This is one of the biggest reasons we get sick other than if your spine is out of alignment. Kangen water is the best product on the market. It will help bring your PH up. The molecular structure is different and it can bind with free radicals.
I’d love to help .... first one to message me can have 5 gallons of water and a free adjustment.

Happy Thursday!

Regrann from #tierragoesgreen - "Don’t let food addictions or cravings dictate your life. Make healthy the priority because making tasty a prerequisite for what you consume is how you became UNHEALTHY in the first place. Stop allowing your tastebuds to hijack you"! Many of you know that I recently adapted a new "healthier" lifestyle because I share my meals with you and other healthy tips. I'm using my struggle to hopefully strengthen someone who's facing similar issues with obesity, and obesity related health issues. Please understand you're not on this journey alone, nor will it be easy but it's definitely necessary so stay tuned and God Bless🙏

FLUFFLY santol 🍚 Last solid meal yesterday before i went to put on braces. Now that i was told not to chew anything hard i think its the best time to go all liquid + juices 🐳

กินก่อนไปใส่เหล็ก เพราะรู้ว่าคงไม่ได้เคี้ยวอีกสักพัก 😂

We take people from the left to the right! #acidic #sprite #dasani #acidosis #diabetes #bloodpressure #bloodsugar #athlete #ufc #mywaterworks 💜💥💦😎

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Interesting article in New Orleans paper. Link in bio. The strange part of the article is that they say we should eat more fruits and vegetables to counter the acidosis we develop with age which contributes to sarcopenia. They assume that acidosis is a natural by product of aging. This is not true. Acidosis is a diet effect. Eating animal proteins that contain sulfa leads to the acidosis. The body tries to buffer using calcium from muscle. Drinking alkaline water will do absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to correct this situation. More fruits and veggies provide electrolytes to buffer, but you could also decrease your animal protein. This may be why, in a ward study comparing low fat to low carb/high protein, the high protein group actually lost more muscle. Plant based diets will be the wave of the future in athletics..

Does this question raise your heart rate? Are you breathing more? Give this question a try and test your nutrition knowledge!
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This kid insisted on going into OT without me this morning and did an amazing job. They pushed all the elevator buttons. Listened. Worked hard. And were so proud of themselves. -
We also got to check in with our nephrologist last night and they have been growing more than we’ve ever seen since finally starting meds for Chronic Kidney Disease. In our first 6 months of treatment they’ve gone from being less than 1% on the charts for both weight and height to being in the 9th percentile for height and 12th percentile for weight. -
Their bone age is still at 4 years, 2 months (Nova is 5 years, 8 months) which means we have lots of room to go and grow but growth hormones + bicitra seem to be the magic solution. -
For the first time in their life they are not spilling ketones, kidney function is within normal ranges, and while they continue to have protein in their urine we are looking better than we ever have moving forward. -
I was so frustrated last week that genetics didn’t give us any answers but even without them we have treatments that are working. I’m so grateful for good medicine, health insurance, and access to phenomenal collaborative care. We have a dream team that know one another. That give this kid hugs and high fives and I never want to let them go. -
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Acidose metabólica grave está associada com pior prognóstico nos pacientes em UTI.
O tratamento específico visa reestabelecer a perfusão tecidual e medidas de suporte como ventilação mecânica e diálise, para os casos de acidose grave/refratária.
O uso de soluções com bicarbonato de sódio em UTI, visando a correção de acidose metabólica grave, permanece tema controverso.
O estudo BICAR-ICU, publicado no Lancet, avaliou o benefício do bicarbonato de sódio no tratamento de acidose metabólica grave.
Trata-se de um estudo randomizado, multicêntrico, aberto e fase III.
Foram randomizados 400 pacientes que atendessem os seguintes critérios: Acidemia Grave (pH≤7,2, Bic≤20 e pCO2 ≤45) + Score SOFA ≥4 OU Lactato ≥ 2mmol/L
— O grupo intervenção foi tratado com infusão de Bicarbonato de sódio 4,2% (125-250 ml em 30 min, máximo de 1000mL/24h) visando manter pH ≥7,3.
— O grupo controle não recebeu soluções com bicarbonato. O desfecho primário avaliado foi a mortalidade em 28 dias e presença de disfunção orgânica em 07 dias.
— Dos resultados:
1. Não houve diferença de mortalidade (D28) ou disfunção orgânica (D7) entre os grupos;
2. O SUBGRUPO de pacientes com acidose + IRA (AKIN 2 e 3), tratado com infusão de bicarbonato, apresentou MENOR mortalidade e MENOS disfunções orgânicas;
3. No grupo intervenção foram observadas menores taxas de diálise em UTI, maior tempo para início de diálise;
4. Nos pacientes com IRA (AKIN 2 e 3) foi observado desmame mais rápido de vasopressores e menor necessidade de diálise após alta da UTI;
5. Nos pacientes com IRA, foi observado que o bicarbonato reduziu mortalidade, provavelmente por desmame mais rápido de vasopressores e menor necessidade de diálise.
— Destaca-se como principal limitação do estudo a falta de padronização das soluções utilizadas no grupo controle.
Apesar da necessidade de mais estudos randomizados, estamos aprendendo que correção mais agressiva da acidose metabólica pode ser necessária no paciente crítico. #ira #aki #nefrologia #nephrology #acidose #acidosis #bicarbonato #bicarb #uti .
por Valkercyo Feitosa
Fonte: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(18)31080-8/fulltext

Happy Sunday, Father’s + Grandpa’s Day. This article is a good eye-opening read. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26 King James Bible

Top Reasons I have been including loads of parsley in my family juices recently .This wisdom is based on @medicalmedium book #lifechangingfoods
✔️Prevent Tooth Decay :  Parsley is amazing for anything mouth-related such as gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth .
✔️Bomb of all veggies when comes to Alkalizing Body : Normally, alkalizing foods only have the ability to promote alkalinity in one or two body systems, so other systems can remain acidic. Used appropriately and on a regular basis, parsley can alkalize the entire body, crossing body systems and driving out acidity across the board.Wow thats huge
. ✔️Adrenal Booster: Like licorice root, though it doesn’t usually make the lists of top adrenal boosters, parsley most definitely should .
✔️ Aluminum Remover : Parsley removes aluminum from the body ( think gut health )

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My most favorite :) (next thing to the berries)

. Part 1
“When you don't transition to a living foods diet correctly you could find yourself very easily falling back to old cravings of eating foods that are corrosive and obstructive to the human organism. The reason we go raw in the first place is because we know that cooked food has no power to heal a body that is backed up with systemic #acidosis. .
If the food we crave, is the very food that caused the health issue your dealing with, you don't want to play russian roulette with your health, because this could be the worst nightmare, and decision you will ever make. This is why I highly suggest anyone that wants to heal their bodies to even try to attempt to do it through detoxification, if their mind in their heart is not in this for a lifestyle change. .

The whole reason why your trying to heal your body with living foods is because you need a life style change, not temporarily but permanently. If you didn't need a lifestyle change then you wouldn't be in this mess that you’re in today.”
@prof.spira .

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Who's hungry?🙋
This simple and delicious meal is my sweet potato noodles, broccoli, sweet corn tossed in a lemon/garlic/rosemary sauce and will be available in my E-book 😋
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“Today, most of the foods people eat and the liquids they drink are acidic, mucus forming, energy robbing, and protein toxic. This toxicity, being acidic, can inflame and congest tissue to the point of causing tissue death” - Dr Robert Morse, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook
Image by @alkaline_vegan_news
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