Another 3 rep PB this week at 102.5 🙌😆 featuring encouragement from coach @flexiblefoods_aus Then back offs at 85 and pauses at 77.5kg. Felt pretty wrecked after this sesh, but happy with the progress 🙌 only 17 days out now 🤭

Absolutely nothing went according to plan today 🤷🏽‍♀️
So i threw in a very unexpected way to relax into my day. ❤️
And for a couple of days my friend @cyla_m is talking about sauna... oh yeah : sauna and a good stretch.
Plus i keep missing @yoga_zenith ‘s classes.
So i decided to go to hot yoga @yoga_tree_perth in Vic Park. Both in one, i ll get to sweat and stretch.
I knew it was going to be hard but oh man it was more than that. Go there fully engaged! Mentally and physically.
They revamped the studio since last time i went and it is absolutely everything you want from a yoga studio.
Here are 2 very thoughtful features of the studio: a little tea bar and an exchange book shelf !
#selfcare #unexpected #yogatreevicpark #hotyoga #daring #sweatpants

This is Sam, you’ve probably seen her in the studio either doing the sessions with you or instructing them. Sam takes care of our social media here at HITZone Perth and is also a qualified personal trainer who loves health and fitness …and a good chat. “My favourite thing about HITZone is the environment we have created. Everyone is so friendly, motivating and supportive and it’s truly amazing to be a part of. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, we’re all here working out together and that’s pretty cool.”

FIT TIP💢 Up for a challenge?
Try this this without loosing your balance ⤵️
🔸Engage your stabilisers
🔸Activate your balance
🔸Strengthen your posterior chain muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings (come upright with control).
🔸 Mobility through your hips & thoracic spine.
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Trying so hard to increase my back! Grow baby back 💪🏽

How’s this!
12 months in the making!
✔️ Strong AF
✔️ Healthy AF
✔️ Lean AF
And how’s the booty gains?
Completes everything given with minimal protest! Very proud of this babe! @patricetimis is the very definition of doing it for the right reason. To be happy and healthy 💪

Thursday Night BoxFit was pumping! Well done to everyone involved!! 💪🥊 #thursdaymotivation #lifting #pumping #weights

sometimes you just gotta chuck the whole stack on and take it for a run... “I’m gonna be SO good at hugging!” 🐻 #fitnessfidelity

We LOVE working individually with students to help them achieve on their own special journey! 😍

before each Set is the most important part of your Workout ✌🏻 #fitnessfidelity

Thank you all for your well wishes! Feeling much better than yesterday - no more run over by a bus feeling. 🚍 Can't wait to get back into the swing of things .. But for tonight, another good night's sleep! 😴😴 Friendly reminder for everyone to keep dry and warm, keep your vitamins/nutrients up, hydrate and catch as many Z's as you can! 😴😴

One of the benefits of the #kettlebell is that all of the exercises are essentially total body exercises. When used correctly, kettlebells are extremely effective training tools for providing total-body strength and conditioning.
The kettlebell is a unique tool that requires proper technique in order to get optimal results and train in the safest way possible, if you want to add the K/B to your workout make sure you train with a professional to ensure correct technique! 👍😊

Be the best ‘you’ you can be! 🦋

“Yoga is the classroom where we get to study in detail our habitual response to uncomfortability and pain” ✨ .
Image via @elizagilesyoga

Always been a big fan of the assault bike. Great for some HIIT alone or tied in for a cardio leg during some metcon. It’s an absolute weapon!🔥
Little finisher here. 5 cal seated, 5 out the seat and another 5 with just the arms 💨 and yesssss that is my pain face 😳😂

Local crusher Alex Mazza cruising his first 26, Mega Death. Awesome work!!

Today’s word: DESPERATE. Fun day pulling on hard climbs! Stoked to get the projecting hat on 🤓

Another Happy member! Robin referred his friend MD to join up and scored his voucher for 2 movie tickets! Only a few left so get in quick!

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