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Know someone that suffers from ADHD? Migraines? Sleep problems? Anything tied to the endocannabinoid system? CBD for the win!

We are so glad you all loved our mugs! We are working on getting more ready
#autismawareness #adhdawarenessmonth #specialneedsparenting


Fun & inexpensive Spring 🌷activities to do as a family: *Fly a kite *Paint Rocks *Jump in puddles *Find a local fair *Take a nature walk *Feed ducks *Play tag outside *Shop at a flea market *Visit the zoo *Plant some seeds *Decorate Easter eggs *Have a picnic at the park *Do a random act of kindness *Read outside

💚Sarah shares: Our 7 year old daughter has ADD. She had not been doing well in school. She was failing reading and her teacher told us there was a chance she could fail the 2nd grade. She wasn't failing because she wasn't trying, but because she couldn't focus to comprehend what the story or topic was about. 💚We spent endless hours with her at home doing homework where she would have breakdown after breakdown because she was so frustrated and she thought she was stupid! We were frustrated for her! We got her a tutor twice a week, and it helped a little. 💚So that's when a friend of ours told us about 🌱Hempworx CBD oil. We did a ton of research. We were so apprehensive to try it on our child, but we also did NOT want to give her medications with a million side effects. 💚She's a child and I did't want to have her be dependent on prescription drugs. So the CBD arrived, Josh and I took it for a couple of days just to make sure we didn't feel funny or get sick and both of us had never felt better in our lives! 💚So we gave it to our daughter. 🌱5 drops of the peppermint flavor under her tongue in the morning. It has been a month now and she is passing. 20% graded papers have turned into 105% graded papers, she loves to read and tell me all about the story, her focus and attention have returned, she is not crying when it's time to do homework! 💚Actually, the past few weeks she has gotten home and sat at the counter and did her homework on her own and just asks us to check it. 😀 💚Our house has been happy and most importantly my 7 year old daughter is happy! She's not frustrated with herself or learning anymore. She wakes up happy ready to face the day and goes to bed looking forward to another new day!<3 💚 I am so happy we tried 🌱Hempworx and now we can't contain our excitement when we tell people about it! 🌱It’s a LIFE Changer! 🌱

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I'm done with summer stock auditions and on vacation for the week, which means that I'll be back on my blog soon. There's so much happening in my life and in the world around me regarding mental health right now, and I have lots of ideas to share. Stay tuned!

A special outing with a special person to celebrate one year self harm clean 💙#depressionrecovery #selfharmrecovery

One year self harm clean today. 🎉 I am full of joy. #depressionrecovery #selfharmrecovery

I don't think I've ever owned anything more fitting to my personality #neurotypicaltears

Look, that's me, being interviewed on Facebook for the upcoming docu-series The Truth About ADHD

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