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😍😍Motivation Monday 😍😍
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Please read🙏🏻
The moment you ask yourself the question "WHY ME?" is the moment you start playing the role of the victim. As Dr. Steve Maraboli once said; "Your complaints, your drama, your victim mentality, your whining, your blaming, and all of your excuses have NEVER gotten you even a single step closer to your goals or dreams. Let go of your nonsense. let go of the delusion that you DESERVE better and go EARN it!" Last Wednesday Night during a soccer game as I took a step to catch the ball on top of my 18 yard box, I felt like I got hit badly from behind and I also heard a loud pop. I turned around right away so pissed off looking to see who would be stupid enough to foul me like that, and there was no one around me. After 5 seconds I realized what happened and went down in tears and so much pain with my dignity and pride evaporating right before my eyes. I've dealt with lot of injuries in my career but i knew this was probably the worse one yet. I was taken to the hospital that night and was diagnosed with season ending and potentially career ending injury. Doctors told me I torn my ACHILLES TENDON and put half of my leg in cast till I see the specialist to find out if i have to do a surgery or not. Best case scenario for me is No surgery, 8 weeks in cast and 8 weeks of rehab to be able to walk normally and worse case, surgery with 6-12 months of rehab.
I've been in bed rest for past 4 days and completely isolated myself from the world mainly because it is extremely hard for me to let people see me like this. During this time I never asked myself why me? But I continue to ask myself what am I suppose to do right now as I feel crippled and no knowledge or experience is helpful at this point. I've dealt with a lot of shit in my lift but never felt like I have nothing left in the tank and when you feel like that, it is so damn hard to find something positive to hold on to. Everything becomes annoying specially when close friends and family become doctors and give you their own diagnosis and on top of that they feel like they have the right to tell you to just stop playing and you'll be alright? (Please read the rest in comment section👇🏻)

Was für ein wunderschöner Tag heute ❤️ Erst gemeinsames Training, dann einen Ausflug nach Ohlstadt zum Heimgarten. ⛰ Dort sind die Prinzessin, @sebastian_run und ich dann das größtenteils ausgetrocknete Flussbett hochgewandert. 🏞Traumhafte Tour mit Kindern: kurbelt die Fantasie an 🐲und bietet tolle Kraxelmöglichkeiten. 🦋 Ca. 3.5k mit 350Höhenmetern. Marina ist es gelaufen als würden wir nie was anderes machen 😬😬 #TeamSport #Sporty #Alternativesport #instafit #fitfam #runninggirls #fitgirl #fitfam #alps #hike #cannyoning #läuferleben #trails #läuferlebenDASBUCH #asics #fitspiration #dontrunfly #motivation #motherdaughter #outdoorwomen #activelifestyle #runningmom

Vid by: @stansleyfitness
Rise & Grind😠(Im going back to bed after this post😴)Ladies here is a superset you can add to your leg workouts for some extra fuego🔥
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Camo activewear?! This is *almost* too good to be true 😍💚. P.S. my weekly workout routine AND a supplements video will be on the blog tomorrow! // Shop this activewear via screenshot with the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app 👉🏽 http://liketk.it/2rref @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKFit #FitWithASD #fitnesslove #fitgirls #fitness #fitspo #activewear #activelifestyle #athleisure #camouflage #gymlooks

Be happy. Be bright. Be you! 💛

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my morning activity

swimming hiit style arini for 15 small laps. speeding for half lap and slow pace for the other half. sayang xde hrm kalau x bole tau how much kcal burn kan, seronok dpt speeding .
then lepas swim gi cari makan, tgk nasi lemak tu banyak gile, kebuluran sgt sbb before swim tu xmakan ape pun yg bole bg tenaga
sekian cerita pagi ni, morning korang and have a productive day
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Very excited to pair @chrisanthonyyouth up with @hunterbaycoffeeroasters we have some great ideas for down the road. .#Repost @hunterbaycoffeeroasters (@get_repost)
If you've ever watched a Warren Miller ski film to stoke the stoke for the season, then you probably know Chris Anthony (he's been in 27 of them). Chris has been using his limelight recently to start a Youth Initiative Project, raising $$$ for outdoor youth education. Dude's a Grade-A badass, and, as a friend of Hunter Bay, he just gifted the Arvada Coffee Bar this sweet chair! We'll be collaborating w/ Chris on a blend and will give a % of the proceeds to his nonprofit, so stay tuned or, rather, stay stoked. #optoutside #organiccoffee #activelifestyle #education #mentoring #experientiallearning #experientialeducation @coloradoskifurniture

L.A. fun.

New Week, New Monday, New Goals ⚡️ Get your eating habits back on track by signing up for one of our #IONlife meal plans 🍏

Watch out for a little cameo by @big_blonde_bailey 😍 we had the beach to ourselves this morning due to this pesky weather.... but the rain stayed away so we could get a good walk in 💗 #beach #walk #lifeisbetterwithadog

Abs under construction!! Great job!! Tomorrow kids camp!! Bring the kids let them burn their energy out!! Celebrating end of school as well!! #getfitcoloradosprings #getfitcolorado #activelifestyle #getfitter #fitmoms #fitmommys #mommyfit #abs

Collecting clothes to move to the washing basket. It is a dreaded chore. Perhaps next time, think of how you are staying active and lightly moving as you do it.

@pureglowcleanse Green Beauty Tea is a concentrated blend of green & white tea designed specifically to benefit the largest organ in your body – your skin! This daily tea promotes weight loss & general wellness! Available in the studio now - $29.50 for 28 tea totes!👌🏼

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I had this spread of homemade Mediterranean food for dinner tonight! Delicious! Cauliflower rice cooked with lemon, garlic, parsley, and bone broth + spinach falafels + turmeric roasted zucchini and onion + homemade babaganush + red pepper hummus + kalamata olives😋

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