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Camicia #AddictedFashionable • Denim #VicoloNorthland • Scarpe #ShopArt 💙 #NuoveCollezioni #Rebel

special shirt silk in boutique now in store 🔝👍🏻❤️

Bellissima @benedetta_dragoni con camicia #addictedfashionable disponibile in store ❤️ palloncini in esclusiva per noi 😍🎈🎈🎈

@addictedfashionable TOP 😜👍🏻🔝 #addictedfashionable #shirt #memole #cartoons 😁😍

Grazie alla mia bella @rosalatino91 per averci mandato questa foto con la camicia acquistata da noi ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
#Red #Nails #addictedfashionable @addictedfashionable by @followthezsazsazsu ❤️👠💄🅰

È tempo di Memole.

Ultimissime‼️‼️Memole dolce Memole shirt on Sale‼️❤️
#addicted #addictedfashionable #sale #shirt #shop #fashion #summer


You shall be granted with the power to express yourself 👑

Thank god it's #friday 🙌
Much love and support to everyone struggling right now.❤

#Love is all you need

Aequor | Sailor

Why are we living? What is the purpose?
The purpose of life is to give it a purpose. You can sail across the sea but without a roadmap you won't be able to reach your destination.⛵ What is your destination?📍

Reflection | Ubiquitous State

Comparing the honest self to a heart is quite outstanding. You certainly know it is there, keeping you alive, but it does not intend to be shown rather than to be felt.

It is time to express ourselves 👑 #spring #2017❤️

Relaxing and recovering from a hard week with some fruits 💪

Enjoy your #sunday everyone 🌞

Are you ready for the next week? 👑

Seraph | Divine Protector

Unbelievable how the sun can give you energy. 💪

#TGIF, perfect time to absorb some vitamins. 🌞

Twelve Divisons | Zodiac ♓

It's been a long day 🙄 but the sun is shining 🌞
Happy #wednesday afternoon everyone ✌

Oggi sono uscita con Davide per scattare nuove foto, ma quando sono arrivata nel parcheggio ho trovato...chi mi segue su Stories avrà di certo letto 😂 sorvoliamo su questo episodio (e sulle mie caviglie enormi). Siete felici di vedere il mio viso? Come vedete sono sempre uguale...
Oh, ma sto Davide sta diventando bravo. Peccato che ora vuole essere pagato.

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