Welcoming Spring with a breeze on my face and a hat on a head #frenchie #style #adogslife 🌸 ☀️ 🐶 😊 #earthday

Must be nice to lounge around all day Henry #adogslife

Mom says I got fat over the winter so we went the the baseball fields and she threw the ball for me like 100 times (which I love). When we got home, the second she left me alone, I ate all the leftovers that were in the garbage. 🐷

Happy Earth Day, my friends. Enjoy some water therapy 💦

Getting those last few beach days in before winter

Got some new wheels so we can roll to get doggie 🐶 sundaes 🍨 😍😍 #dogwagon #walkthedog #letsroll

He is so excited for the warm weather. He keeps asking to go out (for the millionth time) and then just sits there waiting for me to come out to hang out with him. #Remy #adogslife

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