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Can you do this? 💪🏼 via @ryan_spiteri #MenWith #menwithhealth

Love my new beam from @gymnasticsdirect thankyou so much !!!
Some simple skills before the rain came 😞💙 wearing my @rs_gymwear Leo 💕 #rsgirl

Today's big announcements... .
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. 🌙 Thank you @carsonclaycalhoun for your hilarious take on my period post. .
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🌙 Go watch @erinkellyart 's stories and make sure to tune into her page tonight or tomorrow to find out how you can WIN a ton of lightly used yoga gear. .
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🌙 We wrote 8 flow/workshops today that will become 2 class packages on our online platform. Level 1 and Level 2 arm balances. Launching end of April. Shop NOW for our Level 1/2 inversion classes via the link in my bio then "online classes." .
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🌙 Our first package with @codyapp - Invoke the Goddess Within is scheduled to launch April 20th. We have another package - Invoke the Natural Goddesses, launching a bit later. .
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🌙 One week until I get to go home to the jungle and move into our new house on the mountain! .
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🌙 Can't wait? Check out my e-books or print books on Handstand, Pressing, or Starting a Yoga Practice. Follow the link in my profile bio and use HUMMINGBIRD for a discount on the e-books!

"I don’t need to find compassion for you. I don’t need to try to love you. I don’t need to ‘do’
understanding or kindness. I simply assume that, on the deepest level, beyond our stories, we are
identical. That you are whole, complete – the vast, open, spacious capacity for life itself – and are
only pretending to look for something that deep down, you know was never absent. That you are a
homesick home-seeker who is secretly already home. That you are perfect, even in the midst of
everything you reject or deny in yourself. That everything you long for is already offering itself in the
form of your present experience, even if your present experience is painful to you. Maybe I’m crazy
to assume this. Maybe it’s the ultimate solipsism or self-obsession. I don’t care. It’s how and why I
can love you exactly as you are in this moment. It’s how and why we can truly meet. The holy
books, the sutras, and all the commandments, melt instantly in the fire of simple human
connection." - Jeff Foster
Beach flows with @jadealectra.

not my favourite🤔
it was raining so just easy skills💦 We took off the net and mats and omg... the amount of spiders that we found was so scary😩🕷
@elletumbles approved💓

Soon I'll get this 🙏🏽🙏🏽🌪🌪

So much life has happened since we took this photo only less than a year ago. We have been to the jungles of Peru, in the bays of the Pacific, to the cities of the Northeast, to the volcanoes of Hawaii... and it seems like everywhere in between 😅 We have learned powerful lessons and grown physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So much has changed and we are definitely not the same people we were. Everyday on the road causes us to push ourselves to become better and we are eternally grateful for that. What we know always stays true is our tribe, here in Dallas and all of you. Thank you all for being on this journey with us and bringing such powerful energy. We love and appreciate you all ❤

Quando te dizem que você não pode, lembre-se que essas pessoas mostram os limites delas, não os seus. 🙏🏼 #yoga #acroyoga #mahamudrabrasil #vocêpodeTUDO

“In meditation and in our daily lives there are three qualities that we can nurture, cultivate, and bring out. We already possess these, but they can be ripened: precision, gentleness, and the ability to let go.” — Pema Chodron @the_lucky_woman_ photographer: @jpeg_foto


Early Bird ticket sale will be ending soon!
Make sure to get your all-inclusive retreat for a very nice price.
Buy your tickets at
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I have created such a love for acro yoga. Partner yoga has taught me so many incredible lessons over such a short amount of time. Communication. Trust. Control. Surrender. Support. And one of my favourite lessons: how to create immediate trust and connection with a stranger. I create new family members in every lesson. If you haven't tried it out for yourself, I HIGHLY encourage you to. ❤

Vivere sospesi ad un filo che spesso tende a spezzarsi e a volte a spessirsi, per molti è sofferenza, per altri è la consapevolezza di dover apprezzare la libertà....#sospensione #onlyanankle 💫 #astavakrasana #areal #arealwoman #fit #fitgirl #yogafit #yogapose #yogapants #acroyoga #strengthtraining #stretching #fitstagram

when @acrohulk comes to #playeryday

We will be performing our new act at an awesome event next month! 💪🏼🎪 Can't wait!
Please support us and give @duoaro a follow❤

Estamos felices de anunciar que vuelven nuestros talleres de #acroyoga , de la mano de @andres_perez_yoga_acrobatico .
En este taller recorreremos varias posturas de acroyoga, y para ponerle un poco mas de diversión las trabajaremos al derecho y al revés, muy enfocados en las bases técnicas para la construcción de estos vuelos y de una práctica que sea bondadosa, segura y realmente beneficiosa para nuestro cuerpo. Trabajo en equipo, cuidado por ti mismo y por el otro, consciencia en la importancia de cada uno de los roles: base, volador, cuidador, y la técnica correcta serán las bases que conoceremos en este taller y que nos permitirán mantener esta práctica por años.

No necesitas experiencia previa, volar es para todos!
Los cupos son limitados así que inscríbete pronto: escríbenos a hola@sieteyoga.com o llama al 3144273326.

El costo del taller es $45mil p/persona. Dos personas $80mil. Tres personas $105mil.

Bienvenidos todos a volar! .
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Here's some handstands after coming straight out of the pool without thinking about the amount of water that was going to drip down my face, up my nose and into my eye. Listen with the sound on for confirmation of the first bout of water boarding after which I just opted for staying silent and getting on wth the handstands!

My arms are feeling good and well trained after a great session with @london_school_of_hand_balance_ earlier. Time for bed now for this little yogi. Need to get my rest in before I handstand again in the morning! 📽 @acrojack • • •
@whereiacro • • •

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#Acroyoga attempt in a float house. Plus pup. #alaska @a_barsekian

Life's so much more fun when you don't take yourself to seriously - something that took me 23 years to learn. 🤣

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