When you're in need, your friends are always there 😍😂
From the amazing @wattseabuoy

[Find your fire] 🌠
📷: @rafael_ribeiro_00_

Another #tbt with my first born...this was on our recent trip to Idaho.
I 💙 Timothy sooo much and find it hard to find special moments with him because my attention is divided among 3.
The fact that he will do yoga with me now brings the biggest 😊 to my face; and let’s us bond in the best way.
This little guy is smart, kind, curious, loving, and super helpful. I don’t know what I’d do without him.
📷 @everydaymagicphotography

what better way to start spring off then a little motivation to get on ur mat and get some binds going! follow these amazing gals as they host the 7 day challenge! follow all hosts and sponsors and repost this flier to join in! 🌻🌾🌈💜

On the sofa, wrist twistin' like its stir fry! 😜 #acroshenanigans w/ @nwoy 🙌🏼 #acroyoga #nbd #wefancy #yogainspiration // ✨Wearing: @aloyoga // 📸PC: @fishmakesphotos //

Be on the lookout for my new Duo Acro instagram. Should be coming soon!! .
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Happiest birthday to my soul bro, @justoland 🎈😘 I tried to look for a “normal” photo of us but all I found are playtime pics of us attempting something cool we saw on IG or in a handstand lol, so here we are in an acro whale pose. 💖😘

Pitch half turn but the wrong way! This one still feels a bit weird to base but @ellen.lacuenta made it real easy.

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