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Venice! Somewhere I’ve visited twice and has left me speechless on both occasions. Filled with beautiful, authentic architecture and lovely weather for most of the year, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable adventure.
This photograph wasn’t actually mine, nothing compares to this individuals timing and skill to capture this beautiful image, really highlighting the romance of this location.
Here is where I found this image and where to buy prints, all credits to this wonderful photographer!
I personally stayed at the alloggi alla rivetta apartment and I’d give it nothing under 5 stars! MAKE IT YOUR STAY!

Thanks to our wonderful host Fadi Barakat, I have had a very nice day with interesting and rewarding meetings in Malmö together with @akbystrom64! The day started with a meeting with Teuta Cuni and Nima Mäki at Boost By FC Rosengård followed by a fantastic lunch on the Yalla Staircase and then a final meeting with Louise "Louisa" Johnsson Zea at Yalla Sofielund! 🤗 Thank you all for your time and commitment! 🙏 Together we are stronger in the work of diversity and integration! 💪👌
#malmö #malmöstad #people #meeting @boostbyfcrosengard @yallatrappan @yallasofielund #work #diversity #integration #hardwork #acrossboarders #buildingbridges #businesspartner #life #lifepath #lightworker #gratitude #hapiness #mybrotherfromanothermother #letsmaketheworldabetterplace

Flying over the Iguazú falls with a helicopter was one of the best things I have done so far on this trip. It‘s amazing seeing the falls from above, how big they are and how extensive. I would definitely do it again. Major love!

Finally after 4 years we reunite in South Africa again!! #friendship #bethel #life #sweden #acrossboarders

Happy New Year!! We are excited to announce the birth of a special partnership between @bakeforchange_ng @forthworthfarms @mcfitgermany @its.pere !! •
Together we will teach the boys at the Special Correctional Centre in Oregun the skill of farming basic vegetables! We are excited to start planting after prepping and fertilizing the soil over the last few weeks!! •
We could not have asked for a more passionate partner in @forthworthfarms ! Thank you for your dedication to the Nigerian youth!!
#farming #lifeskill #plantingseeds #plantingseason #plantinghope #teachingresponsibility #charity #compassion #acrossboarders

My Monday Motivation to myself...because I'm crazy enough to believe I can🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ #mondayslay #mondaymotivated #believe #youcan #weallcan #crazyenough #nolookingback #2018holdssomuch #blessings #thankyou2017 #newhorizons #acrossboarders #visulize

Decided to go for a run, ended up running through three different countries! 🇫🇷➡🇨🇭➡🇩🇪 #acrossboarders #France #Switzerland #Germany #international10k

Best regards all the way from Accra.
Best fitted custom made outfit
#acrossboarders #beyondbarriers #beyondimagination

Utah Wing Cadet Programs is excited to open registration for the HART Ceremony. The HART Ceremony is a partnership between the Rocky Mountain Region Civil Air Patrol and the Alberta provincial organization of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. We gather each November near the US/Canada Border to celebrate our long friendship and alliance and to honor those who have fought and died to protect us all. Our Cadets will have an outstanding exchange experience, participating in a moving ceremony, trading patches and engaging in friendly competitions with their Canadian counterparts.

All members over the age of 18 must have a passport or passport card. Cadets under the age of 18 may use an original or certified copy (no photo copies) of their birth certificate, as well as a required parent border crossing consent form. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will check documentation at check-in, anyone not meeting requirements will not be allowed to attend.

Cost will be $40 per member. We depart on Thursday the 16th of Nov, both at the Wing Building at 1700 and in Roy at 1900. We have a long drive and tight schedule; we will not wait for late members. We will return approximately 2000 on Sunday the 19th.

CADETS: This event is open to Utah Cadets who have achieved the rank of C/SSgt, have attended encampment, and preference will be given to Cadets that have not attended before. We have been allotted 27 Cadets spots due to the lodging situation at the armory in Lethbridge.

SENIOR MEMBERS: Senior Member slots are limited and therefore each spot will have a duty requirement. Senior Members interested in helping must have a CAP Drivers license, a passport or passport card, have CPPT, and be able to fulfill one of the duty requirements.
Any members wishing to attend must RSVP at: http://www.utwg.cap.gov/cadet-programs/h-a-r-t-registration-information/

All documentation will be required by Sept 22nd. After Sept 22nd, any spots not filled will be opened to cadets that have attended prior. After Oct 15, any spots not filled will be given to other Wings in the region.

Questions may be sent to blackhawk+HART@utwg.org.

Required documentation:
Form 32
Signed Parent Consent

It is easy to get stuck. In the habits of everyday life. Living #unconsciously . On #autopilot . We make our worlds small. The opposite is more #fun and maybe at first a bit #scary - expanding our #world . Meeting new people. Making new #friends . Diversity in age, nationality, culture, religion and sexual orientation. Because it makes our world bigger. I am forever #grateful for the #opportunities I have had to make friends #acrossboarders across #cultures - and for the opportunity to know people of all ages and professions. #broadenyourworld #leadheartfirst #liveheartfirst #catolosophy @catolosophy *******************************
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#gemeinsam - MTOP beim Empfang der Stadt Wien und der Vereinten Nationen. #migration #minglingwithotherprojects #cooperation #acrossboarders

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