@yogakadart liked your flow so much we decided to make a version. @dailydoseyoga @audreyannyoga Hope I'm in sunny CA soon so we can play again!

🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️ Enjoying summer @frankaspero

I like to “practice what I preach” in physical arts. (I’m actually DEATHLY afraid of heights and tremor when I’m too high or apprehensive). IF you aren’t REALLY doing “Acro Yoga...” then THIS practice should be about facing fears, dealing with heights, knowing partner roles, and establishing trust. Get on someone’s shoulders and jump into something. You won’t die. In fact, that’s when your acro practice comes to life. Safe practicing with good spotters of course. Thanks Brent for everything you’ve taught me as a base and a flyer. 😉 I never thought I would feel so confident doing this sort of stuff.
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Creatividad / Creativity 😍
Regrann 👉 @raquelfurquim
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#TBT - Acro a couple of weeks ago at South Pointe Park when I could actually find parking on the beach. 😬 (I tried making it last Sunday, but no parking anywhere in the area - my acro night turned into a grocery shopping night). 🤷🏻‍♀️
As always, thank you @murdoc305 for flying me and sharing your acro knowledge. 🙏🏻 ...
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I like trash and garbage. I like acro. Tetanus shot up to date. Health insurance back on. Form could be better, but crashing into bricks was a thought. Haven’t died yet👍🏼 thanks @damiendizonno for basing me in trash💪🏼🛢🗑🔪

A year ago jump to knot seemed impossible. Now @christinemoonbeam and I do it as part of our warm ups. It's amazing to think back on the process and see how little by little we enhanced parts of the movement until it felt easy and light. We worked the grip, the balance, and especially the timing of her jump and my press. We have a few more things to work out, and I really love being in process and feeling incremental improvements from day to day.
We're in day 3 of the final module of @lift_school_of_acrobatics teacher apprenticeship, and the students are doing an amazing job of prepping a super fun festival for the community. I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday 2-8pm at @bouldercircuscenter for our end of training student-run festival. It's going to be a great day of acro and fun community building!

Loving this strongman extended F2H with @hobotus. I’m so grateful to have a friend in Hobs!
He, @aaronlindacro and I always have fun dreaming up new acro ideas when we’re together! Over the years, He has supported Aaron and I in progessing our skill set by being an excellent spotter we can count on. There have been so many times that I wouldn’t have tried a skill if Hobs wasn’t spotting. He likes nerding out with us on skill progressions and how to present material to students.
I’m so looking forward to many many years of collaboration. Stay tuned y’all, we have some fun stuff in the works together! Love you Hobs!!! 💕🙏🏼🌙.
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. .
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Had to repost this from @damiendizonno 🙌🏼💪🏼 #trashacro #tracro

🕉🤸🙏"Eu sou aquela mulher
a quem o tempo
muito ensinou.
Ensinou a amar a vida.
Não desistir da luta.
Recomeçar na derrota.
Renunciar a palavras e pensamentos negativos.
Acreditar nos valores humanos.
Ser otimista."🙏🤸🙏
#namastê 🕉
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