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[reflect] We all begin life with a distinct purpose. Yours is not mine and mine is not yours. At 31 I thank God that I'm truly beginning to walk in my purpose. Now don't get me wrong, I had a feeling of where I was headed before 31... but I've never had this much clarity until now and It feels amazing!! I'm able to have a lifestyle that brings me peace and happiness. My lifestyle and career are in sync. I don't have to fit my lifestyle into a career that isn't what I want or one that doesn't respect my personal or career goals. But most importantly I have a career that allows me to grow and give. This is what the birth of @herdfp is about. Understanding your season and creating until you pass out lol Never feel as though you're on a hard pressed timeline. What is for you will be. God gives us a little to see what we will do with it before He gives it all to us. It's not whether or not your moment will come...The question is what are you going to do once you get it?

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[mindfulness] God set the table...I just came to eat!
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