Funny & Interesting Fact:
since the beginning of our lifes we tend to the sweet stuff, the one is not healthy at all. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Amelia, my dear Amelia, enjoying the sight of chips/fried potatoes. 🍟

Her waiting, prepared to attack! 😁

It’s one of those mornings at Casa Ellis Jones where I’m not going to get a lot done, but breathe...let this little one be him (and I can have a coffee and recharge!). Already looking forward to bedtime (and writing time for me! Please help me network - I really don’t have a clue!
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Tuesday 10th May 1988: Germany
A full entry for today's diary, so word for word... "We had all got dressed and had three breakfasts. I asked who wanted to come on the see saw and Sam did so we went through the hedge and saw some men taking a wooden house-sort-of-thing to parts with a tractor helping and a trailer standing by. We seesawed and watched them. Daniel came out, so did Nat. We got on the roundabout and the see saw again then I went inside and was told that we were going into Goch to get a fitting for the hosepipe. We couldn't get one so we went back into the duck and drove to the naafi shop and got all our food. We put the food in the cupboards and the fridge and drive back to Simons. We had beef burgers and Nat threw one out the window. We went for a walk without Bike across the signal automatic. Daniel wanted a poo in the middle of a field of corn so we all had to turn around and it took about half an hour and he said the corn pricked his bum. The barriers were down since we started off and we heard and saw the train whizzing by. The bell dinged and the barriers went up. We walked on to the park me and mum and Sam had been to before. We played for a bit and done German girls asked me something in German at the top of the slide. Mum had one deutsch mark so we went into a store and bought us all some fruity sweets. We headed for the level signal automatic and as we were at the other side they went down. We sat down and Daniel was seeker first while the rest of us hid in the corn. The train came and everyone was found. We walked back to the duck and found the scratched window nice and smooth and clear. Bike had done it. We all walked over Simons and had a game of Enchanted Forest and a delicious barbecue of jacket potatoes, sausages and burgers. After a while mum, Sam and I walked down to the phonebox at the end of the road and mum phoned Jeannie and the money ran out half way through. We sat inside Simons for a bit and Nat and me started a game of Enchanted Forest but Bike said it's getting late we were going to drive tonight so we packed the game up in its box, said goodbye to Simon, Kath and Christopher and drove off heading for the Black Forest.

Have I ever mentioned how amazed I am every day that my wonderful step mum thought ‘fuck it’ one day and set up her own business. Now she has the most delightful gift shop in Peebles selling local creatives products, delicious smelling candles that she makes herself and of course her beautiful flowers! If you’re ever in Peebles you should pop in and take a look for yourself. Here we are enjoying a sunny dog walk along Porty beach 😎 #CarolsCreations #shoplocal #florist

We recently went on a day trip to Ipswich. They have a lovely mini zoo there. It was lovely there and the only downside was that it was hilly. More than what I remember. We counted all the lizards and ‘bin chickens’ (Ibis) and had an enjoyable afternoon.

These flowers are actually in MY rinky dink little garden/flower bed... 🍃🌻🌞
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I always know summer is almost here when I eat some of the first batch of momma’s potato salad. 🥔🥗👱🏼‍♀️🦊
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