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I've been unable to get out of bed today. Even with a double dose of steroids and 200 mg of narcotic pain medicine my body is still racked with pain and I'm unable to sit up without a knawing sensation in the pit of my being. I have chest pains and respiratory difficulty, headache, and my skin hurts if its touched. I get sick when I eat and avoid eating because it just leaves me nauseous. I spent last Friday in the ER and have been told my body is unable to respond to the demands I make of it. My ER doctor just simply held my hand while I cried and told me I'd just have to find the time to rest. If you know about the spoon theory, I've gone ahead and borrowed spoons into next year trying to keep up with work, school and the non-profit. I'm unsure of how to make any more space in my life for rest...I've dropped classes, I've cleared my schedule of freelance work and do only what I need to survive....except for the non-profit, which is my deepest passion. I wish I was normal again, I wish I had a normal body again. I wish I could run again like I used to, and work as much as I wanted and not end up in pain and tears. I love life so, so much and I'd give anything to be healthy so I could embrace it without the pain and fatigue. Don't take your health, your strength, nor the beauty of life for granted. God, life is so incredible...and truth be known...I don't think I began to love it this much until I became sick. Sometimes you don't truthfully understand the gifts that are in your hands until they are no longer there. If you've not stopped today to feel the sun on your face or listen to the wind or enjoy the love of your family, do it. If you haven't stopped in the middle of a busy work day to contemplate how wonderful it is that you are able to work, do it. Because life is so grand. Please don't take it for granted. #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarrior #adrenalfatigue #addisonsdisease #addisonian #pain #chronicpain #chronicillness #spooniestrength #spoonie #spoontheory #fatigue #autoimmunity #gratitude #life #inspiration #energy #youdontlooksick #addisonsawareness #thankful #peace #balance #oceanside

Thanks @addisonians_world! 🌎 Spreading awareness will help save more lives. Stay strong fellow #addisonians #addisonsdisease #addisonsawareness

Great team. A cure would be AMAZING!

#teamSchnak #racing4acure

8th Attempt at an IV & #nurse found a #gusher 😷🤕💉 #hospitallifebelike #spoonie #autoimmune #addisonsawareness #sickmommy 💪🏽


Thanks @addisonians_world! 🌎 Spreading awareness will help save more lives. Stay strong fellow #addisonians #addisonsdisease #addisonsawareness

Can anyone with #addisonsdisease tell me when our month is?! Isn't it in April?! I've seen posts saying it's #addisonsawareness for March?! I've had this disease for 4 years (5 in July) and I still get confused!! Either way, I'm gunna be putting a ton of info about our disease out there as I find people are having a difficult time understanding what this disease is and how it affects everyone differently. The ONE thing I know we all have in common is this: waking up in the mornings before our #steroids. I've got my meds next to my bed all ready to go for 6:30 am. Then I HAVE to go back to bed or else it'll be one HELL of a day. Actually, I wouldn't have a day I'd be too sick to do anything! Wondering what my fellow #addisonsdisease friends deal with in regards to your morning #steroids?! How to #wake an #addy's up! #steroids keep us alive. We do not produce the #hormone #cortisol ! You know, the most important hormone to ensure you don't die from #stress of any kind. #adrenalglands

Every day is #nationalpuppyday for me and my family with this sweet baby in our lives. My little girl has been through hell and back these past couple years. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease 2 years ago and then just a year later diabetes decided to join the party. After a million trips to multiple vets it's still not all under control.. But we never give up and neither does she. My Miley is a fighter and the toughest lil pup in the world. She has brought so much joy to our lives and I feel so blessed to have found her. We love her unconditionally and will do anything and everything to make sure she lives a long, happy, healthy and comfortable life. The second I found her in that parking lot 4 years ago, she saved me.. So now it's my turn to save her. We love you so much baby girl. 🐶❤️ #Addisonsdog #addisonsdisease #jackrussellterrier #dogsofinstgram

Reposted from @mcquilton20 raising awareness of Addison's disease, March is Addisons awareness month, please repost to spread awareness #addisonsdisease #addisonsawareness #raisingawareness

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