“Move mindfully into the pose, allowing sensation to be your guide and curiosity to be your companion” - Brendon Abram .
Highly recommend reading Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga by him. Every yoga teacher should be aware of the fact that 1 in 3 people who come to a yoga class have experienced some degree of trauma in the course of their life ❕Being informed and consciously making your classes trauma sensitive is as much of our responsability as it is being aware of any physical injuries our students may have. .
It’s a short and sweet read, but has got a lot of very good info and is a great intro to trauma. .
.photo by @e.klektik
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A Mexican Adventure Awaits... 🐠I want to invite you to join me for my Mexico Adventure Retreat next May in the beautiful Mayan Riviera.🐠
This retreat is for you if…
* You’re an adventurous person who wants to check out a beautiful part of the world and try new experiences: yoga, snorkeling in a cenote, beach time, swimming with sea turtles, visiting Mayan ruins, and more!
* You want to be around like-hearted people who will accept you without judgment.
*You want to practice yoga, but haven’t found a teacher that knows how to accommodate your unique body or you’re intimidated to step into a yoga studio
* You want to strengthen your yoga practice with a teacher who knows non-conforming bodies and can help you find your own unique way to practice
* You want an entire weekend packed with radical body positive conversation, joyful movement, and laughter
* You want to have time away from the distractions and stress of everyday life – either alone or with your friends to rest, relax, and rejuvenate
* You want a beautiful, rejuvenating time in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera
🌴🌴🌴Here’s what to expect:

You’ll fly in and out of Cancun but skip the tourist hustle-and-bustle for the simple homeyness and delicious eats in the local hamlet of Puerto Morelos.
🌴🌊🛌This tiny beach town is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, a place where you can snorkel for hours or just relax on the calm beach, soaking up the rays.
This Mexican adventure is balanced as we juggle days of adventure with beach-chillaxing. Expect to dive in cenotes, swim with sea turtles, visit the ruins of Tulum and get a taste of local Mayan culture on a seva (service) day that brings the food and the fun.
Morning and evening yoga sessions keep you grounded while you have a chance to escape the grind and find gratitude in a laid-back, warm-watered, white sanded slice of paradise.
Get answers to all your Frequently Asked Questions, complete details on the retreat, and sign up at https://bodypositiveyoga.com/mexico-retreat/ (click the link in my bio)

#fattravel #bodypositiveyoga #accessibleyoga #yogaretreat #yogaforall @thetravelyogi

Enfin reçu mon matériel. À vos Tapis !
Equipment finally delivered. Get on your mats !
#yoga #accessibleyoga #yogainspiration #meditation #relaxation #asana #pranayama #accessibleyogafounex

A little overwhelmed in Adaptive Yoga today as 16 students, 2 carers, 1 volunteer and 1 guide dog arrived for class (and me). So our community circle got wider to accommodate 4 students who are wheelchair users, 2 visually impaired, 1 witb CP, 3 stroke recovery, and there was CFS, Parkinson’s disease, spinal injury, restricted mobility... ‘YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE, REGARDLESS’ 💟
#gratitude #uxbridgeyoga #adaptiveyoga #accessibleyoga #yogaforall #yogaisforeveryone #guidedog #yogateacher

Canceled this Sunday but hope to see toy the following week!
in this class you're encouraged to connect with your body, empower yourself, & develop your own practice. kesse is a guide but your body is the real teacher. multiple options are given for poses & unstructured time is often given to explore your practice with assistance as wanted.

no matter your size, ability, gender, or age, #youcanyoga. the studio is on a second floor accessed by stairs only. please contact kesse@change.yoga if stairs prohibit you from attending.
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Today is Karen Henckell's birthday! Please help us in celebrating this amazing woman that has been integral in building a beautiful senior community at Indra's Grace. Karen Henckell LOVES offering accessible yoga for seniors and she is a radiant, caring, loving guide that makes EVERYONE feel welcome and at home. Please share your love for this special being! WE LOVE YOU KAREN HENCKELL!

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Real people. Real yoga. What makes yoga feel real for you? It’s not about the shape of a pose, or being able to stand on your head. Yoga is about presence, and breath, and feeling where you are in any given moment. Yoga is about opening your heart, softening your mind, and learning how to take your practice off the mat into the world.
What does yoga mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Thursdays at CCY:
✔️9am Gentle Yoga with @mollythedahl
✔️Noon is with Lisa for that lunchtime refresher
✔️5:30 Yoga for Men is a growing community of guys sharing the practice
✔️5:30 at 7th st a Slow Flow set to music with Mary Kay
And coming this Sunday - Molly’s ever popular Long Practice. See our website for details.
#yogaforeverybody #accessibleyoga #yogaformen #gentleyoga #slowflowyoga #lunchrimeyoga #yogaasyouare #carsoncityyogastudio #carsoncityyoga #yogacarsoncity #downtowncarsoncity #carsoncitynv

Woohoo! Congrats on making it to Day 1️⃣5️⃣ of #spoonieyogaeveryday 🎉 We’re halfway through!
Bakasana - Crow Pose. All of these variations are pretty challenging! So please don’t feel like you’re “slacking” if you don’t choose the traditional variation. This pose is hard! And no matter which variation you choose, you’ll still be building strength in your whole body 💪🏼✨
Alignment Tips 🔻
✅ Try to snuggle the knees up toward your armpits. As close as you can get them.
✅ Really activate your core. Pull the belly button in and think about evenly rounding the back body the way we do in cat pose. ✅ Fan the fingers wide and press evenly into all the knuckles. Even if you’re doing the supine variation, activate your hands and imagine pushing the ceiling away from you.
✅ I personally like to practice this pose in “rounds” - hold for a few breaths, rest, then practice again for a few breaths. Do what feels right to you!
⠀⠀ Try any of the variations above or create your own! This challenge is all about finding what feels good for your own unique body. If you listen to your intuition, you’ll never be wrong 🙏🏼💕 Remember to tag me in your pose photos so I can see them! @spoonieyogatribe
Join me for 30 days of yoga! Here’s how:
1️⃣ Follow @spoonieyogatribe and @sleepysantosha on Instagram.
2️⃣ Repost the flyer to your feed or story and tag your friends to join us!
3️⃣ Post your variation of the daily pose using the hashtag #spoonieyogaeveryday 👈🏼 don’t forget to also tag me @spoonieyogatribe
4️⃣ Make sure your profile is public so that I can see your posts!
5️⃣ Create your own personal hashtag so that your posts are easy to find at the end of the challenge (e.g. #spoonieyogaeverydayrachel). This will help me decide on winners and will be fun for you to look back on your journey ☺️
6️⃣ Have fun and honor your body!
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

Flat feet? Falling arches? If you’re interested in strong feet, and really, who wouldn’t be? Toe spread and Stong arches are important!

curl your toes too about 30% of your ability, and with your heel on the ground, start to do some circles. As per usual, we want to make them the smoothest circle as we can. (my circles are wonky hear because I’ve been doing this in all my classes this week! My feet are definitely sore, a sign that they are getting stronger.)

This exercise could likely cramp your foot, so start at 30% and then increase effort after a few revolutions. Of course, make sure to switch directions. And breathe!

#footwork #strongfeet #accessibleyoga #frc #movewellmoveoften #yoga #teachyoga #yogaeveryday #practiceyoga #yogateacher #ytt #functionalmovement #highefficiencymovement #fallprevention

January 18th our RYT200 hour teacher training begins for our fifth time. It's been such an honor and blessing to offer this program with two people I love dearly. I think the three of us compliment each other nicely and we offer a space for healing, community,and exploration of self to happen. Throughout this 8 month journey you will learn about yourself, you will be challenged by your self, and you will have the opportunity to let go of ways of being that are outdated and that don't serve you anymore. It is our intention to create a safe container for inner work. As you move through your practice you will be the perfect guide for others if you choose to teach after training. Many students take it for themselves others take it for teaching others all students move towards wholeness. We would be honored if you would like to consider this program! Early bird pricing is through November 27th.

I would love to suggest this program for anyone looking for more depth in their training even if they have taken a 200 hour course in the past. This summer I completed the same Level 1 Meditation course for the FIFTH TIME!!! I am a big believer in doing foundations over and over until they are truly embodied. Please reach out if you have any questions. Details below.
Details: http://indrasgrace.com/teacher-training-2-2/ryt-200-teacher-training/
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Love this post from @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga via @doyouyoga
Have a body, will yoga - whenever, wherever and however I am able...even in bed in my pjs, like this morning 😉
“Four steps to having a yoga body:

1. Have a body. Any body. Doesn’t matter what size, shape, height, weight, ethnicity. Doesn’t matter if your body is strong or flexible of fit. ANY body and EVERY body will do.

2. Create a space. Roll out a mat if you have one, or use your bed or your desk at work. Sit in your car. Just find a space that works for you.

3. Wear whatever you want. Shall we say it louder for the people in the back? Wear what you wantttt! Be naked, wear some lingerie, a cute little leo, your favorite Alo Yoga leggings. Pajama llama it.

4. Practice yoga. Whatever that looks like to YOU. Asanas, meditation, compassion, not freaking out on your co-workers. Your practice, your yoga.

Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of a kick ass(ana) yoga body.” —Joe Lizz
#EveryBodyIsAYogaBody #AccessibleYoga #YogaForAll #yoga #yogalife #igyoga #yogisofinstagram #yogagram #yogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #motivation #inspiration #healthyliving #EmbodyYourBody #MindBodyShift

💧Inspired by my Accessible Yoga Training I explored ways to practice yoga in this beautiful space in Berlin. I am looking to offer a aqua yoga class next year in Berlin, stay tuned! 🙏🏻🐳💦#aquayoga #accessibleyoga #accessibleyogatraining #beecontentyoga #aquayogaclass #stadtbadoderberger #yogaberlin #teachingyoga #yogaforall #yogaforeveryone #yogaforseniors #berlin

Some days you wake up with a grateful heart.

I’m grateful that I’ve managed to keep going through the rough times.
I’m grateful that I realized not all things are the end of the world, or me.

I’m grateful I’ve learned that a real relationship encourages you to be who you are, not who society, parents, coworkers, kids, neighbors or even friends want you to be.

I’m grateful I’ve realized that relationships are not about validation, but about strength and compassion.

I’m grateful that I learned to just put things out into the world, whether I felt good enough or strong enough or worthy enough.

I’m grateful that I can look back and see all that I have accomplished and know there’s so much more I can do.

I’m grateful that I I’ve found a way to manage doing what I love and paying the bills-however difficult it sometimes is.

I’m grateful for the times I’ve burnt out on teaching, only to have the fire come back stronger and fiercer than ever.

I’m grateful that my students have realized they have all the power and I am just a guide who holds a flashlight for them to find their own path.

I’m grateful that my sons have grown up to be kind and empathetic, knowing that’s more important to me than their grades.

I’m grateful for the students that have taught me far more than I will ever teach them.

I’m grateful for my breath, as it reminds me daily that I am still here.

I’m grateful.

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🥳 #partimeyogimama rolling into the weekend practice.
#teenyoga @devayogauk this evening
#accessibleyoga @centredstudios Friday 2:30
#sivanandayoga @devayogauk Saturday 8am

Last video of sun salutations for a while..this is a chair yoga sun salutation to give you lots of ideas of how to make yoga more accessible to people, places and situations. Yoga is infinite and it can be so fun finding ways to integrate it's tools into every moment our lives.
Hope you enjoy this...link in bio

#accessibleyoga #yogaisforeverybody #thisiswhatayogilookslike #StephShantiYoga #shanticentretrainingschool #transformandinspire #suryanamaskar #sunsalutation #chairyoga

🍂Yoga For Life Fall News Letter is here! 💛🧡
Check out what we’ve been up to and how you can help bring more yoga to those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from a regular yoga practice. 💖

Feel free to sign up to receive quarterly updates from YFL 🤗 we promise not to fill up your inbox 😉

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