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It's been a good 1 years since my weight loss journey 🏋🏽which was the most successful thing to ever do in my life. And I'm still glad and happy that I'm still putting up with it to becoming the best and in the future of being a champion in the fitness industry one day 💪🏾but no matter how things go In the future I'll still keep my heart to pumping iron everyday but thanks to everyone who's been with me and kept on motivating me to continue to work hard . Eventhough how happy I feel about my body rn I'm still in work in progress to get to somewhere #nevergiveup #pumpingiron #activliving #gainz

Lovely 1pm class at lorna jane active living room. Join us next week same time same place for a yoga class. Lorna jane sisters always #move #nourish #believe. ♡♡♡#activliving @lornajanesa @vandawaterfront

Healthy habits get yourself a man that can cook and hit the gym hard...wheat tortilla,Fat Free sharp cheddar cheese 100 grams of green bell pepper,20 grams of onion
:47 grams protein :25 grams of carbs
:6 grams of fat

Can you smell the weekend? How will you get out and get active? #adventuretime #exerciseismedicine #activliving

Lorna jane sisters getting ready for @corne_fit4life class at @vandawaterfront active living room. Join us every Wednesday for a free fitness dance class.... let's get ready to #move #nourish #believe #activliving
Remember to book classes at v&a.store@lornajane.co.za


Kettlebells are a great tool and have been around for well over 100 years.
Why kettlebells:
*Strengthens the tendons and ligaments
*Full body conditioning
*Develops core and grip strength
*Improves body awareness
*Improves mobility and flexability
* Plus much more...... You only need one kettlebell to burn a ton of calories and have an amazing workout

Some of the more popular moves include

So when you are in the gym next give some of these moves ago, if you have never used kettlebells before we suggest you seek out some professional advice.


Happy Training 👊

Here are the ingredients for the brownies i posted last week. Thanks to jen @yummymummydayspaperth
These brownies are (were) amazing give them a try next yime you are in the kitchen

A very true statement, 😂😂😂 It is hard making that initial transition into a healthier way of life but once your there those cheat meals taste even better. So if you have not started yet make the SWITCH and become a healther, fitter you.

Have an Aweome monday peeps

Sweet talking girlfriend got the best bargain..
2kg of pics peanut butter. Probably should keep this one

When your the only PT at work on a saturday morning and there is no one else in the gym #busted

Its flex friday

The old Bootcamp crew bringing the GUN SHOW 💪

Happy Friday

Really impressed with the footwork from the thursday crew.
Ladder drills improve:
Speed and quickness
Strengthens joints ligaments and tendons
Creates body awareness.

So give them a go next time you train

Happy training

Short on time, then here is a NO EXCUSE workout you can fit into your day.
We all have a spare 10 minutes, so;
*Find an empty hall way at work
*Find space in your office
*Or do it in a quiet spot on your lunch break.

Here goes: Have a timer running from ZERO TO TEN, you could even set the intervals on your SMART PHONE
Then push START....... Minute 0000-0030
Crossbody mountain climbers

Minute 0030-0100
Broad jumps

Minute 0100-0145
Spiderman crawls

Minute 0145-0200

Minute 0200-0400 (Tabata squats, rest in Buddha sit)
Squats for speed, count reps as a challenge

Minute 0400-0500
Rest .... in low plank

Minute 0500-0700 (Tabata push ups rest in high plank)
Hand release push ups for speed, count reps as a challenge

Minute 0700-0800
5 toe taps+5 leg raises ( repeat for the minute, never letting your feet touch the ground

Minute 0800-0815

Minute 0815-0900
Bear crawls (5 forward+5 back)

Minute 900-930
High plank with forward lean

Minute 930-1000
Crossbody mountain climbers ...And your done

Short and sharp 10 minute workouts brought to you by @prestigefit
Our goal is to help you realise how important not only KEEPING FIT is but also GETTING FIT.
There is no better time to start than TODAY 💪😁 Happy Training

Tuesday winter warmer 💪💪
We all love a good hearty meal, and who doesnt love a good lasagne.
Packed full of fresh ingredients its a perfect meal for when you have had your weekly quota of chicken and rice
Olive oil
Fresh garlic
Red onion
Red pepper
Turkey mince
Diced tomatoes
Vegetable stick
Gluten free lasagne sheets
Grated cheese

Bechamel sauce:
Gluten free plain flour
Almond milk
Grated cheese.
Substitute cheese and butter for lactose free cheese and margarine to also make it dairy free.


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