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I made it! Shoes @frank_knows dress by @vjsofficial_mwenge hair by @fridazhairtz #acknowledgement#

Thanks @thebestchefawards voters and organization for this #1 Best Chef #acknowledgement and your kind hospitality in Warsaw we won’t forget.

What a joy to see these beautiful people dancing and singing to the musical energy. It's an incredible feeling to see and hear people singing ur lyrics, it feels a little unreal. It's like u write a song all alone in ur room and all of a sudden people sing out the lines u wrote privately. Look at the movement and the smiles. 😍 I'm so grateful to have people acknowledging and appreciating what I do. Seriously, mi nah lie. To have the possibility to grant a wider audience an insight into ur soul via music is truly a gift, every artist should know and give thanks for that 🙏🏽 This song is called 'Troddin' With A Vision', title track of my first EP. This was the first song I ever stepped forward with as 'Tóke' and it has been receiving so much love from the beginning. 🔥 Scenes from @reggae_jam_festival 2017. #artist #appreciation #acknowledgement #singalong

I would like to acknowledge my son dad @luckie__one . Without you I wouldn't be here passing the torch to our son and being an example to him. Thank you for holding down both yours and mine responsibility when I needed you to as far as our son goes. I am forever grateful. ♥️ #ididthat #painintopower #classof2017 #issanurse #acknowledgement

@cmeintjes Thank You for this! For all the gorgeous memories you helped us record effortlessly! .. and of all the pictures you took this one perfectly captures my Indescribable Glorious Joy ~ In one big hearty laugh! || Thank You @jennaclifford_sa for my sparkling diamonds and pearls - they were perfect! #repost

He's a helluva songwriter but If you just wanna laugh your face off follow my good buddy @marteljames 🤣🤣 #rock #hardwork #latenights #blood #sweat #tears #myfans #hardwork #acknowledgement #despacito #newmusicfriday

اليوم..تكريم منطقة القاهرة 💃💃 #karate #worldchampion #honored #acknowledgement

This difficult thing called self acknowledgement... Sometimes we get so caught up in what it is we want to create, we don’t see it when it’s already there.

For the last three years I’ve been working massively on myself as well as on my personal dream to come true. A dream about running my own business successfully, supporting people on their journeys, living location free, following my soul’s and heart’s purpose.
It was only today when I was having an online coaching session with an amazing client, all while being in Croatia, having the best time of my life that I saw it: It’s been there all along! I’ve been doing what I’ve been dreaming about the whole time. I just never acknowledged myself for it.

Or the man who’s intention it is to be a good man. Who’s focused so much on his personal growth, to be a good husband and a good dad, that he doesn’t see he already is exactly that! Way more beautiful than he can imagine.

Or the woman who’s so urgently searching for her purpose that she doesn’t see that she’s already living it simply with being who she is. Bringing more light into this world.

Of course it’s important to work on yourself and your dream but at times it’s just as important to stop for a second. To breathe. To look at the things you’ve already achieved. What you’re already good at.

To see your own light!
It’s already there.

Don’t turn your back on it.
#acknowledgement #selflove #shinebright


“Life is so subtle sometimes that you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once only dreamed would open” ✨ #acknowledgement

Wishing all my American friends a very happy thanksgiving 💛

Is there someone you can express gratitude towards today? It feels amazing to be acknowledged and we're so thankful to have been chosen as a @topchoiceawards nominee again this year. We'd be oh so grateful if you'd vote for us. It only takes a minute and the link is right in our bio :)
#thankfulthursday #gratitude #grateful #recognition #acknowledgement #topchoiceawards #vote #voterschoice #wow #wellnessonwhyte

Today is my first time sharing in the celebrations of Thanksgiving. A traditional American holiday were friends and family come together to share a meal and time together.
As an Australian I have asked some people what are the REAL origins of this holiday?
Most retell the story of the pilgrims and Indians coming together to share a peaceful meal.
But...since I believe that history is written by the victor I wanted to find out the full version of history; not just the ‘rose coloured glasses’ version which doesn’t include the bad and ugly parts of history.
Whilst I am glad that today this holiday is about giving thanks for what we have, spending time around the dinner table with those we love and cherish most.
I still would like to acknowledge that for many indigenous people of this country today is a day of mourning. A painful reminder of the past when their way of life was challenged and almost extinguished.
I say this because I to come from a country where Australia Day is celebrated by the masses yet often disregarded that it is a day of loss and mourning to the Aboriginal Australians whose way of living ended the day the first fleet arrived.
And so I simply ask us to not only be thankful for what we have this thanksgiving but also take a moment to acknowledge that in some households today is a painful reminder of the past which I believe warrants a moment of acknowledgement.
We don’t possess the power to undo the past but we do possess the power to not repeat the same mistakes in our future. And this can only be done if history is taught in its entirety.
Let today be an opportunity to acknowledge the past, appreciate our present and work together to unite humanity for a better, brighter and more inclusive future.
We are all HUMAN after all. #thanksgiving #history #nativeamerican #theuglytruth #gratitude #family #thegoodthebadandtheugly #acknowledgement #appreciation

I only speak the truth and roll with anyone that speak the same. In order to heal we must acknowledge how this country was built. From the blood and lives of many. The #indigenouspeople and #africanpeople... Let’s start healing #America. We don’t hate #whitepeople ... we just want #respect and #Acknowledgement for what our ancestors endured... #love #loveforallmankind #truthaboutthanksgiving #neworleansindians #indigenouspeople #africanpeople #caribbeanpeople #Alllivesmatter #alexhaleyqueen #alexhaley

Be mindful of who you say “Happy Thanksgiving” to✌️
Many celebrate today as a harvest fest of sorts, commemorating the first harvest in “the new world”, and giving thanks. Though there is nothing adherently wrong with creating new meaning— in sharing and unbiasedly giving thanks to all— be mindful that there are also many people who observe today as National Day of Mourning. They celebrate & give thanks to those who survived, continuing culture and legacy, but also mourn for those lost & oppressed, meeting in peaceful protest...
#UnityinDiversity 🌎
#Acknowledgement 💡
#NativeAmerican #History 📚

@HipHopEd #Education #Knowledge #Creative #Poetry #Expression ✏️ #Peace #Understanding #Youth #Unity #Community #Culture #Positivity #Inspiration #Motivation #Progress 💫 #America #Observe #Love #Family @CreadNYC #HipHopEd
#TeacherLife 🍎

Have a BLESSED day. Be grateful for the LAND you stand on. See the LOVE that surrounds you. Exuded PEACE -jada
#bethelight #bethechange #acknowledgement #lovetheland #lovethepeople #lovetheearth #herpeople #allpeople

We are all born unique and beautiful in our own ways. The minute we see, feel, accept, acknowledge and embrace it, so will everyone else. You don’t need to go through what I did to realize this. Start from today and that way attract beauty and happiness into your life.
Hamuman ba jwani wa ba taibatmandi xoman la daik dabin. Katek xoman daibinin, hasti pe dakain, daizanin wa shanazi pe dakain, aw kat hamu kasek ba haman shewa to dabininn. Pewist naka awai mn tushi bum tosh tushi bit bo awai bizanit. La amrowa dast pe bka wa bibina chand asudayi wa jwani deta new zhianit. #kurdistan #kurds #kurdishgirl #londoners #london #girlinlondon #speaker #speakers #vlogger #vloggers #wearebeautiful #weareunique #embraceyou #acceptyou #loveyourself #acknowledgement #findyourself #youarebeautiful #respectyou #

Happy thanksgiving
from Vino Fino!
Ladies and gentleman we are all in for a treat today, your wine shop in the City of New York will be open in 3,600 seconds untill 6:00PM today!!!!
#gratitude #blessing
#benediction #thanks
#manhattan #nyc
#newyork #ny

Dios tiene dos viviendas, una en el cielo y otra en un corazón humilde y agradecido.
Izaak Walton
Al despertar sólo queda agradecer abrir los ojos, tomar un respiro, ver el sol, nuestro techo, nuestros alimentos, nuestra familia sana, amigos, seguidores y toda la abundancia recibida .
Agradezco todo con sus sabores amargos dulces de la vida.
Aquí en este lugar donde me encuentro ahora a celebrar el día de acción de gracias 🇺🇸
#23nov #miamiflorida #diadeacciondegracias #diadeacciondegracia #acciondegracias #celebration #agradecimiento #ahora #aqui #presente #yoga #powyoga 🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉
God has two houses, one in heaven and another in a humble and grateful heart.
Izaak Walton
When we wake up, we only have to open our eyes, take a breath, see the sun, our roof, our food, our healthy family, friends, followers and all the abundance received.
I appreciate everything with its bitter sweet tastes of life.
Here in this place where I am now to celebrate the day of thanksgiving 🇺🇸

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. May your meals be bountiful and your loved-ones lovely. In politically fractured families like my own, not even the weather is a safe topic anymore -- what is the neutral conversation of 2017? That we have no neutral conversations? Thanksgiving has always seemed the most labor intensive holiday to me, because it begs introspection in a way that trees and bunnies do not. A major part of Thanksgiving growing up was acknowledgment of all that the Heywoods have, material and immaterial, which is often hard to do and not a lot of fun because it becomes impossible to ignore those who do not have those things, material or immaterial. Acknowledgement is work, but the most important work. Let's all check our privilege together. #givethanks #checkourprivilege #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #nopoliticsnoreligion #acknowledgement #familyiswork #wehavesomuch #wecandobetter Drawing by Rembrandt, "Four Musicians with Wind Instruments," 1638. @themorganlibrary

Yes, today is a day of gratitude, giving thanks for all that we have and all that is wonderful and good. Today is also my birthday. A couple of weeks ago, I attended a workshop for my teacher training in which the presenter, the amazing Gabriel Halpern facilitated a very special and touching birthday ritual for one of our Tribe members. He explained to us that our birthdays are the one day when we can ask for ANYTHING we desire..Follow the link in my profile to read about birthdays and gratitude all wrapped up in one neat little package. #gratitude #journey #presentmoment #acknowledgement #birthday #gabrielhalpern #teachertraining2017 #thanksgiving #wishlist #ahimsafamily

We are so ridiculously FULL of GRATITUDE for YOU. Each and every one of you... that contributes to our community in one way or another or in a hundred ways seen and unseen: Thank You!
The Den IS - because of YOU. We love you. We are so very GRATEFUL. Happiest Thanksgiving Den Family! ♥️♥️♥️ #acknowledgement #thanks #love #community #denfamily #grateful #thanksgiving #thanksgivings #yoga

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