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Peachy 🍑... A day in town today, also known as running about like a headless chook with a double pram in the rain ☔️, shoving some sushi at the toddler while I fed the baby (aka wrangling a baby crocodile in the front seat of my car 🐊) sitting in the Aldi carpark, finding sushi all over my car's backseat 🍣, wrangling toddler and baby around supermarket 🛒 (whyyyyy don't you have double trolleys @aldiaustralia 😩), basically just buying the essentials of coffee chocolate and wine 🍷 and resembling a deer in headlights in bright shiny supermarket without a list, forgetting Eleanor's much longed for grapes (wine is grapes, yeah? 🤔) Shoved children back in car, in rain again, everyone wet and grumpy, drive off listening to complaints about lack of grapes and/or drink bottle from toddler (mummy left that at home, how dare she, along with the shopping list 🙄) "Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! ...Harriet's seatbelt isn't clicked in." Shit. 😖 #mumfail #mumlyf #whatharrietwore #mamamadeforharriet #actuallyforeleanor #whatever #itsbeenalongday

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