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“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night." 🌟 #PíaZeneida #act1scene5

Happy Friday night!!!!
Between Hamlet and Ophelia
With the beauties
예술의전당 #햄릿얼라이브 뮤지컬
그 사이사이, 햄릿과 뗄레야뗄 수없는 콜라보레이션 #오펠리아 컬렉션 CJ Lounge
With 서진아나운서, 나영기상캐스터 중국서 음반발매한 혜선, 그리고 미모뿜뿜 수지
내 친구 쭌기자 @j_edition_ 그리고 @eundung81
빨간코트의 은진씨도 thanks! .

The Ophelia Booster is a one-step all bio-solution focused on anti-aging and regenerative skincare. It eliminates impurities and dead skin cells to make the skin soft and smooth for a more youthful and glowing complexion. It will prep and prime the skin for the next step in your skincare.

Act I Scene V was created by the same scientific minds and hands that developed regenerative technology for healing damaged and burned skin. KCM™ is a cosmetic ingredient based on keratinocyte cultures that was created for Act I Scene V. Using state-of-the-art bioengineering, Act I Scene is able to bring your skin back to its youth.

After all the turkey and exhaustive shopping, Act I Scene V will rejuvenate and bring your skin a youthful glow.
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The ultimate hydrating cream and age-rewinder💦 Using the latest in keratinocyte stem cell cultivation, Act I️ Scene V will restore the natural purity of your skin.

Beautiful well-rested skin can take years off; Act I️ Scene V understands the natural beauty of skin and enhances your skincare using years of medicinal research and bio-chemistry.

With extensive research and the development of skin-cell usage, Act I️ Scene V uses the restorative healing medicine to skincare. The journey to the most beautiful state of your skin begins now.

A beautiful day to glow up!

Age shouldn’t hold you back from your skin’s best ; trust in Act I Scene V’s Ophèlia line of bio-skincare to take care of those wrinkles and other aging issues. @kimkardashian photographed by @gavinoneillphoto

Ophèlia is a premium anti-aging product line applying the result of skin cell research to the realm of cosmetics. This new bio-skincare line is the answer to your tired, aging skin.

“She doth teach the torches to burn bright” -Shakespeare
#romeo&;Juliet #thefirsttimeheseesher #act1scene5 #tattoo #shoulder #quotes #palmsprings #california #adornment #eric #talented #love 🎉❤️🎁🍷

My ghost dad wants me seek revenge on Claudius ☠️🔪 #ordersfrombeyondthegrave #Act1scene5

The Ophèlia Booster is the first step for your skincare routine🍃 It preps and primes the skin to promote the absorption of subsequent skincare.

Act I Scene V’s first collection, Ophélia, was inspired by Ophelia, the woman who Hamlet most adored. She was known for her pure soul and beauty, both inspiring and noble.

The journey to the most beautiful state of your skin begins now - Act I Scene V encourages a scientific and structured beauty through rigorous clinical testing and state-of-the-art biotechnology.

There’s 3 main things to know about the Ophélia Crème!
1️⃣ A gentle, easy to absorb into the skin, nutrient-rich formula to help maintain skin suppleness and bounce.
2️⃣ It firms, lifts, and tightens sagging skin and restores elasticity and definition.
3️⃣ Using powerful hydrating ingredients, you will replenish dry skin and leave a dewy glow.

A result through tireless research and the expertise of dermatologists, Act I Scene V transforms your skin to be more flawless and healthy. Despite the ravages of time, your skin will regain its vitality and experience a youthful glow. *Cutigen Laboratories opposes animal testing. Act I Scene V uses Tego’s Neoderm®, a three-dimensional, reconstituted human skin model rather than animal testing to analyze the efficacy of skin regeneration.

Act I Scene V is the result of continuous research into skin cell technology. It encourages a scientific and structured beauty through rigorous clinical testing and state-of-the-art biotechnology.

Stand strong and believe in better skin. Act I Scene V uses keratinocyte stem cells to rejuvenate and promote skin rejuvenation.

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