Ep. 190: @adam_gottschalk understands more than anyone what it feels like to receive a questionable TV edit & on this episode, in addition to discussing life inside the Bachelor bubble, we're examining the keys to being successful in this franchise via the advice @ravennicolegates & Adam gave @tiarachel91 (prior to Arie's season). How does Adam make his long-distance relationship work with Raven? & what advice did he give @laureneburnham after @ariejr called her (at Adam's house) on New Year's Eve? During our conversation, we're exploring these topics while chatting about the role of post-production, the double-date we didn't see during Tia's hometown, his experience during @therachlindsay season, how contestants feel about spoiler culture, which of the #RoseBoys he's still in-touch with, meeting Raven during @bachelorinparadise , their go-to (before bed) TV show #ForensicFiles & much more. Shout-out @shopgreysuede 🌹 #IronicBoomerang #ProducerHat #MicrowavingWhilePodcasting #AuthenticAndNatural // Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify or SoundCloud ✌️

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We're keeping up with them roseboys and two of our faves @adam_gottschalk & @josiahdgraham will be hosting a #bachelor viewing party near you-well if you're in Ft.Lauderdale, FL, that is, next Monday! Some of other faves like Raven, Vinny, & Jubilee will also be in attendance!
Sad we have to miss this one but hey Josiah we counting on you to come through in the cut with the unfiltered, unproduced stories like you do😚 we'll be on the lookout. Also hmmm so Adam bringing his girl Rave, who Josiah gone go with, who did you meet at the #bachelorwintergames, Josiah?🤔 Hey folks if you go please keep an eye out for tea okay😉 .
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