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Adult Acne sucks big TIME!
This is not being vane at all! I've had clear skin until 2013 when white bumps/clogged pores/closed comedones decided to show up on my forehead. It was sooo intense that I would go out the house wearing a cap to cover it. Both my cheeks were clear that time but after a few months, white bumps (again) decided to show up. And ever since, it's been a never-ending battle against acne.
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Uploading photos I have collected during the 3 months(few weeks to be 4th) of #tetralysal
There were days that you judge yourself when in fact you only have yourself I think it's normal for an acne sufferer like me 🇵🇭 can you give me a hug? 😉💋❤️

I'm currently using a toner. It's very effective in getting rid of my closed comedones. It also minimized my pore size. But the bad thing is, it's giving me major purge. But the spots were the new pimples are, were the same spot where I used to have old comedones that have been lurking since forever.
Is this a good thing? Should I stick to it.? The rep from the said company told me it is normal and would normally last 4-6weeks 😱. But my skin's looking so gross now 😭
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1st Post: 12.09.2017
my type of acne is different from the usual. I have closed comedones all over my cheeks and jaw/chin that have been thriving for 5 years now.
They usually are not painful and would sometimes go away on their own but most of the time, they thrive underneath my skin. It wouldn't come to a head but when it does it's super inflammed. Big zits with postules would resurface on my cheeks.
For the five years I've had this type of acne, there would be times that my skin would clear up but still the white bumps would be so visible under artificial light/sunlight. I have basically used any product that claimes to get rid of it. I have been using a new product that really got rid of the white bumps (mostly) but to my surprise, it's giving me a horrible purging stage. I will create a separate post about the said product soon.
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Hey, guys! Since I’m feeling particularly inspired today, I thought I’d give you an update on how my acne/PCOs journey is going.

Five months ago, I was diagnosed with PCOs. I missed my period for two months and thought nothing of it (I assumed it was normal for my age) until I started breaking out like crazy - three to four pimples in a day. Not kidding (Swipe to see pictures). I had several consultations with my derma, but in my gut I knew I had to see a gynecologist to find out what the root cause was. After running a few procedures, I was diagnosed with PCOs.
To treat it, I had to start taking Althea (Anti-Androgen, yes, it is also the oral contraceptive pill) and Metformin to keep my blood sugar in check. I also had to be on antibiotics for a couple of months to address the acne issue. With all these oral medications, my derma also prescribed a lot of skin products, both OTC and clinical, to tame the little face suckers. Lol.
The first picture is my current skin condition. I only have witch hazel toner, baby powder, brows, mascara, and liquid lipstick on. This is after five months of taking Althea and putting on Tretinoin and Epiduo every night! I’m pleased with the results, but I know my skin is still far from pristine.
I revert to this line I came up with in college: Be comfortable in your own skin; after all, it’s the only one you’ve got.
Good night!
Oh, and if you have questions about PCOs, I’m no expert, but I’d love to share what I know and my experience with you.

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Day 58 : my friends tell me that my face is getting better thank you so much to them and fucicort 😭 but so far all that's left are spots and redness (and scars) #Accutane #curacne #acne #acnescars #acnejourneyph #pimples #skin #Accutane #redness

⚠️ BEFORE AND AFTER PICS ⚠️HI GUYS! I'm sorry for the late uploads. So the first two pics are from last week. ugh. I broke out real bad due to stress from exams and from my menstruation that time. The remaining 7 pics are from this morning. My derma suggested that I apply fucicort and it's been effective so far. It helped dry my pimples.
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So hello guys, i've been busy with school and well My derma increased mg to 40 god my skin I hate it so much #Accutane #roaccutane #acnescars #acnejourneyph #acne #acnemarks #skin #journeytoclearskin #pimple

Hello guys! I have just started Roaccutane a week ago. Accutane was suggested by my aunt to get rid of my acne. And today is day 7. And I was given a dose of 20mg (idk what more to say )
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There are many benefits of using organic soaps.Here are 5 surprising benefits that might make you decide to switch to organics... 1. Organic soaps have no side effects because they contain no chemicals that may dry your skin.

2.Organic soaps use essential oils so they provide out natural scents unlike commercial soaps that use dyes which are carcinogenic.

3. Organic soaps have healing properties for different skin conditions. For each skin problem, there is an available organic soap to treat the imperfections. Just read the labels carefully and you'll find the specific solution for your skin problems.

4. Organic soaps prevent skin imperfections. Their natural antibacterial properties from the fruits and plant extracts help prevent skin conditions.

5.Organic soaps give you the fresh feeling in every bath because they detoxify you naturally. Moreover, organic soaps in the long run makes your skin noticeably brighter.

Wow! So tomorrow is September dolls?

Organic your September by switching to organic beauty products... Launching our organic soaps tomorrow... All effective, all natural... Be a blushing beauty... Say goodbye to pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles, acne marks, and other skin irritations... We have specific soaps for your different skin conditions... Goodbye skin imperfections, hello clear skin...:) Wonderful evening dolls... #organicbeautyph #naturalsph #organicbeauph #organicproductph #acneph #acnejourneyph #acnesolutionph #clearacneph #acneclearingph

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Finally, goodbye pimples,
Hello clear skin...♡♡♡

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MY ACNE JOURNEY 😱 | part two

6. Emergency Ex-zit Gel | @realnaturaorganics
This gel is seriously a skin saver! It can really dry up those pesky pimples in a day or two. Not to mention, it is really affordable!

7. Aztec Indian Healing Clay | @beautybarbsorganics
Everyone, also make sure to mask two times a week to get rid of all the toxins that have accumulated on your face! This aztec mask really helps with drying out pimples and getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. It can also be used as a spot treatment to leave on overnight on active acne!


1. Change your pillow cases and towels as much as possible
Let's face it, not many of us do this but let us try and change that! Just imagine the dirt that accumulate on those things, you don't want to transfer those on your face!

2. Use sunblock
Definitely use sunblock every time you need it! Exposure to sun will darken your marks. Make sure to be protected!

3. Clean your phones
Many people also tend to neglect this, but make sure to not be one of them! 😝 Tons of dirt also accumulate on those little gadgets and you don't want to get that to your face.

4. Get tons of 💤's!
My acne was due to my irregular body clock. Back in the summer, I used to sleep at 2am, even 4am sometimes, and this is really where I started breaking out really bad!

5. Be consistent
Be patient. Stick to a regime and wait for it to do its wonders on you! Do not ditch your products when you don't see results in a week or two. Just wait for the magic that might come and let the products adjust first to your skin!

Well that's really all I have to say, goodluck everyone! ❤️ I hope this helps even just one of you. Let's all beat acne's butt together! 🙅 HAHAHA

MY ACNE JOURNEY 😱 | part one

I stumbled upon this photo this morning while looking at my old memory card and I just wanted to share how I helped clear out my skin!

This was the situation of my skin back then, around end of September 2014. 😣 The lower photo is taken at exactly June 24, 2015.

The above photo isn't very clear, but you can see how I have some active pimples and comedonal acne too. 😭 There are also tons of dark marks which are very hard to erase.

These are some of the products that I consider as my HOLY GRAIL and which helped me achieve the photo below!

1. I'm White Retexturizing Soap | @realnaturaorganics
This is the only soap that can truly help in erasing my marks and CAN CONTROL MY BREAKOUTS. It is really a struggle to find a whitening soap that can help with breakouts, sometimes whitening soaps even break me out more. 😭 What I really love about this soap is that it helps with some of my minor skin indentations. Full review on this soap will be up soon!

2. Acerola Oil | @edensparadise
This is just one of the oils that do not break me out. It also helps in controlling pimples and softens dark spots! It is a go-to oil for me whenever my skin is feeling slightly dry.

3. Vinifera Oil | @meshaorganics
Also one of my go-to oils! I just know that this will not break me out and will help with improving my skin.

4. Aloe Vera Gel | Nature Republic
We all know aloe vera as a skin-soother! This gel helps with redness, sunburns, and taming breakouts. This can also be used to tone and moisturize the skin.

5. Rejuvederm Set | @skinbeautanicals
This set is seriously the main reason why my marks have diminished. Some are still there, but they are certainly much better than before. When I used this set, my skin just went clearer and clearer. I haven't experienced any major breakouts since then.

Part two will be up next! 🙆

Eden's Paradise 's Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream

Ayun nga since nahilig ako sa bb creams, so nagsearch ako ng organic one. And found this.
Here's my review:

Pros: .
-Smell is heaven. Amoy chocolate na vanilla basta amoy pagkain. Hahahaha!
-Conceals the hidden gems. Lols.
-Affordable and worth it. .
-Too heavy sa face.
-Oily sa fes ko.
-Hindi sya gaanong nagbblend with my skintone. .

Rating: ★★/5

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Pasintabi po sa nag-aalmusal. Medjo ewwy. Hahaha.

So here's my current skin condition. Kaya medj ganyan kasi nagpaprick ako last Saturday. And usually, mga after 3-4 days pa bumabalik sa dati yung face.

Yung mga comedones ko, umaangat na ang madalas nagiging jumbo pimples sila. Hindi naman cystic. Pero malaki talaga. As in. Nagkaron ako last week sa ilong tapos kapag titingin sa baba, maduduling ka sa pimple mo. Hahaha! Ayun. Mga 25%-30% na lang siguro yung naiwan underneath.

Hopefully by July, oks na ang fes. *crossfingers*

#acnejourneyph #organicph #reviewph #instabloggerph

What's Comedogenic Acne? -Comedogenic acne is caused by clogging pores on the surface of the skin. It is the only kind of acne that is caused by external pore clogging as opposed to internal contributors (diet, stress, hormones, etc.).Comedogenic acne is caused by substances placed on our skin that disrupts the flow of oxygen to our pores. Oxygen helps to regulate the natural, helpful population of skin flora (or bacteria) within our follicles. As a result of this lack of oxygen, our natural bacteria begins to multiply rapidly, clogging our pores and causing breakouts on our skin. - How can you spot comedogenic acne? Typically, the breakouts are going to be of smaller size, show up in multiples, and be only slightly raised off the skin. Comedogenic acne typically does not result in cysts or nodules, although it could potentially snowball into that situation if you are highly acneic.

Thanks, google ;) In short, these type of acne are whiteheads and blackheads in general. Yung tipong hindi sya ganun ka visible kapag nag selfie ka. Plus lagay ng konting filter, oks na. However, kapag sa personal and daylight, kitang-kita sila. That makes yer face to look magaspang.
I have these type of acne. I had my breakout after I used a commercialized bb cream. Sobrang na-addict kasi ako sa make up creams. So nung napapansin ko na dumadami yung comedones ko, mega lagay ako lalo ng make-up para ma cover sila. Which made my acne worse.
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My derma give me these for free! *Happy dance* :) So I had my 2nd sesh of acne treatment today. Instead of peeling + extraction, my derma just extracted my comedones and injected some meds to flatten my pimps. Medj malalaki kasi sila since naglalabasan na yung mga whiteheads underneath. Di nya ako pineel kasi nagdry daw yung face ko sa tretinoin. So stop muna. Haha! Ang hirap kasing icontrol ng pagpahid ng tret, minsan di nalalagyan buong muka kapag pea sized lang :P So ayun, new skincare routine. Topical meds + oral. Hoo..Hopefully, bye July, bye acne na talaga :)
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