who were adopted, and allowed me as a small child to open the conversation for myself, and for me to find my own language, and feeling around it.
One thing that has always troubled me with being immersed around other adoptees, and their families, is keeping up the facade that everything is okay. In both the public eye, and the similar families, there is such an expected gratefulness that the kids are required to possess, which can be quite harmful. I always received the message, "oh don't you know how lucky you are". "You could be on the streets, or worse, your parents are saints". "Dont ever be rude to your parents, they paid a lot of money for you". All of these crushed me, and continue to squander my voice. When severe trauma hit my family, and life, these comments made me feel unheard, and overlooked. I no longer had the space to feels all sides of being adopted.
The first piece is acknowledging more sides to adoption, and then allowing space for it. There is space for days when being grateful is the last thing you feel. I still grieve the loss, and the "what could have beens" years later. Birthdays are incredibly hard, and family tree assignments in school become more crushing every year. The social expectation of how the adoptee must feel creates such a divide, whether you are the parent or in the community. It is amazing what you can see unfold when you give a child the space for whatever comes. -adoptee @liliyahulse
#nationaladoptionmonth #thisisadoption #thisisfostercare #adoptee #adopteevoices

Enjoyed some awesome #vegan food at this month's #KAD (Korean adopteee) meetup :) I overcame my anxieties and attended this one solo for the first time and I'm so glad I did. #adoptee #adopted #koreanadoptee

I am always mistaken for a tourist!
📸 @swiffer_wubie .
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Jasmin, a 30 year old #Adoptee of #BalAnandWWTI with her mother and founder Sulu. Jasmin, was visiting with us for the second time and had a favourable visit meeting the little ones in our care and learning a little about her origins. We always enjoy these visits, even more when they go home happy.
#Adoption #Chembur #Mumbai #Maharashtra.

Photo: Nazneen, November 16, 2017.

T is for... .
We want to hear from you! No matter what side of the complex triad you fall... share your pictures, share your emotions, share your true + authentic story! Join us for a photo-a-day challenge for #NationalAdoptionAwarenessMonth and let's get real in our discussions! Follow #LifetimeHealingAdoption to hear from amazing individuals that are opening their hearts this month! .
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T is for...Tears. I have shed many tears these last couple years since being in reunion. Tears of joy, sadness, anger, frustration, and many other emotions; all have been healing and probably more to come. @lifetimehealingllc photo-a-day challenge for #NationalAdoptionAwarenessMonth #LifetimeHealingAdoption #adoptee #ownyourstory

“Knowledge is Power”
Sharing my story is important to me because I feel I hold a lot of wisdom and understanding from this grueling, difficult, life experience, that can hopefully educate others.
Sharing my story is also important because it might encourage others to voice their own stories.
And, in the end, I hope expressing my life struggles and views can bring a greater cultural awareness to adoptee struggles, and aid in the much needed, progressive change with inter-country adoption and how orphans today are being treated.
After my adoptee experience, academic studies and knowledge of media, I know that this subject very critical and marginalized and that this is not widely discussed.
I think there needs to be more dialogue on this subject since the world is rife with human displacement.
I think we can create solutions by bringing what we know, as adoptees, to the collective table.
👉Want to know what happened next? Go to (http://bit.ly/2z2s0t6) to read the full story.
🗣Follow @overcomingodds.today to help adoptees and foster care members Stand Up & Speak Up.

It’s officially #AdoptionweekScotland
Keep your eyes peeled all this week on our Instagram, Twitter @AUKScot and FB pages to see what we are getting up to all this week. Do share your plans with us too- how are you helping to raise awareness of Adoption in Scotland this week?
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#NationalAdoptionAwareness Month. S is for #Similarities
Over the past 13 years I have heard how much Lil Miss looks like me, and some have called her my Mini-Me. We both have blonde hair, blue eyes and same body shape. As she ages, I can often remember what I was doing around the same age. A couple years ago, she entered the age in school where students are encouraged to pick a musical instrument. Later that year, when I was at our yearly visit, I had asked her what she had been up to. She explained that she had chosen to play a musical instrument and was in orchestra. I asked her which instrument she chose and she said, “violin” and my heart skipped a beat. I played violin from 5th grade clear up through my senior year in high school. She or her mom N had no idea that I played the same instrument. My mom and grandma have told me that Lil Miss and I have the same quiet nature, if one is comparing the two of us at the same age. It just makes me smile to know that while I am not parenting her, nature still holds true onto many aspects of our two lives.
To see others on Facebook & Instagram who are participating in this: Follow #LifetimeHealingAdoption to hear from amazing individuals that are opening their hearts this month! #bigtoughgirl #lifetimehealingadoption #birthmom #adoptioneducation #openadoption #adoptiontalk #talkaboutadoption #ownyourstory #womenempoweringwomen #photoaday #adoption #grief #healing #placed #motherhood #adoptee #adoptiveparents #adoptiontriad #loss #parenthood #adoptionprofessionals #adoptionagency #birthmother #adoptionrocks #adoptionishard #minime

This is National Adoption Awareness Month. I won't be posting more about it here, but you can check me out on Twitter where I'm sharing lots of information. This map represents the states that allow adoptees access to their original birth certificates because they are sealed at the time of adoption. Talk to your state's representatives, sign petitions, educate yourselves, and advocate more adoptee voices.

#naam2017 #flipthescript #adoptee #adoptionstory #adoption

Happy adoption day to my smart, compassionate, & beautiful sister 😘 I love you, Vika! Thanks for making our family complete 😍

It’s almost the end of November and Thanksgiving is coming! I am Thankful that my mother found me and even though I had black fan anemia at the time and this made it harder for potential finding a family. Since my mom was a nurse, she saw my history and my story and did research on this anemia. I luckily surpassed this and after multiple tests , bone marrow tests and blood transfusions. I was no longer anemic. My mom took me in and took care of me. My family... we are lucky to have each other. I love you! #adoption #adoptee #adoptionrocks #adoptionmonth #adoptionawareness #adoptionsupport #adoptionstory #adoptionlove #adoptionstories #adoptionjourney #adoptees #adopteestories #adopted #adoptedchild #adoptiveparents #family #lovenomatterwhat

R is for relationships. Adoption has changed the way I interact with people. I love a little differently than I used to. I love more intensely. I care for others more deeply, and I'm much more empathetic than I once was. I often say that I didn't used to think "love hurts" was a good statement. But it is. True love requires putting another person before yourself, and sometimes that sacrifice is painful. Sometimes I get scared that the people I care most about will leave me, because I've been left before, and that's what made adoption the right choice. But being a birth mom has also made me tough and strong, so I can be the shoulder for others to cry on. My experiences as well as my love for Rocky have added a layer of depth to my relationships with everyone around me, and I'll always be grateful for that. #adoption #openadoption #adoptionawareness #adoptionawarenessmonth #adoptee #adopted #adopt #hopingtoadopt #birthmom #birthmomstrong #love #relationships #friendship #family #dating #lifetimehealingadoption #bigtoughgirl

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