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The beauty of life is to share your heart,your life,your love and your time to those that loves you dearly,I told my ladies last night that it's important to live in the moment cos life offers no guarantees only opportunities. Try to make the best of everyday with everyone we can never arrive in life for we are a work in progress,that means we need to learn to smile behind our tears as well as dance in the rain. Thank you for all that came out to celebrate my birthday with me and all the beautiful texts that came through. I'm greatful for everything,for those who stood by me through it all and those that prayed for me,May God richly bless you and meet you at every point of your need... Happiness is everywhere,love is free. When we die people will not remember us for the materials we acquired or the titles we had while on earth,You will be remembered for how you made people feel and how much better other people's lives are becos you lived...that is the law of reaping and sowing
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Get your Friday night ready! Pick up your favorite meat then stop by our mixer items. Margaritas, Bloody Mary, Clamato, and more all at our Clovis Location. 🕺💃🍷🥃

To fight & overcome VULNERABILITY successfully,We must embrace grace, Get inspired always believing in the finished work of the cross.Although the truth remains that loosing Something Valuable is painful and very depressing but the goodnews is that anyone can get over it with the right approach and a positive mindset of depending ONLY on the word of God.
Whatever you must have LOST is nothing compared to how you will be LIFTED if you can stay positive & hopeful.

Listed below are best ways to avoid being depressed during a time of loss?
1. Be around those that can add positive value to your life, those that can inspire you to get over your depressing state.
2. Believe In God & yourself more than any challenges.
3. Avoid negative people,negative move, negative thoughts or talks
4. Never allow anyone reminds you of whatever you v lost & never try to dwell on it or the memory again.
5. Refused to live a pitiable life(Don't allow anyone to pity you)
6. Avoid staying alone without doing whatever is productive or whatever makes you happy(Keep yourself busy always)
7. Don't entertain fear
8. Don't accept it as your fate or destiny. Fight the good fight of faith. Believe & hope for the best outcome
9. Ignore whatsoever may be presenting itself to you as a threat to your happiness.Only focus on what God's word says & keep saying it to yourself.
10. Ask for help when needed from others in the same situation especially how they got over it.
And lots more.
More @ www.yanainitiative.org

Without having the COURAGE(Becoming brave & fearless) to start anything meaningful,life may continue to throw one off balance, it may continue to expose a VALUABLE Life into the danger of VULNERABILITY.
There is a goodnews though and the goodnews is LEARNING the right approach to getting hold on the various types of COURAGE which may include but not limited to the following:
•Moral : Developing the Right Conduct & attitude in an unconducive environment • Spiritual : A right mindset of strong faith & freedom that overcomes fear in fulfilling purpose & destiny
•Social : Getting justified & taking the right stand especially when facing bullying from peers or contemporaries
•Mental : Getting over psychological problems & worries
•Emotional : Getting over pains,agony & depression E.t.c.
Be available in person today if you can to be more informed & transformed
More @ www.yanainitiative.org

Ever felt or presently feeling VULNERABLE over any decision made?
Thinking of the best way to AVOID or get over VULNERABILITY & become more VALUABLE?
Or Still guessing what VULNERABILITY is?
Listed below are signs of VULNERABILITY:
1. Constantly experiencing break down, wounds or attacks
2. Being subjected under a situation that is unbearable but not bold enough to break out
3. To love wholeheartedly yet feeling unloved & lonely
4. To have good opinions yet being limited by the right options
5. To have a voice but remain unvocal
6. To be loyal yet feeling lost or being looked down on.
7.Making the right Confessions yet feeling more Confused.
8. Tried doing what is right yet being taken advantage of. E. t.c

Break out of the normal, keep it real with God,self & others , become more interested in learning whatever is of good Value or Valuable to your personal growth & development,Join or be surounded with the right ones.
Get More at our website @ www.yanainitiative.org.

Feeling VULNERABLE or seeking for help? Let's meet in person every Saturday by 12: Noon.
For Enquiries & other details Call or watsap (+234)08069600672

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Can't wait to get back to doing what I enjoy doing best #addingvalues #creatingvalues #solvingproblems #knowmenoworrushmelater

"Real"ationship ya begini, harus ketemuan, harus sharing , harus sering ngobrol, bagi ilmu, bagi pengalaman, bagi pendapat. Jangan LDR nanti ya "Lu Doang Relationship" - Sama kayak kita sama Tuhan, ya harus sering Doa, Baca Alkitab, Nyanyi Nyembah Tuhan, kalo engga ya LDR jadinya.

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Love what I do n no mistaken being in it @1908connect just #addingvalues to ur events with that #unexpected Wow. #copalagos2017 #eventmanagement #stagemanagement @MI @djlambo #urstruely

There was a point in my life that I was a saddist not because I was born one but because of the circumstances I found my self but today with the grace of God I became a better person... Circumstances can make you who you are not, circumstances can make you a fool, circumstances can make you wise, circumstances can make you hate, circumstances can make you love, circumstances can make you feel worthless, circumstances can make you have low self esteem, circumstances can make you have a great IQ, circumstances can make you a better person, circumstances can make you sad, circumstances can make you happy, circumstances can lead to frustration, circumstances can make you depressed, circumstances can make you bitter, circumstances can make you feel worse, circumstances can turn your life around.... IT MADE ME STRONGER💪💪💪WHAT ABOUT YOU? in what circumstance do you find your self? All you need to do is love God and love yourself, if this is done, you will definitely love others😄😄😄 the joy from within is powerful and I'm glad to experience it🙏🙏🙏
@mz_esosa @temmy_tee86 @segglaxbash @je_suis_oluwaseun

Some Entrepreneurs think how can I make a lot of money?
But the better way is to think - How can I make people's lives a lot better?
If you get it right, the money will come.
#addingvalues #ibadancityfashioncollege #fashionschoolibadan #raisingentrepreneurs #raisingleaders #skillacquisition #vocationaleducation #serviceaboveself

"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, just say YES. Then learn how to do it later"

Alhamdulillah..selesai tugasan adding value to kawan2 di Penang 😘

#ProudtobeOXCians💗💗💗 #JoinUs

Mulakan dengan niat dan keinginan untuk belajar..Insyaallah...

As an event planning company, our goal is not just to make money but to add values because its not impossible to add values and not be rich. We aim to build superstructures that will preserve the whole earth in times of storm as well as outlast the storm. @Regranned from @taradurotoye - Your values will ultimately become the Value placed on your business .
Your values will influence the behavior of your team .Their behavior will determine their action and their action will determine the experience that customers have of the business and the experience the customers have is the REPUTATION of that business . - #araevents #eventplanner #eventconsultant #eventfixer #kingdomtakeover #pacesetter #GOD's business #building structure #addingvalues #oneclient #oneevent #oneexperience #welisten #weplan #weexecute #passionate #hardwork #Ibadan #worldclass

Remember the free fashion training we had? One of the participants made this dress, just a replica of what she made for herself.

Want to know how good a student is? Watch the teacher!
Fear of insecurities doesn't allow us share our knowledge, what is the essence of knowledge if its not shared? ( giving doesn't reward lack, giving births MORE). The best teachers gives all withholding nothing, cause she's mindful of a great result and her image. The fact that nobody knew a student made this dress and thought it was the teacher that made it, speaks volume ( no a 12day old student made it). #christalwears #elegantly #unique #fashion #style #purpose #addingvalues #legacy #livewell #buildingnations #lendingtonations

First male attempt. Slowly coming together #addingvalues #Anubis #jackal

Understanding Silhouettes and how it applies to clothing and designing for your clients and You.
#addingvalues #ibadancityfashioncollege #fashionschoolibadan #skillacquisition #vocationaleducation #ibadan #fashioncollege #fashionstudy

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