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And Tonka's Journey Continues…

We are so excited to announce that our amazing boy Tonka has found his forever home! A home that will continue to provide all the necessary care he will need to thrive, and of course give him all the love in the world and more!
Tonka's new mom, Naja, has had dogs her entire life, and most recently had a special needs dog who was battling bone cancer. It was evident in talking to Naja there were no limits to the care she was willing and able to provide. From home-cooked meals, various treatments, natural supplements, and even a cart, Naja was able to provide a loving and rewarding home for her dog. This is why we know Naja and Tonka are the perfect match!
To continue Tonka’s care, Naja will periodically follow up with his physical therapist, Dr. Hart at Cornell University Veterinary Specialist in Stamford. In addition, Naja will also continue to update Tonka's Facebook and Instagram social media pages since he has so many people following his story… and we all want to witness his wonderful life through the years.

We cannot thank our family, friends, and local and worldwide communities for all the support and love you gave Tonka while he was under the care of Project Precious Rescue. Without your help none of this would have been possible!
Please join us in wishing Naja all the best as she officially adopts her new best friend, Tonka!!!! #fosteringsaveslives #adoptionsaveslives #tonkasjourney #tonkastrong #specialneedsdogs #specialneedspuppy #adopted #bullybreed #pitbullpuppy #welcomehome #fureverhome

Awkward Sit 🖤

13 year old Bobo lived his entire life outdoors in a small pen. He never left once! Today, he has a forever family, friends, and so many neighbor kids...Bobo got ADOPTED!! 🤗😍🤗😍🤗 Not only is Bobo's story a rags-to-riches tale, it's a complete heartache-to-heartfelt life upgrade. When Bobo lived in the small pen outside, set apart from his owner's house - he was not a family member. Bobo spent all of his days alone and isolated. And when animal control was finally allowed to come save Bobo (because technically dogs are considered "property," which allows for negligent animal owners to keep their "pets" in almost any sort of condition), the area Bobo was kept in was so overgrown they had to use a machete to get him out. There are no excuses for a domesticated, faultless living beings to endure life that way. But although his past is infuriating and something we cannot change, Bobo's right-now and forever will be vastly differently because his new mom Jane CHOSE to give him The Good Life! Thank you to Jane for making Bobo's final chapters of life his best chapters of his life! 😍

Jane wrote, "Bobo is doing well. He has made so many strides in just one week. His favorite thing is the dog park. As you can imagine after being kept in a cage for 13 years, he loves to run with the other dogs. He isn’t as fast, and he doesn’t understand fetch or how to play, but he just loves being outside with them and being free. And the neighborhood kids love it when he walks them to school. And Bobo loves his soft doggie bed. I didn’t know if he would know what it was but he immediately crawled into it the first day we got home. He is the sweetest guy with the most soulful eyes and I just want to hug him all the time." ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #foundlove #happilyeverafter #thegoodlife #adoptdontshop

Meet Toby! ❤️ "Meet Toby! 🐾💕 Toby was a puppy who had been dropped off on the side of the road on Christmas Eve of last year 😕 I took Toby to the vet, gave him food and tons of love! At the time I had already had 3 other dogs so I couldn't keep another one (even though I wanted to so badly!) I found a nice rescue that I drove him to, as I got there the receptionist told me "just hand him to me and I'll bring him to his cage" that's when I looked at him and knew that this was not right so we went home! Now he loves his brother and sister and has a great life! He has brought so much happiness into my life and keeping him was the best decision I could have ever made! I am guessing Toby is a German shepherd beagle mix... but I don't know for sure! - @gertie_toby_and_duke"

Time for a game of where's Jono? Lol

Excited to be taking bookings for the new school year.

I talk about my journey from hating the way I looked to where I am today - embracing all that I am!

Covering topics such as bullying, depression, relationships, fostering, adoption and so much!

I always spend a full day with the pupils giving them an opportunity to ask anything they want or share there own journeys!

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Follow my boyfriend : ❤😍️ @chief_therescue ❤️😍

Big adoption news! It's been a long time coming, but Daisy Mae has finally found her family! Her love of sunbathing was really the key factor - her adopters fell in love when they saw her in the window at Cat Town. We could not be prouder of all the progress Daisy Mae made during her time with us and we can't wait to watch her blossom in her new home 🐈

3/3) “I’ve been a cat person for as long as I can remember, I had the childhood companionship of the most regal and temperamental Burmese cat since I was a baby and have never really felt complete without a feline friend in my life. I like to think that I was a cat in a past life, I’ve always been drawn to them and am always that person at the party who’d rather hang out with the host’s cat than make the effort to interact with people. My three cats are all kind of reflections of me and represent the full spectrum of my personality and phases in my life. I’m an artist, natural introvert, and love creating a comforting and colorful home environment and these three eccentric furballs with their superfluous names and strong personalities are essential to it." @aishaawadallah
Aisha Awadallah identifies as a black feminist artist, model, and doula in training. She’s a single lady who resides in Red Hook, Brooklyn with her three amazingly eccentric cat babies. She currently works as an artist assistant at Dustin Yellin Studio. #girlsandtheircats #catlady #adopted #cats

Look at Biscuit, making biscuits in his forever home! 💗 swipe to see him and one of his new kitty siblings! Already friends.💞I couldn't of asked for a better outcome for this precious boy. My heart is filled with happiness! ❤️ #adopted #happyending #TheGoodwillKittens #Biscuit #rescuedismyfavoritebreed


Got adopted today ☺️ #bestdayever #adopted #2k17 #petsave

I love my two babies Rosie and snowy with all of my heart. I'll never forget either day that brought them home. They may take my food, hog my bed, and wake me up 12x a night but they are my daughters and I love them for now and for always. #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #adopted #furrbabies #miami #proudmommy #puppies #terriermix #boxermix #prettypuppies #sisters #myhooman #adoptdontshop #pigears #treattime #holdme #daddyspuppy #ilittlepuppy #heartnose #floppyears #sleepypuppy #kisses #rescuedog

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the sea creatures bite.

Ah o Zé Bob é mais fofinho (gordo!) que o Léo e bonzinho... agora sou um cobertor 😺- Valentina. #instacats #adopted #tricolorcat #lechat #ilgatto #lovecats #amogatos #gatatricolor

So I just can't help myself Fawna and I visited the shelter and came home with not one but two sweethearts and wonderful additions to our family. Alfalfa and Darla( she doesn't care for her photo taken yet) were boyfriend and girlfriend at the shelter and we couldn't part them. She was also a nurse mom to nine homeless puppies after having kittens of her own... I think Alfalfas kind heart sensed her kind heart💜😻❤️I know we are so happy to have them.#rescue #petswithoutparents #iloveourcats #fluffycat#alfalfa #darla#newadditions #adopted #sweetcats #catsofinstagram

I always finds the shady spot🌞

Treat in my mouth and treat on my head lol #practicemakesperfect #training #dogtraining #dogtricks

Will you love me forever? #bilbo_ng #alllivesmatter #lavieestbelle #love

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