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Que alegria rever esse ensaio e relembrar esses momentos, essas pessoas... @juliasalustiano com seu talento admirável, @illyusham minha amiga e sempre companheira de quem morro de saudades e @acro.cesar que está comigo todos os dias me ajudando a ser uma pessoa melhor. Obrigada a vocês e a todos os outros que estão junto comigo, contribuindo nesse aprendizado diário de evoluir como ser humano e nas relações.

Mudando de assunto 🤣, vai ter Workshop de Acroyoga neste domingo!! E você sabia que essa prática vai muito além de diversão e de uma atividade corporal? Ela não existe se não houver pelo menos 2 pessoas, o que nos exercita também nossa capacidade de nos comunicarmos e nos relacionarmos de forma positiva. Desenvolve também confiança em si e no outro. 💪

A aula vai das 9h30 às 12h30. Para inscrições em dupla, alunos da @academia.unique e @mob.fit tem valor especial. Quer saber mais? Fala comigo! E vem voaaaaar!! Quem já provou sei que se encantou. E você, o que está esperando para ver que qualquer pessoa consegue praticar acroyoga?❤

We all have a little monster inside us...one of my lessons in life is to try to control and tame this monster. Partner in monster @gaileofficial @rosemary_vdb 📸 @pauljs100 #adidashk

If you like my solo dancing, you'll love my partner dancing with @ericalinz 😂🕺🏻💃🏻
We were learning this new cannon ball together, I forgot what was happening mid cannonball and decided to hit Erica's foot with my face!
But that's okay because we can dance it off, dance it off, dance it off!
Sweet jams @acroyoga_with_jason 📻🎶🎵
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Man I love throwing @acrosprout around! Usually sundays are a very active beach day doing acro all day long but I took the weekend to go visit my buddy @mikeyturner and fly off some mountains together⛰🦅
He just got Hangglider certified which I used to do all the time as well as paragliding so it's been great share that experience with him 😊 Friday I flew for over an hour, soared all the way over town and then landed at the beach 😎 (you know if you saw my story)
Who out there would try hanggliding / paragliding? Or if you have what did you think? For me, #mind💨 everytime🙌

More belly basing and more opportunities to fill my belly. Check out my YouTube channel: Acro Yoga with Super Dave to learn 5 yoga poses you can do with belly basing.
Check www.acroyoga360.com for class schedule at Flow360.
Partners in crime: @endorfun_machine @alicelau222

Grateful for where this journey has got me so far. I get to do what I love with some of the people I love, like @eveinmotion 💙 creating great memories at #AloInPalmSprings
Both wearing @aloyoga

Nothing like having a little fun after coaching all day! @pitchcatchcircus fall program has been a blast so far, we're laying solid foundations for dynamic L-Basing (pops, icarian, and whips) and standing H2H. The group is awesome: coachable, hard-working, and just really nice people.
Thanks @elliobloxacro for helping understand this skill better and @ereuve for the epic photo bomb, it's hard not to watch you 😂😭.
#mantohand #newskill #progress #bloxrevealed

1st video- "Be the canes RB! Be the canes!" 😂
*2nd video- "Be the kettle bell Erika! Be the kettle bell!!!" 😂
So much fun last Tuesday night at JJs playing with all the leg movements in H2H with @r.b.warrior !!! 🙃🙃🙃 and to think that not long ago (before I broke my leg), I was so frustrated with acro and almost ready to give up! I was stoked to even hold a 5 second h2h, and only got up maybe 1 out of 10 tries! Haha 😂 *
I LOVE making shapes and doing dance-y things with my legs in my solo handbalancing (obviously 😅), but up until the week before this with @dread.fitness , I had never gotten to do them in h2h. This was so so much fun! I'm addicted now! #handtohandgains #acrogains *
Thanks for being my canes and letting me be your kettle bell @r.b.warrior !! 😄😁🤸🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️ #liftwomennotweights #humancanes #humankettlebell *
📹filming by @angelakukhahnyoga 😍❤️

🛑 warning! I am wearing pasties so please don't be offended or just don't watch!
Buuuut if you like acrobatics and stuff keep watching! .
Had so much fun with @homelessyogi at Burning Man 🙏🏻 thanks for the play time! .
In this video we did calf pop ➡️ tittibhasana ➡️ Hand to Hand ➡️ ground ➡️ some basket catch ➡️ Hand to Hand 🤸🏻‍♀️
This video got deleted last week by Instagram but from all the bylaws I have read it is totally legal to post anything as long as you can't see the "female nipples". #freethenipple


Olá pernocas!
🎬Repost @pilates_praiadacosta
Os quadríceps são mais popularmente conhecidos como “coxas” e é o grupamento muscular que as mulheres adoram fazer! Neste exercício, também trabalhamos glúteos e parte posterior de membros inferiores.👊
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In acro there are no strangers
Only people you haven't flown with
Yet 😜

A short but sweet encounter with these two lovelies of @kutumbaenergy

#whyiloveacro #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #moveconnectplay

Early bird ends tomorrow for the next 6 week acroyoga course in Scarborough for Thursdays. #acroyoga #acro #acrolove #active #activelife #acroyogaperth #partneryoga #perthyoga #yoga #yogacore #yogaperth #scarborough #scarboroughwa #scarboroughyoga

YOGA ADVENTURES IN PORTUGAL. Day 3 WATER: "Here and now I evoke the elemental force of water. The fluid of infinite shapes and forms. Flowing source of adaptability, emotion and life. I seek the pure spring within that I might drink deep of change, relationship, nourishment and grace. I call you forth to wash away all that needlessly binds and to move fluidly in this world. Ocean & River, Ripple & Rain. Water I call upon thee."

"We are we repeatedly do.... so excellence is not an act, it's a habit." Here's a version of training before lifting. 9-7-5 flat spin/ maple seed (both directions)........ 21-15-9 reverse star jump ups / hand bird presses......8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Tarzan whips/ hand back bird presses Thanks @katiegrayfitness for going through with all this craziness.

Sometimes it happenes that you perfectly match with the design of a lovely spanish bar where you have been eating brownie with your acroyogi friends from Italy. This is one of these time.
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Child's pose is great, try it on another human for a challenge! I'll never forget the first time I did this with my husband. He told me I looked like a dead bird. 🤣 #childspose #GoHeels #UNC #kellymoegeyoga #acrovinyasa

AcroYoga SOLAR con Mafer García *Certified AcroYoga Teacher
Amigos en este taller se aprenderá de forma segura los fundamentos del "AcroYoga Solar" desde posturas de yoga hasta el Acro conociendo figuras y transiciones para poder realizar un vuelo de posturas solares enlazadas de manera fluída.
Respiración, alineación, calibración, entradas.
Aprovechamos la visita a Lima de esta gran profesora de AcroYoga para compartir este taller en Prana Yoga Studio el sábado 30 de setiembre de 4:30pm a 7:30pm en Miraflores.
**No hace falta experiencia previa ni asistir en pareja.
- Traer ropa cómoda, preferiblemente de algodón y pegada al
cuerpo, para mayor comodidad y mejor trabajo en el vuelo.
- No haber ingerido alimentos ni bebidas la ultima hora y media
antes de la práctica.
Disciplina que combina la sabiduría del yoga, la fuerza dinámica de la acrobacia y la bondad de las artes curativas. Estos tres linajes forman la base de una práctica que cultiva la confianza, la alegría y la comunidad.
Algunos de los Beneficios del Acroyoga
Mejora el equilibrio, la flexibilidad y la coordinación del cuerpo
Construye relaciones y las fortalece
Es una gran manera de hacer ejercicio en pareja y en familia.
Duración: 3 horas
* Costo: S/.60 * Descuento por pago anticipado hasta el 29/09/17 ---> S/.50
Clase dirigida por: Mafer García *Certified AcroYoga Teacher
Inscripciones : info@pranayogastudio.com

📢А мы напоминаем, что набор в секцию СПОРТИВНОЙ АКРОБАТИКИ продолжается!!!📢 ‼️Приглашаем мальчиков и девочек (5-7 лет.) ‼️ Занятия проходят в удобном гимнастическом зале ФОК. Ленина 2 ⏰Тренировки: вт., чт. С 17:30 до 18:30

Тренер: Алферов Евгений Витальевич

#акро #акроНВ #спортивная_акробатика #акробатика #acrolove #acrobatics #acro_sport #acroNV #акробатика_в_Нижневартовске

Merry-go-round with Oliv! 🤸‍♀️💛🥕🐰@livinwellness

Earth Class 🌏
9pm @theflowacademy 🙏🏼 Your Earth hour, to reconnect, to surrender to one hour of peace, serenity and relaxation connecting with our Mother 🌏

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