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Happy Friday!
Thank you Lord for the weekend! 🙌🏽🙏🏼
I always tell the girls I coach that the effort, choices and desire pertaining to their gymnastics career is in their hands.
I may guide and lead them, but they are ultimately their own driving force.
The same principals apply to our everyday lives.
Once you start holding YOURSELF accountable and become your OWN motivation is when a lifestyle is created.
Using external motivation is an amazing tool to ignite passion for change but don't let it be your only driving force! ❤️ Have a beautiful weekend friends! 🌞

Embrace the struggle
☑️Training with a partner may put you ahead, but can also hold you back from reaching your true potential
☑️If you run the race with those better than you, you may feel weak and left behind. You lift the lightest out of the group, and put a lotta pressure on you to progress and outlift the squad. You may never achieve your goal. However, the squad will always force you to give it your all
☑️However, run the race with those slower than you. It gives you a great feeling. You always end up outlifting everyone. You’re the strongest in the group, which puts you in your comfort zone. You feel like you’ve accomplished what you want. You just wanna lift heavier than the squad. You limit your potential to others’ progress
☑️The first situation comes with failure, struggle and a lot of frustration. You don’t feel good during your workouts. THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT
☑️We tend to always want immediate success. The idea seems to be that success is only based on winning, on being better than everyone else. We neglect the fact that success is based on progress
☑️Rather than comparing yourself to others, look back and see how far you’ve come. You’re probably lifting weights that seemed impossible when you began
☑️The scale of success is directly proportional to the amount of failure. In order to succeed, we must fail. Keep failing. Fail better. Embrace the struggle
👕: favorite shirt right now. grab yours @musclenationofficial (link and discount code in my bio).
#embracethestruggle #runtherace

I surprised Zeke with dinner tonight- I love surprises! He had a long day at work so he greatly appreciated coming home to a fresh cooked meal! We are trying to be adventurous with our food so I made tofu for the first time ever! We mixed that with sweet potatoes, quinoa and asparagus! It all turned out AMAZING! I was super impressed by the tofu- I've never had it before! We will definitely be making that again sometime!
Now, BED TIME! We are both just wiped. It's been a long and busy week with very early mornings and late evenings. This girl needs a good night of sleep! Goodnight to you all!
#teamorenda 💕🌈
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Is it just me or do we humans love building community? I've managed to connect with some really awesome people through Instagram. I've also been exposed to some great notebook-ish (my favorite things) things. Notebook refills by @soumkine in Paris that match my blue Aurora pen and olive Fourruof pouch. #matchymatchy I cannot wait to try these out.

Week 29 Weigh In: -.1 lb ⬇️.
(Ps: I'm 1 lb away from my initial GOAL I set back in 2012! #atmylowestweight #feelinghealthy #feelingstrong 🙌🏼)
I couldn't be more happy to report that, for the first time ever in my life, I LOST weight on vacation. I've learned that when I indulge ALL week while away, I not only feel sluggish, I make poor choices that lead to more poor choices making me feel less than my best. In the end, I struggle hard core to get back on track when I get home. <--- those poor choices always stuck around 🤷🏼‍♀️😔 #thatslife
But not this time! This is a lifestyle change so why go back to my old ways while on vacation? I was mindful, MOVED, and still enjoyed myself 100%! I wouldn't change a thing. I had all the beer, fish and chips, the best brownie, a real Italian cannoli, charcuteries, an Irish breakfast, a lamb feast, etc ... all in moderation and making sure my day was balanced. For instance, I also had the most amazing salads, split the indulgent things with Shaun, had a 1/2 pint of beer instead of a whole most of the time, etc. So basically having the "balanced" mindset carried me through this incredible vacation. We can't wait to go back and Ireland already holds a piece of our hearts. 🇨🇮☘️❤️ #especiallydublin .
(People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/per week)
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Time for some friend accountability! Today I vowed to get back into a regular schedule with my Krav Maga classes, and I'm going to stick to it! I know a bunch of you were asking about it and wanted to come along. Let's do this! 💪🏼💋
#besafe #trainhard #kravmaga #selfdefense #fightingspirit #protectyourself #besmart #kravmagaworldwide #getfit #pinkboxingglove #accountability #girlswhofight

Freezing my chicken and decided to weigh the breasts ahead of time so when I pull some from the freezer I know exactly what I'm grabbing! Sometimes I pull a chicken breast to defrost and it's way too big! Just remember that the weight of raw chicken tracks differently than cooked!!
#weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #smartpoints #goals #betterchoices #lifestylechange #wwsupport #wwsisterhood #wwigfamily #ontrack #motivation #accountability #becauseitworks #progressnotperfection #wwcanada

📲🔥Now accepting applicants🔥📲
I am looking for passionate 🌷WOMEN🌷to join our team that we have created in this wellness culture while trying to live our best lives.
Truly finding purpose with your passion. No you do not have to be a health professional or certified in anything.
✨All you have to do is believe in yourself enough to PAY IT FORWARD and help others start their own health/fitness journey.
I am on a crusade⚡️
A mission to help all of those ladies out there that thought they couldn't do it.
I see you, and I'm telling you it's your time.
It's time to take control of your life.
Manifest that dream and make it happen
Only Qualifications:
1. 18+ (US & Canada Only) 
2. Kind hearted and passionate for others
3. Interest in overall wellness of the body
4. Discipline and commitment to yourself and your dreams
If that is YOU💖
Comment below with your email (no .com) or enroll with the link in bio to get more information!
Also, we love friends.
Tag a friend you want to do this with 💕👯
Whatcha got to lose?
Y'all knew this was coming since I went full time 😍I want to grow. Do you?


84% humidity😳 this summer training sucks. I was sweating the minute I walked out the door. Managed to get 2 running miles in before my hip was screaming at me to stop. 😏 Tried walking it off and stretching for the next 2 miles but had to stop. Now attempting to hydrate while my coffee cools down 😉 #G2 #mightyniagarahalf #queenbeehalftraining #running #walkingtheweightoff #motherrunner #momswhorun #motivation #irunthisbody #accountability #humidity #summerrunning #runnermom #runtheyear #irunforcoffee

I am SO happy with this loss!! I'm so close to the 170s and I know I'm going to see it this week!! #weighin #weightloss #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #accountability #losingweight #fooddiary #ww #wwsisterhood #wwfamily #healthy #fitmom #fitfam

For some people doing a 4 km run is a warm up.
For me today,this was a win because I haven't run since last fall as i have had Achilles and foot issues that made it difficult/painful to run - but to be honest with myself it actually was running with an extra 30 lbs that probably made running less than enjoyable.
So to run today without pain, to be able to keep up to my friend (even though she slowed down for my benefit I am sure) made me "run happy". 😁 🏃😁🏃😁🏃😁
Today is going to be a good day!

#runhappy #run #newbeginnings #fitover40

Happy Saturday, if you ever want a total body workout you need to try Barre 60! 💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻 This class is going to work muscles you didn't even know existed! Lighter weights but working until exhaustion! Phew!

Another great class At @corerevclt!!!! Thank you @miki_russ for all the great energy this morning!!!! This place is amazing!!!! #saturdayworkout #barre60 #totalbody #kimsfitforlife #cleaneating #clean #cltfitness #cltfitlife #healthy #healthylife #he#healthyeating #healthylifestyle #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessgirl #fitnesslife #fitgirl #motivation #determination #accountability #grind

Happy Saturday workout Done, TurboFire Greatest HIITs 21 minutes with results. Who else worked out today? No excuses everyone can find 30 minutes to dedicated to themselves; stress relief, cardiovascular health, feeling great all in your living room. No just working out but a career a business from home. Ask me how! #fitness #turbofire #ckeaneating #girlswholift #accountability #beachbody #beachbodycoach #beachbodyondemand #workoutmotivation #workfromhome #homebasedbusiness

Post workout selfie with my little motivator! She did the whole 25 minute workout with me this morning!! Her words "this is great for my conditioning at gymnastics". The new program I started this week is lime being at a sports training camp! It incorporates functional movements with cardio and strength. This is one of my favorites so far! I have been at it for less than a week and I see results already!!! I start helping other ladies kick this program off on Monday! Drop an emoji below if you are ready to get some results!!!
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Are you ready to take on an exciting new challenge that will bring life changing results? I want to help you reach your weight loss goals 🤗 Who's with me?! #setgoals #reachgoals #together #accountability #thetimeisnow #getfit #fitmom #fitnessgoals #weightloss #challengeyourself

the struggle this morning is R E A L
• slept for 3 hours making sure my sick boy friend + dog had everything they needed to feel content
----but I have water to drink + I have groceries to buy + I saw my niece crawl this morning so my Saturdaze is better this morning 🌸

#nofilter first "official" post on this accountability blog thing. (i'm making a commitment to this.) i put so much effort into getting dressed this morning, not fully comprehending how unprepared i will always be. today's a sad day. #ccday and we'll cry and we'll laugh and we'll cry and we'll laugh, for years and years to come. but "we" will not do it alone. 💕 - i took so many pictures in the mirror. wrote so many captions in my head. then gave up and thought to myself, "okay, ONE, has to look nice." 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ but when i scrolled through all of them, they all were beautiful. and the one i chose was the first. --- often times we second guess ourselves and wonder if we are good enough. so we "do" ourselves over and over again to become a better version of us for someone else, instead of a better version of ourself for us! so if you were ever doubting. the first you is good enough. the first you, is you enough. and the first you is GOD enough. You look like GOD. i love you. #blogjourney #accountability #locjourney #starterlocheadz #girlswithlocs #awkwardblackgirl #godcreatescreation #goodvibrations #love #vibe #shine #takeyourtime #iloveyou

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