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|Energy Booster|
Happy Tuesday 🧘🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️ #fall4transformation, Day 2, is energy pose- My most challenging energy booster for balance and focus.
#adhomukhavrksasana 🧘🏻‍♀️
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Advanced Freestyle Rocket Yoga poses from Mysore-influenced Ashtanga Vinyasa. Three different entries into handstand, one legged pigeon pose, and standing pigeon. #kapotasana #natarajasana #AdhoMukhaVrksasana #yoga #advancedyoga #handstand #pigeonpose #vinyasa #meditation #mysore #nature #love #fearless #light

Day 4 of #shapeshifter is about exercises to train for pressing up. And I have quite a lot of work to do in that regard 😅. I had been such a good girl, sticking to my compression drills - and then I fell off the bandwagon 🙈. Now it feels like I’m starting from scratch (those quads... 🔥😬). I’ve conjured up all the drills I remember (or seem to remember) from an amazing challenge some time back, First Compressions, and they were haaard. Slide 2 is a 6 min video sped up about 8 times, only the last toe taps are a little less sped up 💪😉; slide 3 shows some elevated toe taps and slider pike ups (sped up x3). And I worked on lowering from a wheel supported handstand (slide 1). Now I remember I wanted to do some headstand pike presses (muscle memory & strength), but I’ll just do those without video proof in a second 😄.
. . . . . . .
1 - Warmup! Anything delicious for wrists, arms & shoulders. ✔️
2 - Alignment! Which exercises help you to gain/keep a straight line? ✔️
3 - In, up & out! Your favorite entries/exits into HS. ✔️
4 - Pressing up! How do you like to train a press-up HS? ✔️
5 - Tools! Which tools do you use and why?
6 - Shapeshifting. Your favorite shape in HS.
7 - Weightshifting. All about shifting the weight from side to side. Are you just getting started or do you have a solid OAHS (OneArmHandStand) already? Share your wisdom!!!

#yoga #adhomukhavrksasana 🙏🏻#followlife #followpeace 🙏🏻❤️#followyoursoul

#Repost @littlefeetwiseheartyoga
Check this out! This is what happens when our wonderful instructor Shenaaz Jetha leads Kids’ class in the Wind Horse Room!
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Sometimes demo-ing the work in progress is just as important as demo-ing the end result. Because we are here for the journey, right? ✨🙏 #adhomukhavrksasana #handstand #journeytohandstand #tuesdaytips #yogateacher #yogateachertips #yogaworkstt #yoga #thesweatlife @yogaworks 👗 @lululemonla 🧘‍♀️@natalienotions 📷 @abigailrcollins

Día 2 #RetoYogaPranamatEco II Edición.
Host: @latebri9
Sponsor : @pranamat_esp
Asana: #adhomukhavrksasana. Perro hacia abajo, la postura de estiramiento por excelencia, que nos mueve desde los dedos de los pies hasta los de las manos y la disfruto enormemente.
#mandalastudioyogayteatro #soyshamagin #cuerpomentealma #hatayoga #yogaenlecheria #yogaenvenezuela #igyogafam #igyogachallenge #yogalatina #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #expresionyoga #chakrasyenergia #escuelapremayoga #escuchandoatucuerpo #callandoatumente #setumismo #satnam

Day 14 of #yogafeels is #handstand and I somehow miraculously held this for longer than usual. I definitely have a hard time getting my line any straighter than this so that’s what I’m working on, bringing my hips forward more. I absolutely have massive fear about doing this away from a wall because I never taught myself how to fall properly... I will probably do that someday but I’m honestly not in a hurry. I’d like to do it with a teacher preferably rather than on my own. •
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It’s Tuesday!!!
I’ll be assisting @rageatl tonight at 6:30pm at @toughloveyoga for the Inversion class.
Come get upside down with us!

⚠️ DISCLAIMER BECAUSE THIS IS THE INTERWEBS: Handstand is a tough thing to do. It takes years of practice to build strength and flexibility to execute it safely and successfully. As far as yoga goes, these 5 postures are *what I have found to be* the essential keys to unlocking #handstands but they are by no means an exhaustive list because that would be laughable. Handstand is a whole body and mind act. Be patient.
Also: handstands don’t make you a better yogi or a better human being. Just in case you were wondering.
Sorry, it’s been a weird week. Now that that’s out of the way, there actually isn’t a whole lot I have to say. 😂 Truly, aside from foundational asana strength, flexibility, balance and focus, these 5 postures are great preparation for building your handstand when you are ready to go for them. And the foundations of your asana practice is really what holds the key.
You need: 1) open hamstrings, 2) strong shoulders 3) squared hips (meaning pelvis remains pointed forward on same plane as the rest of the body), 3) strong balance and 4) strong core, specifically the navel-to-spine sort, with an anterior pelvic tilt.
Always work with a teacher or a wall with plenty of space if you are new to Inversions. And for sure, there are alternatives to all of these poses that can work just as well if these aren’t your favorite, so long as you are focusing on the goals of the previous paragraph.
Handstands were a long journey for me and along the way, these poses are simply what worked the best. I hope this visual helps you or inspires you to try something new and/or reach your goals! 💓
Any questions??
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Six years ago at age 29, I could not do a handstand. I could barely hold myself in downward dog for more than a couple seconds at a time without getting winded.
I took my first yoga class at Vitality Yoga in Bayside, and couldn’t keep up with the class. I wondered how I would ever remember all the names of the poses, and how I’d ever build the strength to hold those poses. I was discouraged because of how out of shape I was...but I was determined to stick to *something* for once in my life.
Six years later I took my last class at Vitality, I can stand on my hands and my arms and my head, I can do splits, I can bend and twist myself up like a pretzel. I found strength, and confidence, and spirituality in my yoga practice.
I am so grateful for Vitality Yoga-this studio helped me find a piece of myself that I didn’t know was missing. 💗🙏🏻🕉🧘🏼‍♀️
So do me a favor and tell yourself today that you can do anything. It will be hard as fuck at the beginning, but little by little you’ll get there.
You can learn to do inversions, you can become a marathon runner, or join a team and play a sport you never knew you’d love.
It’s never to late to try.

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