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Cheia de alegria e felicidade ao lado da professora que enche meu coração de amor e coragem ❤️ @greta_hill ✨Om saha navavatu
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha vīryam karavavahai
Tejasvi navadhītamastu
Ma vidvishavahai
Om shanti shanti shantihi✨ "Que possamos estar seguros e protegidos juntos. Que possamos desfrutar os frutos do nosso estudo e prática juntos. Que possamos nos tornar fortes e corajosos juntos. Que a nossa aprendizagem possa ser cheia de luz. Que possamos nunca sentir divisão, discórdia ou inimizade um para o outro. Om paz paz paz. Que seja assim." @rasayogatribe #rasayoga #rasayogatribe #dharma #adhikara #amor

A great deal for those of you wanting to commit to your practice this year! #pegcityyoga #onegreatstudio #yogaeveryday #adhikara

Pulsa el enlace en mi bio para acceder al blog en mi web #sanaguyoga #yogamalaga #adhikara #yoguilife

"This spiritual work is your only wealth, the only thing that can truly be said to belong to you. All the rest can be taken from you; only your work will be yours forever." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov #yogateachertraining #adhikara #studentship #samadhidenver #samadhicenterforyoga

!!!!!!NUESTRAS PROFES!!!!!! Mi nombre es Aubree Sorteberg. Soy estadounidense. He practicado yoga por 8 años, y para mi siempre ha sido una forma de relajarme y encontrar paz adentro de mi mismo. Ahora mi práctica es un lugar donde siempre puedo regresar y estar tranquila y tener confianza en quíen soy. Soy profesora de 200 horas RYT, con Samay Yoga Intitute en Ecuador. Tambíen he hecho trainings con Yoga Medicina en los EE.UU. Me fascinan Yoga Terapeutica y Vinyasa Flow, y Hatha. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. #yogacuenca #hathayoga #vinyasayoga #adhikara. Aubree sera la profe de hatha yoga y vinyasa. Pronto publicaremos los horarios.

A punto de comenzar la primer clase del año. Siento pura gratitud. Estoy muy agradecida por la vida que me pone en el camino a las personas correctas. Que me mueve de lugares y me acomoda en otros para poder encontrarme con mis sueños.
Mi maestra Bindu nos ha enseñado a cultivar la cualidad de “Adhikara” en nuestra sadhana y en nuestra vida diaria. Adhikara es la actitud de principiante.
El estado receptivo de enseñanza que nunca termina. Y hoy estoy por comenzar a aprender más de cada una de las personas que decida compartir conmigo un espacio de su día.
Gracias a mi compañera Marissa y a todas las personas que han estado cerquita en este juego de olvidar y recordar. Ustedes saben lo que esto significa para mi. ✨🙏❤️✨ Los espero Lunes de 6:00 a 7:10 pm y Jueves de 7:15 a 8:30 en Mukti Studio. ☝🏻También, estoy disponible para clases personalizadas o grupales.📩

Recently I've been describing this class as "digestion time" for all the experiences of your week. There's definitely a different feel to Saturday morning yoga...So join me tomorrow morning for a rejuvenating start to your weekend! The farmers market is steps away, the river is so close...make a morning out of it. 💗💗💗


Recently I've been describing this class as "digestion time" for all the experiences of your week. There's definitely a different feel to Saturday morning yoga...So join me tomorrow morning for a rejuvenating start to your weekend! The farmers market is steps away, the river is so close...make a morning out of it. 💗💗💗

Hard to believe this is over a year ago now with our first group of students working on cueing and assisting headstand (and variations) So much good learning with an amazing group of devoted students #adhikara #sirsasana #sivatantrayogateachertraining #sivatantrayoga #assisting #cueing #shoulderalignment #joyofteaching

Congratulations on completing our 300-hour teacher training program, Kathleen! We are so fortunate to have you be a part of the Adhikara Kula @tejasyoga. You are an exceptional teacher who will continue to bring much needed relief in this world. We're grateful to be a part of your journey. #adhikara #adhikarakula #teachertraining #continuingeducation #advancedtraining #chicago #yoga

THOUGHTS ON "DIGESTION", PRAYER AND PEACE ::: Any aim toward peace has to begin inside of ourselves. I don't mean the retreat-from-the-world-and-disengage-by-pretending-everything's-fine sort of peace...What I mean is, it takes a LOT of HEART and STRENGTH to stay connected and engaged, and we need to take care of ourselves in order to keep doing that important work. What I mean is when we don't examine and repair the inner landscape, we risk operating from a vision based in reaction rather than response, and disgust rather than love. Prayer and meditation are ways to ground us and give the deeper layers of our consciousness time to DIGEST what we experience. And damn, there's a lot to digest in this moment! Though I often forget and fall short, to me this remains a call to be even more still and seek out the moments of quiet even when they're not obvious. Will you join me in this aim? It takes effort to be sure, but in my opinion it's what we need...and in my experience is absolutely worth it.

A great deal for those of you wanting to commit to your practice this year! #pegcityyoga #onegreatstudio #yogaeveryday #adhikara

This little forest fairy is off work and on to the Green River Festival--yahoooo!

Still getting used to the wearing-a-mic/practicing/cueing-an-arm-balance combo. 😂This is a sneak peek of a class called TWIST & SHOUT, which will debut NEXT WEEK along with my whole online studio. Yahoo! {volume up!}

Tonight! ::: Warrior One, a foundational posture with so much potential for exploration, challenge and insight. 💗 This class is great for newbies and experienced practitioners alike to gain a deeper understanding of asana, pranayama and yogic philosophies. (PLUS, it's my only evening class in Greenfield, so get it while it's hot!) ✨

Tuesday evenings we've been sloooowwwing-it-doowwwnnn in my 6:15pm class. Folks often arrive drained--some from a full day in the office or workplace, others from sweaty outdoor pursuits, others from taking care of kiddos or farm animals or aging parents. So I've been taking my cues from them and this hot muggy weather:::CHILL OUT. more PRANAYAMA...longer HOLDS...more SUPPORT FROM PROPS. ✨These are my go-to shifts for exhaustion and heat. 💧💦🌱🌿Oh yeah, and lots of water and cool herbal teas. Hope you're finding the balance you need in this steamy weather. 🙏🏼🌞🌈#ilovemystudents #nohoyoga (ps--just in case you're wondering: I teach at the lovely @ashtangayoganorthampton space, but not Ashtanga style. ☺️)

THE ELEGANT SQUAT ::: {swipe left to see the progression} ::: This efficient arrangement of the body has many benefits, including better digestion and healthier joints, but it can be super challenging or inaccessible for many folks. 1️⃣In the first photo I'm using two bolsters (could be rolled mats or blankets too) to support my heels and knees. TRY IT OUT! -->Keep your legs active and knees hugging in even as they widen. 2️⃣In this photo, my heels touch the floor but I'm giving my knees some extra love with the bolster. This can be a huge stretch for the calves and ankles, so some preparatory calf stretching would be great here. 3️⃣A full wide feet/knees squat. Still keeping the legs active, so nice for easy length in the spine! 4️⃣You can't quite tell but my feet are together here. The pathway into and out of this squat is a bit different, meaning you get to wake up new muscular and neural pathways getting there (yahoo!). 💗💗💗Big gratitude to @heartandbonesyoga for inspiring these explorations. Yoga teachers, Brea's Modern Yoga Teacher course is spot on, super practical, and packed with knowledge. I highly recommend checking it out!

Come get your cat/cow on as we learn about the 5 main movements of the spine in tonight's FOUNDATIONS AND BEYOND. I'm subbing for Jocelyn, 7-8pm, at Community Yoga. ALSO: did you get the memo that I'm teaching a NEW CLASS on Wednesdays??? Same emphasis, same name--building a firm foundation for sustainable practice through safe and clear postural alignment as well as helpful breathing techniques and grounded philosophy. That's on the regular, Wednesdays 5:30-6:30. PERFECT for teachers and advancing practitioners as well as newbies! See you there!

Pulsa el enlace en mi bio para acceder al blog en mi web #sanaguyoga #yogamalaga #adhikara #yoguilife

ANJALI MUDRA: this hand gesture is common to so many cultures and spiritual traditions. A connection of our HANDS, our agents of action in the world, with our HEARTS, which hold our deepest desires, truth, and aims. Can we remember this in the moment of the gesture? Can the gesture itself embody that connection? •••A prayer for prayer pose:::May our actions not be hollow---May our actions maintain connection with our hearts today and always!

💗Spreading the love about Yoga Consent Cards! #Repost @leelakelley_ (yogaconsentcards.com)
"I am so happy the yoga studio I teach at, @putneymoves, is using yoga consent cards, made by local yoga hero, @mollykitchenyoga. Having these available for students feels SO great for a variety of reasons. Not all yoga teachers are naunced in the language of consent and touch, and I know that I have personally received adjustments in my experience as a student that have felt intrusive and, at worst, damaging, as well as adjustments that have felt safe and nourishing. I love that these cards encourage a much needed conversation around consent, touch, and personal autonomy in yoga classes (and beyond). As a bodyworker and contact dancer I LOVE touch, but often feel weary about giving adjustments in class -- with a clear Yes from a student, I feel more empowered to provide hands on assists. And with a clear No, I feel honored to respect personal boundaries. I hope all yoga studios use this tool. Its the small things that make a big difference..."

Sometimes it's good to get OFF your mat. Try out these slooowwww explorations of balance, gait, joint stacking and posterior muscle chain engagement. It requires a lot of concentration and conscious alignment to move smoothly here...And, hey, if you fall over, have a laugh and try again. #yourturn #getoffyourmat #getonthefloor #exploreasana

Oh heyyyy, It's tank top season AND time to start thinking about Adhikara Yoga School's 2018 teacher training! Our 200-hour YTT curriculum is unique in that it integrates social justice values and trauma awareness into the whole training, as an integral part of what we're learning and teaching to others. Jacoby Ballard and Molly Kitchen (that's me!) co-lead the training, with expert faculty filling in our knowledge gaps. MORE INFO: www.AdhikaraYogaSchool.com. (We'll announce the 2018 dates and open registration NEXT WEEK!)

FOUNDATIONS & BEYOND begins this Wednesday! Join me to solidify your foundational knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy. I'm kicking off this new class with a 3-week series called WARRIOR BASICS--an exploration of the Virabhadrasana postures 1, 2, and 3. First up, diving deep with Warrior II! See you tomorrow, 5:30pm at Community Yoga Greenfield.

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