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From @lennonthebunny: "Mom, why are my ears bigger than yours?? 🤔🤔(me as a baby)" #cutepetclub

From @ourbeautifulbengals: "When your morning routine is rudely interupted by your sister blocking the cuddles 😹 Where are my cuddles meowmy? 💕" #catsofinstagram

Seriously though, old is beautiful.👴🏽✌🏽️💜 #seniordog #adoptdontshop

Sweet Rock is out of surgery & that horrible tumor is gone. Praying for a speedy & uneventful recovery! We 💙 you Rock!!!
#rescuedogsrocknyc #RockRDRNYC #adoptdontshop #rdrnyc

The moral of this story - chips aren't for kittens. And Star is still not good at sharing 😂


Scroll through. "Hi, I'm good at sitting" "really good..Wait" "is that.. a treat??" "It IS a treat!"
Mia is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix who loves getting pets and holding paws with her human. She's just the sweetest. 💜
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조약돌 다섯개

Dad took me to the doctor today. Doctor says I am very healthy and my teeth are perfect. I got treats!

Small throwback to last Saturday when me and my Brother Nelson went for a walk with our humans. Nelson has a huge forest in his backyard 😲🌳

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