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Charity event #actionforchildren at Newcastle Falcons rugby club

Calming Technique #4 - Practice the art of distraction.⠀

Staring into the face of a potential tantrum because your therapy session is over and it’s time to go back to class, or because you’re at the park and it’s time to go home?⠀

Out come the bubbles! Yep…throw a little container of bubbles in your purse, pocket, or therapy bag and you’re in business. Can your kiddo stomp bubbles all the way to the car? Can they run through the bubbles to get all the way to the therapy room? Works like a charm.⠀

Singing also tends to work wonders for distraction during transitions as well as movement activities that get you from point A to point B (e.g. “Can we hop all the way to the sink to wash our hands?”). I often hold my kids under their arms and “jump” them all the way to therapy (or the bathroom, or wherever else we need to go)! Or, we’ll play catch with a bean bag or bat a balloon back and forth as we move through the hallway. Lots of smiles and lots of successful transitions!⠀

Have a child who struggles with transitioning in the hallway with his class? Bring along a big building block or other object to use as an obstacle. Place it on the floor and have the whole line of kids jump over it as they pass by – bring it back to the front of the line and repeat! Bring along a jump rope and have the entire line limbo under it or jump over it as they walk by.

The Aberdeen Team excelled themselves and managed to win Bronze at last nights ‘Never Mind The Business’ Music Quiz. The evening raised a massive £26,387, so well done to all involved! We had a fantastic time with some of our clients and although we might not have been crowned ‘Top of the Pops’ we’re pretty happy with our Bronze place! 🥉
#nevermindthebusiness2018 #quiznight #edenscott

11.15pm run !!!
#stravarun #actionforchildren #garmin #gnr18 @on_running @great_run @actionforchildrenuk keep the training up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏃🏼‍♂️💨

The Aberdeen Team are attending the ‘Never Mind The Business Quiz’ in aid of Action for Children tonight....wish us luck and keep an eye on our Instagram Story tonight to find out how we get on.

#edenscott #teamnight #quiz

Top Family Friendly things to do in Columbus, Ohio⠀
#14 Eating in German Village⠀

German Village has some of the best food in town! Giant burgers at Thurman, delecious pastries at Pistachia Vera, fresh-brewed coffee at Stauf's, and authentic German sausages at Schmidt's. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

#flashback auf den #jakobsweg als ich plötzlich mitten in einem #radteam mit vielen #männer aus #wales gelandet bin, die für #actionforchildren unterwegs waren 😍 es war mir eine #ehre und ein #Vergnügen mit euch 3 Tage den Weg gemeinsam zu befahren und werde nie den #moment mit euch am #cruzdeferro vergessen ❤️ #friendsforlife #comebackstronger #kampfzwerg #runningcommunity #blog #trainhard @julespilgrims @farrowkev @r8chk

Fantastic night at the Harvey Nash pub quiz! Raising money for #bytenight and #actionforchildren. Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to #teamargos 🏆

Effective DAP Teaching Strategies #8 - Give Assistance⠀

Give assistance (such as a cue or hint) to help children work on the edge of their current competence (“Can you think of a word that rhymes with your name, Matt? How about bat . . . Matt/bat? What else rhymes with Matt andbat?”)⠀

An effective teacher or family child care provider chooses a strategy to fit a particular situation.

BOOM! 👊 Hit everything for the first time! 😀
I'm going to walk a 15k for @actionforchildrenuk in May so I'm slowly upping the amount I walk in a day.
3k with a burger for lunch half way counts as training yes?

The link to my Just Giving in my bio! 👣
#fitbit #fitbitblaze #walking #steps #goals #challenge #charity #actionforchildren #sponsorme

Transition Management Tip #6 - Plan a gradual increase or decrease in the level of activity⠀

Since transition between activities can be a stressful time for children, increasing or decreasing the level of activity helps ensure a smooth transition. For instance, outdoor play followed by snack or center time followed by story time. Provide a good balance of active and quiet play.

#greatnorthrun #actionforchildren #garmin #strava @on_running and so the training continues 12km today

Me and my mini me had a lovely afternoon @actionforchildrenuk and the other foster carers at their half term graffiti event! Lily did non stop painting! #actionforchildren #fostercarer #fosterfamily #graffiti #halfterm #fun #loveher #daughter #minime #familiesofinstagram

Calming Technique #3 - Use a transition object or toy⠀

Sometimes, bringing a favorite object along for the transition is comforting for a child.⠀

When you pick up the kids, bring their favorite toy (cars, trains, blocks). And make a special place for them to “park” their toys when you need to leave so they can pick them up when they’re finished. For instance, if they’re playing with Legos, let them bring a Lego guy along for the ride.
Also, try using a special toy, book, or other object that can be designated for use only on the bus ride to/from school if these are a difficult times of day.

Supporting #actionforchildren #careday18 #swc @swccollege congratulations to all involved

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