The second eldest asked if he could help out with baking and lunchbox prep this morning. So after having a look in the pantry to see what we had in the way of ingredients he chose oat slice from @mylovelylittlelunchbox and gingernut cookies from the additive free pantry lunchbox cook book. He was also a very helpful taste tester!๐Ÿ˜‚ #lunchboxprep #oatslice #mylovelylittlelunchbox #gingernutcookies #additivefreepantry #littlehelper

A quicker version of my pancake post yesterday - great mid week brekky or snack / lunch option if you are shorter on time, and craving something โ€˜breadyโ€™ OMG - the SIMPLICITY !!! Itโ€™s one egg and one banana whisked together, pan fried into some little pancakes. Comfort Food - Wholefood Style ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿฅš I highly recommend the book @lifechangingfoodbook if this type of cooking interests you. My beautiful friend @theoilyfarmerswife_kellygellie gifted this book to me - it has changed my life and the way our family eats. #realfood #wholefood #mysoulfood #gapsfriendly #lifechangingfood #additivefreepantry #lifechangingfoodbook

Sunday morning Buckwheat pancakes are becoming a mainstay in our family. The finished product is elevated to something special with a drop of dลTERRA Wild Orange ๐ŸŠ added into the natural yoghurt on top for a beautiful flavour ๐Ÿ˜‹ PM me if you would like my recipe, Iโ€™d be happy to share it - so healthy and nourishing compared to the way I used to make pancakes ๐Ÿ˜–. I love using my oils for cooking. Can I help you start your own dลTERRA story ? #wholefooddiet #nutrientdensefood #additivefreepantry

More lunchbox prep as I realised I hadn't bought as much fruit this week for snacks. Changes in seasons also mean changes in what and how much we buy. Jam and oat bars are an old favourite as they use basic panty staples and can be made in half an hour. Just butter or coconut oil, wholemeal flour, baking powder, oats, a little raw sugar, a pinch of salt and whatever jam you have on hand. More like a shortbread than a museli bar in texture. Recipe is boysenberry bars from additive free pantry. #lunchboxprep #jamandoatbars #changingseasons #additivefreepantry

Healthy Banana ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ muffins ! All you need is almond/rice flour/eggs/coconut oil/coconut sugar/bananas/vanilla bean/ coconut milk whip them in the good processor & pop into a muffin tray. Perfect for school snacks. #healthy#healthyfood#healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyrecipes #healthysnacks #healthymeals #cleaneating #cleaneats #yum#tasty#muffins#cupcakes#hungry#sweets#sweettreat#sweettreats#healthydessert#healthybaking#bakingday #additivefree#additivefreepantry #cleanchoices#nonasties#cleancooking#

If you listened to Radio Fremantle today and heard me talk about parties and food options here are some old snaps to inspire you. Some key notes are; the concern for additives and colourings are for adults as much as children, we donโ€™t need extract exposure to allergenic, carcinogenic chemicals either. Plan ahead and make foods you can freeze before the day. #hoppers ( @mydeliciouscakes and @precious_organics )food colours and sprinkles are the best option. Keep little red boys off the menu. Feed kids savoury foods first and make your own cake using quality ingredients. Over Easter if you are going to indulge choose good chocolate @suelewischocolatier and quality Wine @oranjetractorfarm #additives #colourfree #kaceynaturopath

Have you tried our Little Box of Goodness? ๐ŸŽ This little box is a gift of time to yourself! Each month you receive a surprise box with Additive free goodies that have been tried, tested and screened by Additive Free Kids on your behalf ๐Ÿ˜ The goodies are all quick, easy, healthy alternatives to make your life easier and save time in the kitchen. Options that are great to have on hand when you are short of time. You can have fast, convenient options that are healthy too. Orders close 31st Jan with delivery in the first couple of weeks in February (depending where you are in Australia). At only $19.95 plus postage, give yourself the gift of time. If you would prefer to try a trial box DM me and we can organise that for you too ๐Ÿ˜€ Link in the bio for more details. #timesaving #kidshealth #additivefreefood #additivefreepantry #additivefreesnacks #additivefreekids #littleboxofgoodness #giftoftime

Together as a community we are experiencing many self discoveries, sharing, addressing snack triggers unrelated to hunger and making life changing progress before 2018 begins. PD Teamwork! #protectivedieteducation #protectivedietliving #protectivediet #oilfreevegan #plantbasednutrtion #weightloss #shedthefat #delicousandnutritious #stopthesnacks #eliminatefoodcravings #additivefreepantry #cleanhealthyfood #plantbasedweightloss #plantbasedfoodie #vegansofinstagram #plantbaseddiet

I choose butter! Yummy, creamy, healthy butter made from organic milk and containing you guessed it, organic milk (and a little water)! What drives me nuts is that butter is made out to be the bad guy, but how can you compare a product that comes from a source of nature (a cow) and call it 'bad' when something that is completely made in a lab, made from hydrogenated vegetable oil and is only one chemical reaction away from being plastic be a better alternative? Do me proud, throw out your margarine (or any other spreadable alternative to butter) and go buy a nice chunk of butter and be a rebel like me and keep it in the pantry to keep it spreadable ๐Ÿ˜‰ (it may need a visit to the fridge for especially hot days) #thewellnesscollectivebyhayleygrosser #ilovebutter

Orange and date wholemeal bread ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ. Adapted the pear and cranberry bread recipe from additive free pantry's lunchbox ideas cookbook. Definitely looking forward to having a slice of this with my coffee this afternoon! Smells amazing and the 3yr old gives it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. #lunchboxprep #afternoontea #loveadaptingrecipes #usewhatisinseason #additivefree #additivefreepantry #lowinrefinedsugar

How did Halloween go for your kids? Time to help them detox from all those artificial colours and flavours. There are so many Multivitamin products on the market for our kids that are full of artificial colours and so many nasties. Just because a product is sold at a chemist or pharmacy doesn't mean they are safe. Since becoming a Mum my passion for health has become my number one priority.

Whilst I focus on bringing into our home a whole food based approach, not every day is perfect. Take Halloween or birthday parties for example. With the addition of our whole food chews containing around 20 varieties of fruit & vegetables I am flooding my little peoples body with what it needs to work at its best, I am happy muma knowing I am giving them the best in life.

With 35 gold standard peer reviewed research studies I am so grateful that these babies came into our lives ๐ŸŒฑ #halloween2017 #detox #multivitaminsforkids #healthyandhappy #gummies #additivefreepantry #artificialfree #colourfree #preservativefree #jbtprogram #ctccprogram #cutthechemicalscookbook #cutthechemicals

First day back at school so back into lunchbox and afternoon tea prep! Wholemeal and oat pikelets all ready to be demolished with a drizzle of honey, peanut butter or some tahini. Here's to a great and wonderful term 4! #backtoschool #term4already #lumchboxprep #afternoonteaprep #additivefreepantry

There might not be any lunchbox prep, but still need to bake! Thankfully these gingernut biscuits are so easy and quick to make and are always a favourite.despite the name there are no nuts in them. Recipe @additivefreepantry #likegingerbreadbutquicker #smellssogood #additivefreepantry

A midweek public holiday calls for something a little special such as wholemeal blueberry pikelets with Greek yoghurt, raspberries and a drizzle of maple syrup. It's nice to pause and slow down for a day and enjoy the simple things. Pikelet recipe adapted from @additivefreepantry . #publicholiday #fancybreakfast #noschoolrun #minecraftandparkday #additivefreepantry

I am so excited to announce that we have a new offering to make your additive free life simpler - based on all the feedback you've provided!
You told us you were keen to receive gorgeous little packages in the mail on a regular basis, full of new additive free products to try. Products that had been screened, tried and tested for you, making it as easy as possible for you to trial new goodies!
I've had such an awesome time with the launch of the Additive Free Marketplace, receiving little boxes of goodness from amazing suppliers that are just as passionate as me about the quality of ingredients they are using. I would wait expectantly for these little boxes to arrive, I couldn't wait to test them! Who doesn't love receiving packages in the mail?
So, as a result of your feedback and suggestions, the LITTLE BOX OF GOODNESS has been born!
Each month we will send you three products from a range of manufacturers that care about the health of your family first and foremost. You will be voting with your dollar to support these small businesses and for the change you want to see. These products may be a combination of sample size and full-size products. All products will be screened and tested by us, and given the Additive Free Kids stamp of approval.
If you would love to try the LITTLE BOX OF GOODNESS we are taking orders now - $19.95 (plus $6.95 shipping) / month. We expect the first delivery will be in September. The link to place your order is in the Profile. #additivefree #additivefreekids #additivefreepantry #additivefreesnacks#additivefreetreats #additivefreedinners #additivefreemadeeasy #additivefreefood #littleboxofgoodness #goodthingscomeinsmallpackages #healthbeforeprofit #withknowledgecomeschange

"Sometimes I find it all a bit too much to bake everything from scratch... So I adore having healthy packets in the pantry ready to go. I love @adventuresnacks because they are organic, healthy & the best bit is they are easy to prepare!"
Thanks @mums_of_brisbane for the feedback - this is exactly why we created the mixes โ˜บ๏ธ
Find our full range on our website ๐ŸŒฟ

Took another little adventure with oils this weekend, this time it was cooking. We had an itch for enchiladas for lunch this week and luckily I had some oregano essential oil! In place of the dried oregano called for in the recipe I put one drop of oregano oil in the skillet with the chicken and sauce.... smelled SO good and after today's trial taste at lunch, we learned it tastes awesome too!!

It looks like the kids are super stoked with the thermie as well!! Reading, following directions, measuring...perfect learning experience.

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