BC Kalev/Cramo mängija Erik Keedus on taastumas eesmise ristatisideme ning meniski operatsioonist Game Ready külmakompressiooni seadme abil. Soovime Erikule kiiret paranemist! ⛹🏼‍♂️
Lingi seadme laenutamise kohta leiad meie esilehelt. #gameready #coldcompressiontherapy #acl #meniscus #spordihooldus #bckalevcramo #erikkeedus

Preloved Lv nolita 2004
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After a full #ACL rupture and poor follow up in the NHS, our client is looking in prime position to manage without surgery. Here’s a snippet only 6 weeks into conditioning!💪🏻💪🏻 #rehab #physio #strength

@arshavindra nungguin papa @ariobima75 ngayuh sepeda statis di kasur...cepet sembuh yaa pah, trus kita tes dengkul naek mercu suaarrr 😄😄 #meniscus #meniscusrepair #ACL

Preloved Prada Denim Bag Size 28 x 20 x 10 Cm with Strap for fun & DB Pengganti
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excellent condition LV minilin franchoise shoulder size app 29x23 cm only
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ACL injuries at worlds highest level in young aussies

•80% of these injuries can be prevented with proper agility training
•DK physio can help with your prehab and sports specific training- call us today!

Landing is a SKILL and must be trained like all others skills ✔️
Proud of this kid @chrisdikranis (soccer) coming back from ACL surgery ✊️🔥
I have educated this young man on everything from strength, mobility, re learning of skills, muscular size, conditioning, speed/technique and everything in between to make his comeback from ACL surgery a success ✔️
I have worked closely with @woodfordssc performance Physio @laurafox93 to make sure @chrisdikranis is not only ticking boxes in the performance area (strength, speed, power, conditioning, contact etc) but also pathology/Physio tests have all been completed and both the prevention & performance sides have ticked all the boxes that are critical ✔️
ACL rehab (and all rehab) should be CRITERIA driven not time driven - athletes need to satisfy a number of Physio & performance criteria to be ready to not only play their sport but perform when they come back (& have the confidence)
Here is a landing drill I use which tests the athletes ability to land & absorb force while taking contact 🔥Sport is random and chaotic and the ability to land from random & reactive positions is critical ✔️
I added the extra component of fatigue to mimic sport whereby athletes are tired and need to land even when under physical stress! I first completed this drill when he was fresh and once skill is learnt then overload with fatigue ✔️
Christian@woodfordssc.com or DM. #wssc #changingthegame

1 week post op. Swelling is going down, bruising is starting to show, feeling on the inside of the leg is coming and my leg hair is growing back 👌.
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Stop! Telling my patients their hips/knees/backs are out of alignment, aged, wrecked, that they have bad posture, pronated, pelvis tilted, that they are fragile and need fixing!!!! I’m so sick of seeing big accounts with fear mongering narratives to “get attention”. It’s unethical and frankly, disgusting, knowing what we know.
Pointing out dysfunctions, imbalances and other narratives of fragility as direct causes of pain are not only unsupported, but directly contribute to beliefs that drive the persistent pain epidemic.
So what’s the solution?
More empowerment and less bullshit.
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For a limited time, I'm offering my 2 recent online ACL presentations for the price of 1! Remember health professionals (not just Physios) can log my presentations as continuing education points. Head to www.mickhughes.physio (CLICK ON ACL LECTURE) or go to www.learn.physio to access them! #Physio #aclrehab #aclinjury #ACLreconstruction #aclrecovery #ACLchat #acltear #ACL

Experts are calling for greater focus on agility training in kids sport to curb an alarming rate of knee injuries among teenagers and young adults! 🤕
According to research, Australia has highest rates of ACL injury in the world! 🙁
Contact us for our thoughts!
Article 👇
Simple training could reduce kids' ACL injuries 'by 80 percent' - 9news.com.auhttps://apple.news/ASSjbPmbeREOJqRHqtuc_0g

Neck massage! Love this one. -
Are your traps and neck tight?! Great massage at the end of the day especially if you spend a lot of time at a computer or on your phone. #texneck -
🙋Tag a friend who is always on their phone or bad posture. Share it, show the love ❤️, repost it 😀

We have narrowed down risk factors for ACL injuries with kids playing sports, and in particular females to 7 key things which we will discuss over the next few days.
The first and most important is poor neuromuscular control. This is where poor movement skills and coordination is developed and not addressed with corrective training. All the body needs is an increase in training volume to eventually create injury. The picture shown here is a classic case of poor motor control that places enormous stress on the knee.
Weaknesses to look for are usually revealed in single leg stance
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