I spy with my little eye some of the Arise True Crew
Can you spot them too?
So grateful for @acroanya who brought all these awesome monkeys together for the best #AdultCamp ever!! 🙌🏻
PC @maitwellphotography

Dove into an area of training I'm not so great at this past weekend. Everyone knows my perfectionist attitude of training individual skills in isolation but working on partner acro skills was a refreshing experience. Learned a ton and really embraced the trust and communication needed. I'm probably built to fly but basing was great fun. Loved being a part of the community and maybe I can share the calisthenics/gymnastics side next time 🤔

Special thanks to @acroanya for organizing AcroCamp! All of the instructors, existing friends that I've grown closer to, and all the new ones I met.

Also to that toad I found and brought into the dining room. Unfortunately you weren't anyone's prince but at least you got many kisses from some wonderful ladies 😘

#acrotoronto #acrocamp #acroyoga #acro

Thank you @superdaveyoga giving standing hand to hand a try with me. I am still working on my shape when flying these, and am excited to get better at doing this. #acrocamp #acroto #acrotoronto #handtohand #standingacro #acroeverydamnday #acroeverywhere #theworldismyplayground 📸 Photo by: @acrowithjon

#Acroyoga is not as dangerous as it may seem #onthesurface with these many #acroyogis #spotting #flyers and literally #liftingeachotherup
Usually not so many spotters are needed #onegoodoneisenough #oneortwo #acrotalk
at @superdaveyoga's #trioflow workshop
#acrocamp #acroTo #acrotoronto #acrolove

Squeezing the last drops out of summer, playing in the park with my acro peeps. Honoured to have the opportunity to fly @teenie29 in H2H! #naileditfirsttry
So cool when the people you admire & respect on IG turn out to be amazing people in real life too. 🎥 @flutter_by44
#acroto #acrotoronto #acroyoga #h2h #handtohand

Acro heros @moderntarzan and @acrosprout #flying and #basing on top of #unicorn 🦄 supported by #acrotoronto #camp #acroTo #acroyoga

I didn't know #whattoexpect but my #heartwascalling for this #acroyoga #camp and it was #beyondmyimagination 🤸‍♀️💕
#acrotoronto #acroTo #acrolove

This picture pretty much sums up the epic weekend we had at @acro_to ‘s AcroCamp: Together, we can accomplish anything. It takes courage to be fearless & support to be brave. It takes a family to feel safe & friends to keep playing. Beyond grateful for this community of inspiring people who help me chase unicorns. 📷 @acrowithjon #acrotoronto #acrocamp

Lake time fun with the Acro Camp tribe. Teenie and I doing a standing hand to hand. I look forward to all my little adjustments that allow me to find my line and hold my flyer up a bit longer and better. I look forward to gradually stepping up my standing game. #acro #handtohand #lakesimcoe #acrocamp #acrotoronto #acrocanada #fun .
Flyer: @teenie29 📸Photo by: @acrowithjon

If they come, we will build it. Thank you to everyone who came and shared their energy this weekend at @acro_to ’s second annual AcroCamp. To all those who taught, learnt, travelled from near & far, you all contributed to making my dream come true. A weekend like this is only as special as the people you surround yourself with, and for that, I am so grateful for all of you. Can’t wait to do it all again next year 📷 @maitwellphotography #acrotoronto

I had such a blast teaching Intermediate Whips with @teenie29 yesterday at Acro Camp with the @acro_to crew. #acroto #acrotoronto #acroyoga #lbasing #acrowhips #acrocamp #acroeverywhere #acroeverydamnday 📸 Photo by: @acrowithjon

#ACROSUNDAYS are back! | acro yoga workshops | TAG an acro buddy 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️!
Explore the practice of acro yoga to find strength, release, connection, coordination, flexibility, growth, courage, laughter, play… and this list goes on and on!
You will learn acro yoga postures and transitions to expand and refine your practice to move with newfound strength, ease and elegance. Unlock new skills with heightened awareness in alignment and expand your skills with artistic posture expressions.

#ACROSUNDAYS will be a mix of the following:
- acro yoga postures
- counter balances
- variations within postures
- transitioning from one posture to another
- creative entries and exits from postures
- connecting multiple postures together; evolving into acro yoga washing machines and flows
- options to kick it into acro beast mode; for all the acro ninjas looking for an extra strength challenge
- standing acro postures
- conditioning and stretching

Each workshop will be unique and in alignment with each participant's level of practice.
We will provide offerings to keep all acro yogis and yoginis growth stimulated.


No partner required; although we recommend finding one to grow your practice with!
All levels are welcome.


Sunday September 30
12:30pm - 2:30pm

RYU | respect your universe | Toronto
361 Queen Street West, downstairs

#acrobuddhas #acroyoga #toronto

Needless to say, Acrocamp Toronto was amazing. It was great to learn and have fun with some amazing people. Thank you @acroanya for such a wonderful weekend!
#acrotoronto #acrocamp #toronto #acroyoga

Acro party :)
The best party

Life is a cycle. A circle. And within our cycles and chapters, the biggest and most obvious constant is that things change.
We are constantly moving - cycling - circling - within the phases and cycles of life.
Young adult.
Old age.
Each phase triggering different experiences, priorities, perspectives...
Yet within each of these cycles there is a common thread. (Something we have been reflecting on and feeling a lot lately.) No matter what part of the cycle we are in - we all simply seek to be loved - and to have others to love.
To be united and connected.
And we cycle on... and on.
Looking toward each new cycle.
It’s all happening so fast - yet also so slowly... depending on how you experience it.

So as you enter and exit new phases and cycles - soak it up a little extra.
Step back and take it in.
Each day is a gift - yes, we know - what a cliché saying - but it’s true.
Savour it.
Enjoy the ride.
After all, it really is one big cycle.
Hold someone you love extra close.
Say, I love you.
Feel it.
Savour it. ❤️ #lifecycle #enjoytheride

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