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Regram from @sench.karapetyan

A simple braid can add so much. Don't be afraid to add a little fun into your hair routine!

Finished with @ADHbrand #ADHdry

A day at the loft!! Sickest video by @shrunknheads of the amazing @andrewdoeshair and @maidencolor shredding hair on the beautiful @sokolum #hairheathens #dowhatyoulove #hairnerds #adhdry #pulpriothair

Birthday blend for one of my brothas... /// #SuaveStyles #DapperBarbershopSJ


I liked this image so much I wanted to post it on it's own without the before shot📷 This color took about three hours. I only say that to emphasize that hair color, especially going from black to white is a, "Hair journey" of sorts. It sounds really corny, but it's a good way to illustrate to your client how getting to a desired color, while maintaining the hairs health, can take a while⏳ I told Justin how many sessions it can take to get to white hair and he understood. This is how light we were able to get him in his first session of lightening, and we were both very pleased with the result. The journey continues! Styled with @adhbrand #ADHdry 💨

T O D D 2- #adhdry

Natural movement. With a tad bit of #adhdry

B R I A N #adhdry

Birthday blend for one of my brothas... /// #SuaveStyles #DapperBarbershopSJ

T O D D #adhdry

Swipe to see the after shot!➡️Fresh cut, and a big color change for Justin🔪🌫 Styled with @adhbrand #ADHdry 💨

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