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Going to get more products after Christmas! Loving all these so far @elfcosmetics @thatsheart #beautybychany

Here's the T E A on our B O MB #acnefighting system!
Step 1: Cleansing Balm- Gently cleanses the skin by lifting the excesses oil and gunk! Perfect for ALL skin types
Step 2: Mud Mask- (use as needed) DEEPLY cleanses pores and heals active acne!
Step 3: Micellar Toner- Shrinks pores, lock's in moisture, and FADES Scars
Step 4: Face Cream - A LIGHT quick absorbing shea butter & Tea Tree Oil based cream that continues to kick Acne's A**
So, as you can see this a FULL System formulated to treat your skin from start to finish! TAP THIS POST to SHOP NOW before they're all gone !!!
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Another little make over. Natural and beautiful #makeover #makeup #mua #natural #pigmentation #coverage #acnefighting

i'm not one of those who often to upload selfie apa lagi dengan caption panjaaaaaaaaaang.
buuuuut this is my face, full of acne pimples comedo and big pores.
orang-orang nanya, kenapa tuh muke?
my face is fine, it only became a victim of my neglect.
aku pake krim pelembab yang selama ini bikin muka ku 'keracunan'. honestly ,i was stressed when someone asks or gives a negative response to my face.
"ih muka kamu tu lho"
"jerawat kok semuka"
"dulu muka km mulus lho, skg ancur"
"hii mukanya ngeri banget"
wakakaka kaya gitu tuh kata2 yang muter2 diotak, lagian dengan kalian ngatain tuh ga akan bikin jerawatku sembuh, yang ada bikin hati luka *halahh*
aku pikir jerawat itu sesuatu yang ///sensitif/// dan ngak seharusnya dijadiin bahan olok2 karna ngak ada orang yang mau kok melihara jerawat dimuka.

btw, disini aku ngak akan rekomenin obat/krim apapun.
soalnya itu balik lagi ke cocok2an, tips soal jerawat jg gitu2 aja overall sama semua.
pernah nih segala skincare ala2 aku beli,
ke dokter pun ,hambur2in uang yang ada muka makin putiiiiihhh dan jerawat makin banyak wkwkwk..
udah pastii!
belum lagi makin banyak orang yg ngatain, kata2 mereka tuh makin muter diotak. bikin stress ga hilang2.
sampe akhirnya aku bisa nata hati dan aku mikir, ngapain stress sih, yang ada jerawatku ga sembuh2.
stress cuma gara2 orang2 yang ga berpengaruh banyak dihidupku dateng nyapa cuma buat ngatain jerawatkuuu?
busetttt~~~ nahhh, sekarang ku berterimakasih sama kalian yang sampe detik ini masih hobi ngatain jerawatku, karna dengan adanya orang2 kaya kalian aku jd sadar bahwa memang mulut itu harus dijaga dan aku ga mau sampe kaya kalian.
aku mau ngerangkul orang2 yang punya masalah yang samaaa..
buat kalian, yg sering sharing masalah jerawat, semangaaaatt..semoga ini bisa membantu kalian lebih pede..
ga perlu kalian tutupi jerawat pakai make up yg tebel, kulit kita perlu nafas..dan yang penting, jgn peduliin orang, peduli sama kulit kita jauh lebih baik.
sekarang pr nya adalah lebih mencintai diri sendiri, daaaaann..
i'll slap you with real evidence coz visual speaks louder 💪
#acnefighting #acnefighter👊💪 #acneskincare

Meet our BEST SELLER product ever 🙌

Dari awal 2012 sebelum ada oil lain, kita cuma jual Argan Oil loh, dan ternyata booming banget! Karna banyak yang udah ngerasain khasiat dari gold oil ini terutama untuk menutrisi kulit, oil balancing, bikin kulit cerah dan kenyal 👌

Ternyata kulit yang lembab dan kenyal itu bikin kulit terlihat lebih muda dan sehat lohhh 😍

Cobain size 5ml aja duluuu, kalo cocok pasti jatuh hati 😜

Just tried to book online a meeting for a hormonal dosage. I’d like to try to understand what’s going on... every month I feel sick 4-5 days (like twice a month I have fever, extreme tiredness , pain behind my eyes , cramps ... like the flu really ) and I have more and more acne for every month since I stopped the birth control pill 9 months ago. I wanna understand what is wrong. Hope I’ll get an appointment because where I live in Sweden it’s not so easy to have one. In the meantime I cuddle my cat, she helps me relax... but I’m very sad about all those changes that are operating in my body..
.🇫🇷 Je viens d'essayer de réserver en ligne un rdv pour un dosage hormonal. Je voudrais essayer de comprendre ce qui se passe ... chaque mois, je me sens malade pendant 4 à 5 jours (deux fois par mois, j'ai de la fièvre, une fatigue extrême, des douleurs derrière les yeux, des crampes ... vraiment comme la grippe) et jai de plus en plus d'acné chaque mois depuis que j'ai arrêté la pilule contraceptive il y a 9 mois. Je veux comprendre ce qui ne va pas. J'espère obtenir un rendez-vous car là où j'habite en Suède, il n'est pas si facile d'en avoir un. En attendant, je serre mon chat dans mes bras, elle m'aide à me détendre ... mais je suis très triste de tous ces changements qui s’opèrent dans mon corps ...
#acne #hormonalacnesucks #acnefighting #hormonalacne

Bad day... had a breakout and I don’t really know why. It’s not even ovulation period yet. Maybe because I ate quite a lot of iodine in one day (shrimps and cod) or because I drank wine... made a detox mud mask . I’m sad about it...
.🇫🇷 Vraiment pas top aujourd’hui ,j’ai eu une poussée je ne sais pas vraiment pourquoi . Peut être parce que j’ai mangé trop d’iode (crevettes et morue dans la même journée) ou peut-être parce que j’ai bu un peu de vin. Ça me saoule..
Je fais mon masque detox de la semaine, il sera bienvenue
#acne #hormonalacne #hormonalacnesucks #acnefighting

Say Bye Bye to all those Breakouts and Troublesome Skin! I'll now be offering Dermalogica's Clear Start system to my treatments.
💜Breakout Clearing Booster- Kills breakout causing bacteria deep within pores. Made with Natural Botanicals like Lavender & Tea Tree to calm irritation and redness. 💙Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask- Uses an active fizzing formula to penetrate deep into the pores. Clearing and targeting blackheads.
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Just a bit of concealer on the red spots today and it’s not too bad... have a nice day dears ❤️!
.🇫🇷 Juste un peu de correcteur sur les rougeurs aujourd’hui (marques et boutons ) et ce n’est pas trop mal.. bonne journée à tous !
#acne #acnefighting #hormonalacne #nottoobadtoday


Gavïa Acne Fighting and Whitening Cream – Carrot has been especially created to give you instant clear skin complexion. Its unique and specific formula, enriched with antioxidant carrot extract keeps the skin glowingly healthy.
• Multi vitamin strengthened lotion with carrot oil
• Carrot oil makes your skin glow with health and nutrition
• Intense advanced lightening carrot oil toning extract helps smooth your skin

Dari sekian banyak oil, yang mana yang sesuai dengan jenis kulit dan masalah kulitmu?

Yuk jangan ragu untuk bertanya dan dapatkan informasi sebanyak-banyaknya sebelum membeli.

Caranya kalian bisa via dm instagram, personal chat Tokopedia / Shopee atau Whatsapp: 083822633354 untuk cerita masalah kulit dan pemilihan produk yang pas.

Feel free to ask and know your product before purcasing! We're very welcome 🖤

The other night I tried out this skincare tip from another consultant. I must say applying it with our new liquid brush was pretty amazing! ⠀


The white strip is our Redefine cleansing mask. It uses kaolin clay to remove impurities from pores, absorbs excess oil and firms skin. ⠀


The purple strip is step one from our Unblemish Regimen. It’s a sulfur wash that unclogs pores and fights breakouts. ⠀
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Youthful glow acne fighting yogurt face mask #ingredients 👇🏼 ▪️1 tea spoon yogurt. ▪️1 tea spoon honey. ▪️1 tea spoon oats Direction👉🏼combine all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix it well Apply a thick coat to your face with clean finger tips , let it dry/settle for 15 mins when the time is over gently rinse your face with warm water and the splash cold water on your face to close up your pores and then dry your face with a soft towel .... 👍🏾❤️. #acnefighting , #facemask , #glowingskin , #honey,#yogurt,#oats #beautyblogger , #MuA

Apa aja sih oil yang ready? This is the answer 👏

PURE OIL (tanpa campuran bahan lain)
• Argan Oil
• Rosehip Oil
• Grapseed Oil
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Jojoba Oil

FACE OIL (gabungan beberapa oil untuk kegunaan khusus)
• Brightening Oil
• Face Oil
• Natural Acne Care Oil

Semuanya bisa diorder langsung di
@beautyblythe 🖤

🔹Blue LED Light Therapy🔹
-kills Acne causing bacteria .
#skincare #ledlighttherapy #bluelight #acnefighting #esthetician

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