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Check this out world!!! Proof this remedy WORKS!! After taking his ADHD REMEDY KIT.. I asked Liam to do 2 pages of homework.. Something that he would of claimed was IMPOSSIBLE and TOO HARD.. It would of taken 2 hours of nagging frustration!! What’s worse is.. In that two hours he wouldn’t even have 1 line of letters done!! Last night Liam started doing his work at 6:50 pm.. he was happy and busily working solid the whole time!
By 7:09 he had done almost 2 pages of work without me having to nag, remind him to get back to work or look over his shoulder!
I was even able to get some of my own work done!
What’s even more impressive!!!! He did this ALL while having a YouTube video on NEXT TO HIM to help him learn his numbers in French while practicing his letters of the alphabet homework!! That’s something even a lot of adults couldn’t even do!!! I am so proud of him!!!!! Good job Liam!!!! #madeitlookeasy #doneinnotime #happykid #happymom #happy #frenchkids #goal #proudmom #proudmomma #proudmommamoment #adhd #adhdparenting #adhdproblems #adhdsolutions #adhdsupport #adhdkids #adhdkidsrock #adhdmom #tldsb

Aprovecha esas pequeñas oportunidades para impartirles experiencias que los ayuden en su desarrollo. Experiencias que serán para toda su vida.

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So I have been thinking a lot about this word...at the beginning of this month I committed myself to writing about ADHD throughout the month of October for ADHD awareness month. When I started I was nervous about putting us out there but glad to have an opportunity since it’s something we have been dealing with the last several years and it has really been some journey. But for some reason as I have gone along I have had second thoughts about continuing. The reality is it IS therapeutic for me and my hopes was that if it helps one person walking in my shoes then it’s worth putting out there. But the truth is we are still learning and trying to figure this whole parenting a child with ADHD out and my worry is not to sound like I have all the answers but still in some way be helpful...so long story short this isn’t easy! But I thought about it and realized that anything that is worthwhile usually isn’t! That’s why I LOVE this word. LIFE is not always going to be EASY in fact some days will feel pretty hard! But the awesome thing in life, (at least for me)is anytime I have persevered through something difficult and got to the other side...it feel sooo good!! I think for those of us who either have adhd or who parent a child with adhd this word/action is even more important since it’s the difference maker in success even after repeated failure, in creating healthy relationships with those we love, in fighting for our child’s future, and in our fight for their/our self worth! Anything in life that is worthwhile deserves our Perseverance...so don’t ever give up! #adhdawareness #perseverance #dontgiveup #adhdparenting #adhdmom #adhdtogether

When I got back from Colombia I had 2 mommies message me and ask how I deal with it ! How I deal with my daughter having ADHD . It’s honestly one of the hardest things a parent can deal with, but when you love someone so much you would do anything ! We’ve been through so much I’ve tried and search every inch of the planet to find what works ! My advice if you are dealing with a child with ADHD is be patient , I learned to be patient because it’s not their fault what they are going through ,investigate ( learn about the illness and what it does to the brain), and invest , invest time into searching , taking and involving your children with any activity or program that can better them. ❤️ #ADHDawareness #adhd #adhdmom

The world is screaming
Of voices and noice
Yet people have never
been as quiet as now
to each other
I don’t belong here
Yet I must
Please God
Give me strength to endure
Help my faith
I trust in You


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Ariana update 💕
Now that we have everyone in our family updated, time to update for all our friends ❤️
Last week, at behavior modification therapy, I met with another therapist to evaluate her to see how she’s effected by her behavior issues. I did a questionnaire and the average 4 year old scores between a 50-70, 71-84 they begin talking about therapy, and anything above an 85 needs to have therapy.... Ariana scored a 215. .
Her behavior issues are pretty severe, which we knew but didn’t realize it was to this extent. She’s going to stop behavior modification and we are going to be doing an intense 16 week Parent Child Interactive Therapy (pcit) then reevaluate what she needs after that. .
She’s going to continue Occupational Therapy for the time being but with her “only” being diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, she can’t get the therapy she needs for her sensory issues. I’m going to be scheduling her Autism evaluation for her communication and sensory issues on Thursday after PCIT. I’m also meeting with her teacher and principal today to go over ways to help Ariana in school and create a sensory plan for school to go along with her sensory schedule we’re starting at home. .
This video may not seem significant but until this point, she’d get to L or M and start jumbling up letters, trying to hurry up and get done. Her OT recommended having her jump on the trampoline while saying her ABCs and it worked!! For the first time, Ariana has sang the ABC Song all the way through 😭😭💕💕💕
Follow the tag #arianasjourney💕 to keep up with updates of Ari ❤️

New lucky 👼 angels😇 and/or lucky charms in progress.
Tell me if you want one of the lucky angels, they are made with love 💕, as give aways, made by me, but from Samuels decision, to give away, for you, as protection.
It’s soon his birthday, and it’s his gift for you. From him to you. For the one who needs one.
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New lucky charms in progress.
It’s going to be either lucky charms, earrings, 🔑 key rings or lucky angels 👼 to wear as wanted.
Swipe to see more pics
The ones on the first pics is in silver.
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Becoming another version of yourself is going to require some effort. Your thoughts will try to derail you. And there will be people who don't like it.
Do it anyway. Show up. Let people think whatever they want. This is for you. This is for Future You. She is not giving up on you. Don’t you dare give up on her.


Swimming & Autism it’s a big area of stress & worry. After a good year+ on the wait list my boys have been given a spot in the Rainbow Kids Australia learn to swim program for this term👍🏻I can not tell you what a relief it is to get a spot. I have tried to find other suitable lessons in the past with no success. This swim program is for kids with disabilities & is supported by NDIS🤩#autismkids #autismsdvocate #autismawareness #autismspeaks #autism #autismmom #autismmum #autismparent #autismfamily #autismproud #specialneedskids #neurodiversity #autismeducation #adhdmom #momofboys #boysmom #autismproud #mom #mum #motherhood #raisingboys #specialneedsparenting #disabilityawareness #adhdawareness #adhdparenting

I just wanted to share this picture to give everyone an idea of what my little louie can be like.
We went to tesco this morning, louie had taken his £10 that hes been saving from his pocket money out of his piggy bank. Naturally i presumed hed be buying sweets or maybe a small toy for himself. He started picking things up, half way round i asked why he was buying things, to which he said well we are going to visit nanny in the home later, so im buying all of her favourite things to give to her. The remainder of his pocket money he chose to put in the charity pot for homeless people.
Sometimes louie can come across naughty, boisterous, and even sometimes a little rude. But what happened today is a side not everyone gets to see. This is what makes me proud to be his mumma, and in his own little way it's showing me im doing a dam good job!! 🙌💙💙💙 #mummysboy💙 #adhd #adhdmom #momofboys💙 #mumlife #parenting #parenthood #parentingstagram #goodjob #proudmummy

Lead a life of faith...faith in something bigger than you, faith in humanity, faith in your capacity for growth. #LeadFromTheHeart #HaveFaith

I hate when my brain plays me like that 😅😅😅 Who can relate ?
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