If i was to come up to you in the streets and tell you that 30 days could change your life would you believe me?? Well results speak for themselves and whilst i am in no way saying that you could definitely achieve this as everyone is different and gets different results 30 days showed me exactly what is possible when you commit to giving everything to be the best you can be.

Winners are grinners. Not only did they produce some amazing results from our 30 day challenge🔥. They are all feeling happier and healthier. Which is the best thing 👌You can tell by those smiles😁#active24BTC #illawarragoaldiggers

Have you ever had that feeling when something exciting happens and you just want to tell everyone you walk past? 😅
Ive been on a mission to rediscover "myself" and I am blown away by how good im feeling! This pic speaks for itself really!! Cant wait to find out how much weight Ive lost since starting the 4 week body transformation challenge!
One more week to go! 🤗


#active24btc day 17. Another good day. Purchased myself a cosy critter neck comforter from @pricelineau as my neck as been sore. Was also a little naughty and tried the #cadbury #milkdark #chocolate. Went halves in a small bar, after all it's all about moderation.

Back on track day 16 #active24btc . Wanted to cave and have soft drink but didn't! Was crazy busy at work but luckily my drawer at work is stocked with yummy and healthy snacks. Body felt better at my pt session thanks to a massage the day before.
#backontrack #herbalife #gymlife #healthyfood #feelinggood

Day 15 of the #active24btc was a much better day...even treated myself to a half an hour back, neck and shoulder massage - think I slept funny last night. Funny thing is now everywhere else feels tight.
After a light session at the gym it's time for an early night!

Day 14 of the #active24btc . Was not my best day by far. Snuggled emotionally. The day started off ok but ended with pizza - paid tribute to my mum but having her favorite pizza minus the anchovies and it was delicious.
But today is a new and I'm not going to let last night break my progress!

Day 13 of #active24btc . Got my 20% by going for a walk around the block (probably shouldn't have due to my asthma and the haze around) and finished off with a solid weight session at the gym!
#herbalife #gymlife #gettingbackontrack

Got my #instantherbalbev #magicaltea and walking through the park with my boys! #active24btc #weightloss #lovemyherbalife

Day 12 of the #active24btc . Not my best day, we had a team lunch at grilled so I studied the menu and decided on the best option only to get there and they were out of chicken! So went the veggie burger instead.
Became a bit complacent this week so results weren't as good as the previous week - might have been the stress of a busy week, the subconscious of dealing with mother's day coning up - the first since mums passing. So I will put it behind me and go back to basics this week.

ITS SNACK TIME!!!! 🤣😻🍪Next level clean treats!!! Salted Caramel Bliss Balls :) #amazing #tastessogood #cashews #dates #herbalifenutrition #cookiesandcream #hotherbiebev #fatburning #herbamumma #cleantreats #active24btc #weightloss

Day 11 of the #active24btc again I added in an extra bar before the gym to tide me over before dinner and had tuna and rice instead of my second shake.
As I've had two intense training sessions the last two nights My training session was quite light followed with a lot of stretching.

This is my chocolate fix...#herbalife bar whilst on the #active24btc #delicious

Day 10 of the #active24btc . People ask if I eat and am I full on #herbalife .the answer is most certainly yes, just look at the variety. The important thing is the types of food you eat and to remember if you eat one bad meal or thing it's not the end of the world!
I am again loving my training again thanks @defiance_strength who has pushed me to my limits and sometimes beyond (tonight my face was the same colour as my pink top)

Forgot to log my #active24btc for #weightloss picture yesterday. Another stressful day, but I ended it with a really good personal training session.
Dead lifting is back up to 70kgs and today I am feeling good!

#herbalife #gymlife

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