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I nominate @eric_hyland1 @nick_kelley41 & @katychickk for the Slime Bucket Challenge! Go to www.Slime-Bucket.co.uk to get your own slime #SLIMED #ActionForChildren

👑Сегодня Кейт Миддлтон нанесла визит в Южный Уэльс, чтобы навестить малообеспеченные семьи, поддерживаемые ее благотворительной🙏🏻организацией #ActionforChildren. В разгар февраля герцогиня👸🏻Кембриджская выбрала юбочный костюм довольно непривычной для нее длины – гораздо выше колена✨
Читай подробности по ссылке в профиле @hello__ru #hello__ru #katemiddleton #KensingtonRoyal

Smiling through the 5am start 💤 #actionforchildren #dragonsden #charity #youngambassador

Target smashed... thank you all so much!!! Recky complete...nice and toastie (I know I’m inside right now, I can dream it will be like this outside!) and now I’m ready.
#BringItOn #ByteNight2017 #ActionForChildren


Slime bucket challenge!! Check out our video on YouTube! #youtube #slimebucketchallenge #slimebucket #zimplikids #actionforchildren

Hi guys! In today's video, I was slimed for a charity called Action For Children. Action For Children gives kids the care they deserve after being abused or neglected. If you would like to get slimed or donate, go to this website: www.Slime-Bucket.co.uk. Also, check out my video here: https://youtu.be/CiTi-RG9J8c #slimed #slimedselfie #slimebucketchallenge #sbc #actionforchildren @slimebucketchallenge

Biggup our Finance team for rocking #ToughMudder2017 this past weekend! The team + Pulse raised money for Action for Children, an incredible organisation which you can support by following the link in our bio! Congrats guys, insanely proud of you all! #PulseFilms #ActionForChildren #ToughMudder

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored our walk to Hilbre Island a few weeks ago with my girlfriend's family. We raised a grand total of £244 for @actnforchildren which goes towards providing a lifeline and support for vulnerable children and their families.
To find out more visit: https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/
#actionforchildren #charity #support #sponsor


"Routines can bring you and your child closer together and reduce power struggles.⠀

Stable routines allow babies and toddlers to anticipate what will happen next. This gives young children confidence, and also a sense of control, such as when parents say: “It is bedtime. Would you like to brush teeth now or after we get your pajamas on?” Routines can also limit the amount of “no’s” and behavior corrections you need to give a toddler throughout the day, since your child can better predict what should happen next: “I know you want a cracker. But it is clean-up time now. Remember, after clean-up, it is snack-time.”⠀

To learn more about the power of routines, check out https://buff.ly/2AogJnb"

So looking forward to our DIOR xmas party!
Join us on 30th November from 5-8pm, canapés, fizz and make-over classes using the amazing limited edition DIOR range.
Tickets are limited first come,first served 🎉🎉 All ticket proceeds go to #actionforchildren

For any parent or expecting parent, The Art of Positive Parenting provides in-depth discussion about The Art of Positive Parenting skills and philosophies. These sessions are ideal for parents who want to learn the theories behind the skills, time to practice them, talk with other parents, and receive coaching by the instructor. This program has helped tens of thousands of parents over the past thirty five years.⠀

To learn more about The Art of Positive Parenting, check out our website.

Moms are special in our lives. Yet being a great mom requires skills that many of us need developed.⠀

Our Mothers Matter course is designed for mothers dedicated to strengthening and honoring the special role they play in the lives of their children. Learn the art of communicating in new ways that will help you better connect with your children and lead to a productive and positive relationship.⠀

Check out our website for more information about Mothers Matter

Kilimanjaro 2018 lifetime experience raising for.. #actionforchildren #actionchallenge

Getting creative with my little pals at #airplay #actionforchildren #rafbenevolentfund #lestweforget

Fathers have unique qualities, strengths, and talents that make them critical to their child’s healthy growth and development. Today, most dads need to explore and engage their ‘Father Factor.’⠀

The Father Factor program is dedicated to strengthening and honoring the role of today’s father with the hope and promise for you and your child’s future.⠀

Topics include: Co-‘Pair’enting, Art of Listening/Communication, Forgiveness, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.ful Discipline, and Decision Making. ⠀

Find out more about Father Factor on our website.

Beberapa bulan lalu saya dan rekan2 dri @1000_guru pernah mengajar adik2 ditempat ini.. SD Nanga Boleng - Labuan Bajo.
Saat itu airmata ini sdh gak bs d tahan.. melihat bangunan sekolah yg mmprihatinkan yg mngkn juga jika segerombolan semut lewat bangunan itu akan ambruk..
Belum lg melihat mereka hrs minum air dri jirigen yg hrs dibagi seluruh isi sekolah.. pedih rasanya d hati..🤢😢
Lebih mengharukannya adalah.. bagaimana sorot2 mata anak2 ini ttp memancarkan semangat luar biasa walaupun harus berada d kondisi yg menyedihkan...
saya mendadak malu pd diri saya sndri yg seakan cm bs mengeluh..😭😭
Kemarin kmi mndapat kabar bhwa SD tersebut ambruk sebagian krn tertiup angin dng kondisi sprti gambar diatas..
Mendadak hati sya makin pedih rasanya.. nyesek g karuan..
InshaAllah akhir Nopember ini saya dan teman2 @1000_guru akan kembali ke Labuan Bajo utk melakukan apa yg bs kmi lakukan..
Untuk teman2 yg mngkn berkenan memberikan santunan, bs DM ke saya.. smoga apa yg kita lakukan bs meringankan beban mereka dan adik2 disana bs belajar dng lebih baik 🙏🙏🙏🙏
#labuanbajo #charity #aksipeduli #care #education #1000guru #humanity #socialact #actionforchildren #pedalaman #pedulipendidikan

Did you know that Action for Children offers free parenting classes? Whether you're a new mom, a new dad, or recently divorced, check out Action for Children's website for parenting class schedule.

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