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#davidccook #actionbible #comics #marvel #dc

This is Gavin, he's tight! #lifegroup #missingtwo #actionbible

This is BY FAR our favorite Bible! If you don't have it yet, get it! Especially great for children.. @benrogers23 and I love reading it to him. #actionbible #bible #Godfirst

Incorporating this Action Bible into our homeschooling has been so much fun. The kids love it. #actionbible #noah #bible #bibleclass #homeschool

One of the greatest joys of being a dad is getting to do this with my kids. #bibletime #actionbible

I bought my kids their first "real" bibles. And now I feel like Oprah,"you get a bible and you get a bible, everyone gets a bible." 💥 #actionbible

@ddangerfield recommend the #actionbible for #yorkeli it came on Wednesday, he's now read over 300 pages of it, conviction is hitting amy and I. #trainupachild

It was definitely one of the Highlights of our Thanksgiving watching my dad baptize my nephew Ben! He is the one who takes his #actionBible to his public school and reads it to the other students when they have finished their class work! God is going to use him in an incredible way! #madetomakeadifference #bethelight #baptism #thanksgiving


Ki has been a reading machine lately! He is really enjoying his Action Bible and Calvin & Hobbes. Then, of course, computer anytime he's allowed. ❤
#readersareleaders #hesagreatleader

The boys are in love with their new #bible!! Thanks for the recommendation @clairejhughes012 #actionbible

A little Bible reading on the way to church. He's really getting this reading thing down! I pray he always loves reading God's word! (P.S. I made him fix his seat belt strap, don't worry) #maximusbanks #actionbible

I feel like someone should've gone by "Bible Michael Bendis" for this. #actionbible #weridchristianstuff #confused

Got Tiegreen's latest devotional! But it's the Action Bible I'm most excited about, though ❤️ The art is amazing! 😍 Moses crazy terrified by the burning bush. Sandals are lit! 😂 and Samson.. rockin' the red cape 'bout to rip that beast in half 💪😎 #MIBF #BookFair #38thMIBF #ActionBible #Books #Bookstagram

Reading the bible stories is new to both of us. So at night we read the #actionbible. I read the narrative and he reads the dialogue. I wonder what his teacher will say about this on his reading log??? #learningfaith #bible #actionbible #learningtogether #christian

I'm going after that supermom title for the day!😂 We had a healthy breakfast, learned about a missionary journey of Paul's, did 30 minutes of yoga, and hit each other with pillows and stuffed animals! (Not pictured because I needed to defend myself). I am guessing this routine is completely unrealistic on a regular basis and just keeping kids alive, happyish, and learning is a huge endeavor and qualifies every mom as a supermom! All of you supermoms have my respect! By the way, when do you clean? Asking for a friend. #babysitting #actionbible #yoga

Our kids really enjoy reading! As one who loves reading myself, it does my heart good to know my kids share this love. Out of all the books my kids read, it brings me the most joy to see them reading the Bible. There are so many versions out there that are kid friendly. Nathan especially loves the Action Bible. It helps so many of the Bible stories come alive in comic form. #reading #bible #actionbible

Jahmir is at a stage where he only wants to read comic books. So I got him an #actionbible. Bible in comic book form. #parentingwin

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