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Unleash: Heart and Soul Care Sheets are an effective tool for facilitating spiritual growth, emotional health, even life transformation from the inside out. The power happens as you engage with God in a personal process.
Could you and those you serve benefit from this tool? Yes!!! ・・・
I am so excited to announce that not only are #UnleashSheets available for sale now, but a new #affiliateprogram is almost complete!

If you are a church leader, ministry leader, blogger, speaker, coach, counselor, or mentor, this tool is an incredibly valuable asset.
More info coming soon! To find out more about Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets, please visit:

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Your Perceived Limits and your memory can actually help you to push ahead when you are wanting to give up. How so?

When you take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments, those mile markers, they become imprinted in your memory. So, when you are taking on a challenge, may it be at work, a new diet, a marathon, whatever it may be----your memory tells your subconscious what you can achieve. So, when you feel like you can't go another day without eating carbs, but you have gone 30 days in the past successfully your subconscious tells you that you can do it, because you have done it before. So, the likelihood of you pushing through that moment is high. So, Go the extra mile.

On the other hand, if you tend to give up time and time again in the past on the goals you set for yourself, even you won't take yourself seriously. And that voice in your head won't push you to the next level.
This is why it is so important to take the time to celebrate your mile markers, whatever they may be. Because you HAVE come far from where you once were, and your *continued success* greatly depends on you recognizing that. If you have given up on yourself too quickly, it is time to form a new habit of follow-through. Because your subconscious remembers that, and because you Deserve more! So, Go the extra mile.

When I am feeling the pain of a challenge, the feeling of hard work, I remind myself how far I have come. I remind myself that I have already accomplished X, Y, + Z. Thus proving that my limits are not in front of this challenge I face today, but Beyond it. So, I go the extra mile.

Stop selling yourself short! Don't you think you are worth so much more? Don't you think you are capable of more? You are. Period. Celebrate your milestones, and revel in how far you have come!
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When you get on an airplane, they emphasize the safety rule of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, even if you have a small child next to you. This is a rule of thumb because without breathing life into ourselves, we are worthless to others. ✨
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I'm guilty of wanting to know all the things in ways that keep me from knowing Him. When I try to do things my way, I miss out on listening to His way. .
It takes intentional effort to stop what you're doing. Put away the thoughts you can. Make room for His voice to be heard.
#UnleashSheets have been incredibly helpful. They make way for slowing down and listening to my heart then making room for His. .
May we not grow dull to His voice. May we listen so we can see and hear how he wants to bring healing and hope through hard times. .

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Y'all it's #FridayIntroductions time. But I'm a little bored talking about me and really want to hear about YOU!

What would you be willing to share? Hmmm.. How about we have a little fun with this one.
Describe yourself in one to three sentences.
Too hard? How about three things you LOVE to do? Or, three adjectives others would use to describe you.
Yes, one or all the above would be fantastic! Keep it simple.

I would just love to know more about you. And since I am getting this posted late, you can add your great info ANY day, not just Friday. 🤗

You can get an idea about me in the tags below, or just keep following along.
It's YOUR turn!

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When I feel beat down or worn out, I'm liable to forget I have needs.

I have a lot of wants, like fixed solutions and remedied circumstances. My way.
I forget my needs and I fear asking for them to be met. This whole concept is challenging to understand when you’ve long believed you have to give up everything because everyone else is more important.
Needs like connection, understanding, love, kind responses, and respect are core needs. It’s OK to seek healthy fulfillment. It’s OK to ask God how to grow personally and in healthy relationships so these needs are met.
The problem comes when we demand, expect, manipulate, and control others to get our needs met. Especially, when doing so happens without awareness.
We need to recognize those underlying needs and ways we get them met, think we don’t deserve to have them met, and/or force them getting met in unhealthy ways.
This is destructive to ourselves and others. It blocks vulnerability and intimacy.
Maybe, like me, a deep part if you is scared but you want to want to say, “Oh Lord, help me receive your love more completely. Help me turn away from unhealthy ways of getting needs met. Help me have the courage it takes to request, with respect for other people. I haven’t lived well. Forgive me. Amen.” #cultivatelife #lifecultivated #acultivatedlife #christianlifecoach #unhealthybeliefs #emotionalhealth #christianliving #emotionallyhealthy #spiritualgrowth #getreallivefree #lifebreakthroughcoaching #cultivatedlifecoaching

Ever feel like you have a ton of ideas + desires but later find out you're no closer to executing them than you were last week? It's one thing to have a plan, it's another to have a strategic plan!! Stop the #BusyWork + get productive! Oh...and give yourself #Grace in this time of transition + growth!! What is on your List this #GoalMonday?? What are you working on this week to get you closer to your goals? I've listed mine on the iPad 😉
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Early morning reality means a reality check.
Dealing with hurts, habits, and hang ups. Experiencing God’s love and healing power.
It’s a long road many hesitate or even refuse to take, because it challenges our core.
But this shaking up means the Spirit can move more freely and leads us into greater freedom.
Rise Up in courage dear ones. You are worth the time and effort of heart examination and God-led transformation.
One step and one day at a time.
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With seven videos down and four to go, you start to feel a little silly. I mean, talking to yourself for hours? Let's just say I'm glad these videos are done. I'm not doing any more retakes if I can help it and I let the house get hot just so you wouldn't have to hear a fan in the background.
But then I started tapping the desk with dramatic hand movements. Sigh. This mic picks up everything, y'all.
Two new videos for #RiseUpWriters coming your way soon! Plus, videos for #UnleashSheets affiliates (bloggers, ministry leaders, coaches, and counselors) and videos to help people already using this super helpful tool.
I love ya' but my thumb can't even stand up straight anymore. 😂😂 Who's ready to head to the water park with their honey? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Catch ya' later folks.
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All it takes is one step to get started. The doors are open at #celebraterecovery tonight.
Lots of other doors are open too. For recovery. For healing. For #spiritualgrowth. For the care of your soul so you can live more whole and experience more of His holy goodness.
Where God leads you, walk in friend. Go on through with this in mind. He will not leave you alone in the process.
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If we could meet for coffee, what you want to talk about?
I’d want to hear about your struggles and your victories. About your doubts and your faith.
Because deep in your soul is the core of who you really are and I think that’s pretty amazing.
There’s only one you after all. The world needs you the way God designed you to be.
If your journey of faith feels weak and wounded, I’d cry with you and pray over you.
If you’re experiencing greater freedom and bursting with excitement, I’d rejoice and praise God with you.
If you’re struggling with doubt, fear, anxiety, life’s challenges, anger, confusion, and hurt, I’d listen, ask questions, and process with you. Hopefully, I’d leave space for mystery and room for hearing more from God than me. I’d pray with you and for you.
Dear one, know that even though we may not be able meet, Jesus is always there with you. He would join you anytime, any day, as you pour out your heart.
God is always listening. He has much love and tenderness for the feelings you feel. He intercedes for you and wants you to know you are so loved. Your emotions do not scare Him one bit. They will not shove Him away.
Breathe, dear one. Let your life be real before Him. He will be near.
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Up. Down. All around. Fall down. Get back up. Fail. Find courage. Grow. Heal. Love. Lean in to God's great love and never ending mercy. Get free and live well.
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Waiting to see my counselor and grateful for people who help people who help. Because we all need an outside perspective and guidance through growth.
If you’ve considered counseling, or EMDR therapy, or pursuing healing for your heart, don’t let the enemy convince you to do it on your own.
God gives unique gifts to each of us and we benefit from receiving the wisdom of others who see things we miss.
Healing is freeing. Not easy, but so worth it.
Keep stepping along your journey loved ones. You are worth it. Your God is even more worth pursuing.
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Happy weekend y’all! Wherever you are, have a little splash and let the sun shine on your face.
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Comfort = Complacency. EVERYTHING worth ANYTHING is outside of your comfort zone. Growth is not comfortable, complacency is. The only way to reach new heights and level up is to break out of that which feels so secure + comfortable. Be Brave. Be Courageous + Vulnerable. Everything you desire is on the other side of Fear. You can only do this through INTENTIONAL LIVING.
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What do these things have to do with each other and are they compatible with a surrendered Christian life? I believe they are not only compatible, they are essentially helpful.
Find out more via Instastory and my latest YouTube video where I share concepts from the book Soul Care by David Benner and my story of pursuing psychology and Christian counseling in order to help others.
My passion is to provide practical and spiritual support so that we can cultivate the life we are given in Christ. So we are transformed into His image and into the image He designed us to be. So we make an impact in the lives of others because God has so impacted heart and soul.
So we can go beyond head knowledge and live fully alive in knowing Christ.

Want to know more? Follow along on the blog, social media, and through #unleashsheets.
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This boy here, he's on a summer adventure known as youth camp.
When my kids get to experience enjoyable things that are good for them, my heart explodes with joy.

I think God often feels this way about us.
Yes, we are designed to love Him and we are called to surrender to Him.
We are also given the gift of enjoying life with Him
#acultivatedlife #surrenderedlife #thehappinessdare

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