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3-8-17 #ADayWithoutAWoman #RESIST Thank you @wdfowler for the photo and solidarity. Tshirt by @cherrybombemag 💃

Today's photos: A look at #internationalwomensday around the world:
Thousands of demonstrators attend a rally in Melbourne, Australia. Marchers were calling for de-colonisation of Australia, an end to racism, economic justice for all women and reproductive justice, as well as supporting the struggle for the liberation of all women around the world, inclusive of trans women and sex workers. Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images
Georgian feminist supporters attend a rally in front of the Georgian parliament in central Tbilisi. Photo by Vano Shlamov/AFP/Getty Images
Palestinian women take part in a demonstration to protest against sexual discrimination in front of the unknown soldier’s monument in Gaza City, Gaza. Photo by Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Nigerian women gather to protest violation and sexual abuse against women in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Costumed women shout slogans during a march as part in Kiev. Photo by Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images
A statue of a defiant girl stands facing the Charging Bull sculpture in the Financial District of New York. State Street Global Advisors, a nearly $2.5 trillion investor and unit within State Street Corp., installed the bronze statue in front of Wall Street’s iconic charging bull as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards. Photo by Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
Bangladeshi activists and garment workers attend a rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by Zakir Chowdhury/Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
A woman holds a placard during a rally for gender equality and against violence towards women on International Women’s Day in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo by Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters
A man and his dog walk past the sculpture of a woman covered in paper and ropes as part of a performance to protest the lack of visibility of women in public spaces in Oviedo, Spain. The covered statue is “La Pensadora” (The female Thinker) by Spanish artist Jose Luis Fernandez. Photo by Eloy Alonso/Reuters.
An activist takes part in #adaywithoutawoman strike in Washington. Photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters.

Yesterday, on #ADayWithoutAWoman, @thecut asked women why the strike was important to them. LaTonya Staubs, a stylist from Brooklyn, said, "I'm here because I’m a woman and mother. I hope this strike will show men and women how important women are today and everyday." For more of their answers, tap the link in our bio. 📸: @byruvan

"Ora che questo libro è nelle vostre mani, proviamo solo speranza ed entusiasmo per il mondo che stiamo costruendo insieme. Un mondo in cui il genere non determinerà la grandezza dei nostri sogni o le mete che possiamo raggiungere. Un mondo in cui ciascuna di noi sarà in grado di dire con certezza : "Io sono libera".
-Storie della buonanotte per bambine ribelli-
#books #ADayWithoutAWoman #storiedellabuonanotteperbambineribelli #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls

#adaywithoutawoman last summer, in the studio
(happy international women's dayto all the rad women in my life & even the ones who aren't in my life)

I am becoming the "woman of my dreams" - take it day by day💪🏻🍋 13.03.2017

#adaywithoutawoman #femenist

Good morning everybody! This is my #adaywithoutawoman #internationalwomensday look from yesterday. Can you tell I tried to dress like my illustration? Hehe😊 I'm happy everybody liked it & shared it with their friends. I was overwhelmed by all the kind comments & messages I received. So thank you all 😻❣️

Happy #internationalwomensday Be you and be PROUD of who you are and your story. Be bold by standing up for what you believe in & don't ever stop believing in your dreams.💕


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I don't normally write such long posts, but I am angry. First it was the news that birth control could be taken off Medicare, and then it was news that one of Hollywood's most prominent figures, Harvey Weinstein, has been sexual assaulting numerous actresses for decades. I wish I could say that I am surprised. It feels like every five steps we take in the right direction, there is a man with more money and power waiting to shove us ten steps back. To the women who may no longer be able to afford birth control; we will fight this. To the women who had the courage to speak up; thank you. I stand alongside you today and every day it takes to reclaim our bodies, voices, and basic human rights. I feel grateful to be in an industry surrounded by fierce women who use their power, regardless of the corruption they face, to encourage and uplift all humans no matter their gender. #lovetrumpshate #adaywithoutawoman #equality
Below are two statements regarding the Harvey Weinstein scandal that best articulate how I'm feeling right now. ---------------------------------------------
"The behavior is inexcusable, but the abuse of power familiar. The intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this abuse are our heroes." -Meryl Streep ----------------------------------------------
"No one should be coerced into trading personal dignity for professional success. I feel the time is long and tragically overdue for all of us in the industry, women and men, to unite — calmly and dispassionately — and create a new culture of respect, equality and empowerment, where bullies and their enablers are no longer allowed to prosper."
-Glen Close

@emmawatson - Today I'm a red-striking ninja book-fairy out to spread some wise women's words. Happy International Women's Day! @bookfairiesworldwide #IWDOurSharedShelf #IWD #ADayWithoutAWoman Follow @baby_face_ladies

/ rəˈzilyəns /.
1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
•For all of the women out there who have fought back and made it through. This ☝🏼's for you. I personally know several women who have survived breast cancer and their ability to still live life without hesitation and with so much strength inspires me. It's not just about a color, it's about staying active, happy and healthy. They say exercise can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, so join me in a sweat session this month and bring your gal pals...We are in this together! #laceupforthecure #refusetoquit #beatcancer #nbwomen #thefutureisfemale ...
#womensday #womensday2017 #internationalwomensday #iwd #women #womansday #lady #ladies #bossladies #event #breastcancerawareness #adaywithoutawoman #womeninbusiness #mother #beingawoman #womensrights #everywoman #inspireothers #femaleleaders #shesays #woman

SUPA DOPE!💚💚💚💚 #InternationalWomensDay 🚺 Let's pose the question: What would it be like if @soojmooj never graced the runway? #ADayWithoutAWoman
#style #mode #look #styles #fasioninsta #likethislook #lijoboetiek #turkishmenstyle

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@Regranned from @wordforwordfactory - I'm a woman-owned small business. It's just me. And I live with chronic migraines & an autoimmune disease, which means, if my body allows it, I have to work, to compensate for the days my body doesn't cooperate. While I can't afford to strike today, I support those who do. I will wear red, and try my very best to spent money only at women-owned (or queer-owned) businesses. ALSO please note we will donate 25% of our profits today to Planned Parenthood❤️ #adaywithoutawoman #internationalwomensday #thepersonalispolitical #feminist #feminism #equality #intersectionalfeminism #pins #enamelpin #lapelpin #pingame #pinsofig #pinstagram #pincommunity #accessorize #words #phrases #etsy #wordforwordfactory - #regrann #feminism #feminist #femalerightsarehumanrights #dosomething #strongwomen #smartwomen #smartgirls #stronggirls #stayaware #stayawake #keepresisting #resist

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