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I d0n't likE pe0plE drIvInG fAst...thAts thE reas0n whY I 0vrtAke thEm..#KTM#Rc390#adAnI..😎

Mereka adalah keluarga+sahabat terbaikku.. #tiaoy'oy#adani#mmhSN#familly #SURYANADA

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Two sweet naagin 🐍🐍 one kali naagin - shesha/ruchika and two sunheri naagin - shivangi πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ and two real life sweet sisters Mouni & Adaa... #adani ....

What else is up with #ADANI? An exhaustive search of company filings & documents across the globe has cast light on this opaque structure of ownership & control.

Adani bought a 99-year lease over the coal port in 2011 for $1.8 billion through a company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd (AZPEZ). That company said it "sold" the port three years ago to a Singaporean-based Adani family company "subject to regulatory & lenders approvals". BUT the sale has not been completed, because of objections by the State Bank of India, which lent Adani $1.1billion for the port purchase.

In its latest filings with the Australian corporate watchdog, Adani still lists the port as being owned by the Bombay-listed company. Yet ASPEZ's 2016 annual report said it had "recorded the divestment" of the port to Abbot Point Port Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore: an entity which lists as its sole director Vinod Shantilal Adani who conveniently happens to be the brother of Guatam Adani, head of the Adani Group & which is ultimately owned by Atulya Resources in the Cayman Islands.

Aside from killing the reef & cooking the climate, in basic corporate business terms this means the advantage of having the money in tax havens is that you are able to conceal the source of money, the use of money & also to minimise tax & due to the offshore location transferring ownership of the critical port infrastructure means it will be unregulated & unaccountable. Adani gets away with it whilst the reef, our environment, culture, heritage & livelihoods suffer. What's it worth to YOU? Start talking #Australia.
Image| Abbot Pt- Adani Coal Port & stock piles, located within the #greatbarrierreef marine park.

Day 4 ...traditional day #adani #adania #friends #enjoyed #fun #


A year ago today I stood in front of "Environment Minister" Greg Hunt asking him to keep coal in the ground & move on from fossil fuels.
I stood in the rain with a bunch of concerned locals, scientists and activist groups as he looked up at the sky, open mouthed and lamely beiged off questions regarding dredging and its impacts to the reef, told bare faced lies about budgets and spendings, twisted facts and scientific findings into useless strings of meaningless words, and lied some more about minimal impacts, zero effects and an Australian economic boom evolving around #coal
Since then the #greatbarrierreef has been hit for the second year in a row by mass coral bleaching, effecting almost 97% of coral - purely caused by warming of oceans caused by burning of #fossilfuels
This has to stop!! Tonight, in #Cairns is the premier of the #documentary Guarding The Galilee, which talks of the need to protect sites from #mining companies such as #Adani and #GVKHankok
The proposal for the #Carmichael mine will mean the #heritage site #GBR and protected native land is at the hands of monsters with mega-tonne machines who will stop at nothing to turf out those dirty black rocks.
Everything is at risk here, and nothing seems to be enough to make a change.
Say no to Coal today, and think about how you can make easy and money saving ways to switch to renewables.
#greghunt #keepcoalintheground #lockthegates #coralnotcoal #stopadani #adanicoal #coalisdirty #shootyourselfinthefootmate

In trend , big bow #adani

Makan malam bersama Tuan @husin_lempoya ... Mandi Lambshank with rice , Ma'asob Banana with a pot of adani milk tea.

Have a blast dinner !

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