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Day 12 Progress: guys, i swear those red nasty things on my right cheek are all acne marks, not pimples. Forehead and left cheek are still in the purging stage. Btw, nothing of worth comes easy. According to the maxipeel website, you had to the regimen for 2 months. So yeah, i will be posting progress here until day 60. #acne #maxipeeltunayserye #maxipeelworks #maxipeelzero #maxipeel #acneskin #acne #acnejourneyph #acnesucks #acnejourney #acnecommunity #acnetreatment

Day 11: im so sorry guys, didnt get the chance to post this photos yesterday cause of out slow internet connection at home. Still in the purging stage. :( but yeah, im still doing the regimen and im planning to finish strong ahaha. Anyway, will be posting today's progress in a bit <3 #maxipeeltunayserye #maxipeelworks #maxipeelzero #maxipeel #acne #acnesucks #acnescars #acnetreatment #philippinesblogger #filipinablogger#acnejourneyph #acnejourney

Day 6: IM DEFINITELY SEEING IMPROVEMENTS ON THE TEXTURE OF MY SKIN. You remember the big red pimple on my left cheek? It's finally drying up! Crazy right? Another thing I noticed is that the pimples on the side of my right cheek have finally dried up. But my nose is peeling like crazy. Huhu I haven't washed my face, btw. Hahahhaa Good morning!!! Should i reveal the products already? Hmmm. #filipinablogger #instagramblog #clearskinisin #acnejourney #skincarephilippines #acnesucks #acnejourneyph #acnecommunity #instagramvlog #acnejourney #acneskin

Day 5: In the first picture, I popped the whitehead that was on the top of my left eyebrow (i know it's bad, dont imitate what I did). Oh by the way, that whitehead was a closed comedone before but after the 4th day of using the products, it came to its head yeheyyyyy! I can see that my pores are getting smaller and my skin is getting brighter. :) #acnesucks #instagrambloggerph #instagramblog #acnejourneyph #skincarephilippines #acnejourney #clearskinisin #instagramblog #filipinablogger

Day 4: Im really liking how my skin looks right now. Some pimples are drying up and my pores are getting smaller. 'Tis to great skin ahead! Another thing to note is that the closed comedones on my forehead are practically gone. I hope they dont get bigger as the day goes by. Huhu #filipinablogger #acnesucks #instagrambloggerph #skincarephilippines #acnejourneyph #instagramblog #instagrambloggerph #clearskin #closedcomedones

Culprit 2: This one breaks my heart so much cause it is such a good moisturizer. It doesnt make my skin greasy. But after about two weeks of using it, I developed closed comedones just like what I got from the aloe vera gel. Maybe because this has mineral oil in it. But nonetheless, this is a really good moisturizer for girls out there with oily skin. #philippinesvlog #acnecommunity #acnejourneyph #skincarephilippines #acneproneskin #acnesucks #instagrambloggerph #acneculprit #filipinablogger#skincarephilippines

Culprit 1: I wanted to like this but unfortunately, it gave me nasty closed comedones all over my face. But they showed up mostly on my forehead and on my cheeks. I tried this after watching my favorite Filipino youtubers rave about how good this is. I used it as a sleeping mask because that is how they advised it to be used. I also used it as a moisturizer/primer before applying makeup. Huhu I am sure this product will work for other people. It just didn't work out for my acne-prone, combination skin. #naturerepublicaloevera #naturerepublicph #philippinesvlog #acnecommunity #acnejourneyph #skincarephilippines #acneproneskin #acnesucks #instagrambloggerph #acneculprit

Day 3: Skin in Natural Lighting. I did something brave today: I went out without wearing makeup. No eyebrows either. I was so worried and insecure but thankfully, the products are gradually making changes to my skin. #acnesucks #acnecommunity #acnejourneyph #skincarephilippines #instagrambloggerph

Day 2: no significant changes yet. This is for those who can't clearly see my acne, this is the situation of my skin right now. I can see that the acne on my nose bridge has completely dried up. Im thinking of making this as my lighting for future videos so that you can clearly see my acne. #acnesucks #instagrambloggerph #skincarephilippines #acnejourneyph #acnecommunity #philippinesvlog

Day 58 : my friends tell me that my face is getting better thank you so much to them and fucicort 😭 but so far all that's left are spots and redness (and scars) #Accutane #curacne #acne #acnescars #acnejourneyph #pimples #skin #Accutane #redness

⚠️ BEFORE AND AFTER PICS ⚠️HI GUYS! I'm sorry for the late uploads. So the first two pics are from last week. ugh. I broke out real bad due to stress from exams and from my menstruation that time. The remaining 7 pics are from this morning. My derma suggested that I apply fucicort and it's been effective so far. It helped dry my pimples.
#fucicort #roaccutane #acnescars #acnejourneyph #clearskinjourney #accutane #acne #pimples

So hello guys, i've been busy with school and well My derma increased mg to 40 god my skin I hate it so much #Accutane #roaccutane #acnescars #acnejourneyph #acne #acnemarks #skin #journeytoclearskin #pimple

Hello guys! I have just started Roaccutane a week ago. Accutane was suggested by my aunt to get rid of my acne. And today is day 7. And I was given a dose of 20mg (idk what more to say )
#accutane #acne #acnejourneyph #acnescars #roaccutane #darkspots #skinph

I made this review on sunday 8.28.16 (yesterday).
It's my 3rd day today! πŸ™Œβœ¨ I bought this at Robinson Imus, I just felt like buying it. Although, I'm looking for an alternative cleanser because I don't wanna be too "hiyang" with my fave Safeguard dermasense. The good thing about it is that they sell this in a small sachet, just like any trial size cleansers (ponds, eskinol, etc.) It's affordable only php 6!! πŸ™Œβœ¨ I didn't hesitate buying it because I remember I used to be "hiyang" with ponds during my HS days. So, moving on with my review, before I use this, I have 2 cystic acne between my eyebrow area, one on my upper lip area, and random zits all over my chin, and a little bit on my forehead. I'm using a silicone brush from watsons along with this cleanser.

PROS:βœ”οΈ It is gentle on the skin. Unlike other ponds products that I've used, this one doesn't have any microbeads. (Although, I wish it has one.) βœ”οΈit brightened up my skin temporarily. βœ”οΈit halted my oil production for 30 minutes less or more.
βœ”οΈi didn't PURGE but the next morning after my first use I got a very teenie-tiny zit above my eyebrow which is gone in less than 24 hours (weird right?πŸ˜…) NO CYSTIC ACNE, it even cured my CYSTIC ACNE IN JUST 3 days. But on my third day, I got zits on my chin. Not complaining!
βœ”οΈI don't feel like I'll be having any breakout soon even though I'm just a week away before the arrival of my "time of the month".
(Extra update: this is my 4th day, the zits on my chin and one on my forehead are starting to have pus, I don't know if that's a good sign or not but hopefully tomorrow they are ready to be harvested πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­)
CONS: βœ–οΈthe smell!! It smells like an ointment, or tea tree. (I've never been bothered by tea tree before, but the smell of this one, I CAN'T EVEN)
OVERALL, I'm repurchasing this again! Prolly, on tuesday! I'll be stocking up other ponds products too. I used to like the black variant and the other acne variant. I'll repurchase the three of them on tuesday! πŸ’—πŸ’˜ I always thought that commercial products have bad blood with my skin. I forgot where I've started πŸ˜… but it doesn't mean I'm quitting ORGANIC products.

Closer look. Check my review on my previous post :) πŸ’—πŸ’˜

Two pieces for only 88 pesos! 😍✨ It's quite a deal right? πŸ‘ Considering the masks from watsons ranges from 50 pesos and above! πŸ™Œ but personally, I still like the other collagen mask from daiso the one with snail filtrate because of its gel like mask and consistency~ (I already made a mini review about it before~) however this mask is good too! πŸ’— It has a lot of essence and the sheet mask has a good quality!!(infairness) πŸ’• the only downside for me is that it's a little bit too small for my chubby face. πŸ˜‚ Other than that, all is well! I hope I don't break out on this one! πŸ’•βœ¨ will try to make a mini review about this prolly after I use the second mask for clearer thoughts. So far so good! I wish I placed it in the refrigerator before using it tho! πŸ˜… but a little bit of "facing" the aircon will do~ (Mabilis siya lumamig!) πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š anyhoo, goodnight guys!! ✨ just sharing a lil' snippet of my life~ hello IT students! If there's any, just keep programming! Just keep programming! 🐟🐠 lol! Another full sched is ahead for tomorrow! Better get some goodnight sleep~ annyeong~! πŸ™‹πŸ‘‹ #collagenmask #japanhome #makeup #makeupph #blog #microblog #beauty #beautytip #beautyph #daisoph

Am I the only one who's having a breakout whenever I shave or pluck my brows? Eventhough hindi ko naman siya binabasa after shaving/plucking them? 😩 As much as I hate putting mask on my eyebrow area, I can't help it. πŸ˜… That area is my zits' favorite station. 😧 anyway.. Naisip ko lang ✌️ Coz zits galore ang peg ng kilay ko everytime I shape it.
Pampering my face coz school starts on monday! 😱😭😩 Physically and mentally unprepared. Another gruesome semester for me πŸ’” aigoo.. πŸ˜ͺ may the odds be with me. πŸ™Œ Charot! πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈby the way.. I'm using ANTI MASK from @lovemamaproducts πŸ’—πŸ’• #snapchatfail

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