throwback to yesterday's experience session with @act3international - Mowgli's song! xx #aishafok had so much fun singing and playing with the musical instruments! she seems to have taken a liking to theatre and we can't wait to enjoy more of these with her! #theatreforbabies #yay #happy #vscocam #learnthroughplay #act3international #mybabygirl #love #loml #instababy

“Drama has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to be confident in front of an audience!” – Ridley Leong
Take a bow, Ridley! This young man grew up with us at ACT 3 Drama Academy since he joined 10 years ago, and we are very happy to be a part of his adventure 😃. Place your children on a path of imagination and discovery today - call us or visit our website to find out how your child can be the next Ridley Leong! #act3international

Throwback - Pooppa and Daughter Bonding over a Story Telling Play: Jungle Book #princessleiawee #act3international

Kaa and his friends are plotting a slippery plan to rescue Mowgli from the mischievous monkeys. Will they be able to slither away unscathed from this mission? 3 to 4 year olds learn social skills and build confidence in this lively 5-day workshop! Swing by the ACT 3 Drama Academy for this and other exciting workshops this July! The link in our profile has all the information you need! #act3international #act3holidayworkshops

Was on @channelnewsasia in Singapore doing a news interview thank you everyone who was their #channelnewsasia #singapore #leaf #act3international #theatreforbabies

Our Drama Teachers are not just dedicated to drama, but are passionate about growing young minds, too! Here's teacher Ashley giving us an insight into what inspires her!

My drama inspiration is... Hugh Jackman. I love his acting versatility and his ability to switch between movie acting and musical theatre.
I believe drama can change... the perspective of therapy. Drama can be used as a platform to understand the child's perspective better and for them to tell their stories in a safe environment.
When I'm not teaching drama... I'm studying psychology in university and hitting the gym to keep fit.
The children of ACT 3 Drama Academy are... little gems that know how to heighten your day. Working with the ACT 3 children gives me a little family away from my family.

This chilling narrative was brought to life by our budding actors, in an immersive workshop entitled 'Chairs', writeen by @scottmullen, for 11 to 15 year olds. Our proud teens rallied together and fought fear as one, when an old-school game of musical chairs turned dangerous. Your teen can be a part of this thrilling experience, too! For more information, give us a call at 67359986 or visit the link below to learn more! #act3international, #act3holidayworkshops

Was just in Singapore performing my show leaf thank you @act3international for inviting me. #act3international #childrenstheatre #singapore #leafshow

If you'd like to know what happens during a drama session, now's your chance to sample some classes! During our fun and engaging sample class, you and your child (18 months to 9 years old) can experience the power of Drama together! Be pleasantly surprised by the ongoing adventure of imagination and fun that is drama, as you watch (and partake in!) some of the action. Drama helps to develop your child’s self-awareness and self-growth, come see for yourself! Check out our website for more information!

16th June 2018 - Saturday (Part 1)

Wan Qing Dumpling Festival 2018 - Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

First time travelling (with 2 kids + husband) all the way to TPY for an event early in the morning and it's worth it! The last time I was at TPY with W (was for Big Day Out! That was before A came out haha). The kids had so much fun! Yes it was crowded and hot so we skipped long queues sand art and dumpling making. Did the rest and even played quite a while on the swing.

Other than the desserts, everything else (from printed photo and activties/games) are free!

Did not managed to sign up for the “Little Carp’s Adventure” Heritage Hunt @ SYSNMH through online registration as it was full but I managed to put my name in waiting list when we were there. We were lucky that some people who signed up, didn't turn up so we got in quite quickly!

The hunt is fun for the kids, with activities surrounding the theme "Never Give Up". I didn't write it in the feedback form but the students from ITE college central were very patient with the children (even the ones who ran into their props multiple times!). I didn't say so just because I am former student okay! 😂 Hope they didn't got scared into not having kids ever. 😅

#sunyetsennanyangmemorialhall #dumplingfestival #sgActivities #sgkidsactivites #SAHM #sgSAHM #sgmotherof2 #sgparents #sgkids #sgpreschoolers #sgchildren #sgkidsfun #sgkidsplay #sgfree #sgfreeplay #sgfun #sgfreeactivities #theluckiestcloudwashere #schoolholiday #SgSchoolHoliday #Kidsholiday #busyparentsmonth #juneholidays #SGMuseum #June2018 #Act3International #Thankful #Grateful #NeverGiveUp

15th June 2018 (Part 1)
Drama Queen : Drama Workshop by Act 3 International at ACM.

Bonding day for father and daughter again. Always thankful for a husband who is always ready to be the active parent whenever needed.

Our first drama workshop and I am very thankful for this chance to learn more about my children and learn a few "tricks" for better speech.

Grateful to the director for the reminder that children are not puppets, show and be the example and if they are willing they will pick it up.

The creative ones doesn't like to be controlled.

#sgActivities #sgkidsactivites #SAHM #sgSAHM #sgmotherof2 #sgparents #sgkids #sgpreschoolers #sgchildren #sgkidsfun #sgkidsplay #sgfree #sgfreeplay #sgfun #sgfreeactivities #theluckiestcloudwashere #schoolholiday #SgSchoolHoliday #Kidsholiday #busyparentsmonth #juneholidays #ACM #asiancivilisationsmuseum #SGMuseum #June2018 #DramaQueenWorkshop #Act3International #Thankful #Grateful

Roaring like a Bear!
#dramaworkshop #act3international

We're almost at the last week of the June Holiday Workshops! There's a little something for every child, from 18 months to 15 years old! Register now - our classes are filling up fast! To learn more, call 67359986 or book online at our website (link in profile). See you at ACT 3 Drama Academy! #act3holidayworkshops

The jungle is a magical place, especially for Mowgli and his little friends. Babies of 7 to 17 months explore the friendly 'jungle' in this 45-min workshop at ACT 3 Drama Academy, as part of the June Holiday workshops. Our caring educator will guide you and your baby through a set specially created by us, teaching children to explore the world around them through sight, sound and sensation. Find out how to register your baby for this enchanting experience now by checking out the link in profile! #act3international #act3holidayworkshops

It was a fantastic day for our young thespians at 'The Jungle Book: The Musical' showcase. In this 5-day workshop, children between the ages of 8 and 10 discover social skills and learn to present themselves with confidence through strong vocal projection and clear speech. 'The Jungle Book: The Musical' is a part of our exciting selection of June Holiday workshops! Check out the link on our profile to learn more! #act3international, #act3holidayworkshops

Ever wondered how drama could impact your child? Get a taste of what your child will learn from our Drama Educators by sitting in with us during one of our sample classes, on 23 and 24 June - we've got different schedules for different age groups. Visit our website now for more information!

Only a truly passionate teacher can lead children on a path of discovery through drama. Have you met Fiona, our educator from ACT 3 Drama Academy? She specialises in drama for little ones from 7 to 17 months, and teaches it in schools, too! She shares with us what inspires her!

My drama inspiration is Cate Blanchett, she is a chameleon in all her movies and roles.
I believe drama can help children learn to imagine and see the nothing. It’s not always about having something in front of you. It’s about make-believe.
When I’m not teaching drama, I’m acting, writing and directing drama!!
Children of ACT 3 Drama Academy are vocal and expressive. That’s what happens when drama is joy.


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