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September is National Guide Dog Month! As a guide dog user of over 10 years, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to the two furry creatures who have guided me through life both literally and figuratively. From the moment I picked up my first harness at just 13 I knew I’d never turn back, and it’s been a blessing in my life ever since. To Gypsy, to Gallop, and to all other guide dogs, THANK YOU. You are truly so much more than a friend, you have been my eyes, my 24/7 sidekick, my secret keeper, my other half. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been beyond worth it. You’ve given me freedom, confidence, independence, mobility, and so many other gifts that I can begin to list. All I can say is that I love you more than I knew possible. My Gypsy, my Gallop, my babies. 🙏🏻💕
#accessibility [Photo Description: Molly hugging Gallop as they sit in the grass together in June of 2016]
#guidedog #servicedog #thankyou #instadog #love #friends #blessed

You could say I was a bit of a daredevil when playing with the new iPhone 8 Plus’ camera. 😈 #shotoniphone #daredevil -
[Album description: three photos of James in a Marvel’s Daredevil costume, posing on a rooftop in Los Angeles. The photos include a close up, medium body shot, and action shot of James as Daredevil hoping over a ledge.] #accessibility

Great things never came from comfort zones 🌿
I've been so curious about using the @go_freewheel and I finally got one when I went to Belize and words can not express how much easier it made my day, also put different wheels on that were a little thicker and that helped so much! It's so amazing to see how accessible this world can be just by the devices that are available to us 🙌🏼 #Belize #freewheel #accessibility @tilite.official

People are getting their #NoMoreCRAPtions shirts and I am so happy! Also, as of today, I have made my goal of 50 orders! And more! Someone made THREE orders, getting two different styles of shirts and a hoodie! I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Just so you know, there are 9 days left in this round so get yours while it's still going! If you can't get one now, don't worry, they'll launch again. 🙂 BONFIRE.COM/NOMORECRAPTIONS [Image Description: multiple photos of people wearing a black and white shirt which says NO MORE CRAPTIONS]

"this world is a hard world to be a disabled person in. while the ADA and ACA are both under attack right now, I am exhausted. I am exhausted by a world that does not care about disabled people and our safety. I am exhausted by having to constantly beg my friends and family and strangers on the internet to call their representatives so I can have the healthcare I need to live. I am exhausted from having to constantly try to convince people that disabled people are people, too.
but it's that time again.
on sept 7, the house judiciary committee voted to advance #HR620, a bill that effectively attacks the Americans with disabilities act of 1990. HR 620 wants to allow business to opt out of title III of the ADA which basically says that businesses have to make changes to be accessible to disabled people. this bill lets the responsibility of accessibility fall on the disabled person, not the business. this is simply unacceptable.
even 27 years after the ADA was signed into law, the world is still hugely inaccessible to disabled people.
while you get ready for homecoming, know that I had to leave school because of inaccessibility.
next time you go on your family vacation, know that on my last trip home to LAX, the closest working elevator to get from my plane to baggage claim was in a different terminal.
the next time you go to a store or a restaurant without a second thought, know that I am barred from most places due to inaccessibility.
the next time you go to the doctor, know that I am currently in huge amounts of pain because the elevator was broken at my doctor's office a few weeks ago (it JUST got fixed) and I was not able to get the care and medication I need.
these are just a few examples. on a daily basis I encounter uncountable barriers. we must go forward and work harder to create an accessible world, not backward.
the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill is a last ditch to repeal the ACA and effectively kill and harm disabled ppl & kick millions off health insurance. we've been here before, we must fight again." - @elliewheels
CALL 202-224-3121! #wegohighproject

all you ever wanted to know about line spacing… fill ya boots fellow type, web and accessibility nerds! 🤓
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Visitando o Pelourinho em Salvador! Elaborando um roteiro turístico acessível


I know we've been through this 100 times but like why do homophobic people get so pissy it's like, wtf dood can you fuck off like they go out of their way to piss on you it's like, fam, don't you have other things to do? And like, staring at the guy you think is gay in order to notice any gay activity seems pretty fucking gay. Like, I would wear a flannel around my waist, this one dood would stare at me the whole class and say I'm the gay one. I'm gonna wear a flannel around my waist if I fucking want eat my delecious butthole bitch. And for the record Hell yeah I'm pan ass fuck I eat everyone's booty. Yeah we're fucking doing this-pd

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Our first Tech Tuesday episode is launching! This coming Tuesday, stay tuned as the expert AT therapists of the Independent Living Centre bring you their knowledge and tips on assistive technology – focusing on the AT you want to know about.
Our first episode explores @max_smartdrive power assist wheels. Tune in Tuesdays for our fortnightly episodes!

Shout out to Matt for taking this picture, as we apparently couldn't master the art of a selfie.
#accessibility [Photo Description: Riley and Sarah posing for a photo at night]

We made like Germans and hit up Oktoberfest.
#accessibility [Photo Description: Riley's hand holding a mug of beer that reads "Oktoberfest." Sarah is sitting on a stoop in the background eating pretzels]

#Vancouver local guides accessibility meet-up is officially underway! 😁🍺 #googlelocalguides #accessibility #a11y

Formation hyper pertinente à propos de l'accessibilité universelle mercredi dernier, offerte par #AlterGo (non, nous ne sommes pas le même organisme) ! ❤️🏋️‍♀️🤘#connaissance #limitations #disabilityrights #disabled #specialneeds #knowledge #knowledgeispower #youth #jeunesse #accessibility #accessibilité #montreal #mtlmoments #mtl514 #quebec

With the exception of work, publix, and being displaced due to the hurricane, we really haven't been anywhere since Pookie fractured her leg. With T minus 1 week until that boot hopefully comes off, we ventured out tonight to celebrate Pookie and her sister's birthdays. Oh boy. I will say that, in general, people are REALLY kind to families with wheelchairs. I will also say that even though all places are accessible, they aren't all comfortable. For those families out there handling wheelchairs all the time, you are HEROES. Seriously.
#wheelchairs #accessibility #familyoutingsarerough #ineedtobealoneforfiveminutes

Pediatric Health Care of Queens joins UP-STAND's Breastfeeding Friendly Astoria Initiative!
#familyfriendly #breastfeedingsupport #accessibility #accommodation

Ready or not here we go!! 15 minutes til our first traveling show begins! Wish us luck! #breakaleg #detour #travelingshow #beautyandthebeast #community #kindness #accessibility

When @johnscotbarrowman talks about meeting Gwendoline Christie and loving her even more for being in Star Wars @heroesfanfest #HVFF #bARROWman #drwho #DeafFriendly #Accessibility #StarWars #brienneoftarth

My sweet old man is all beat up from annoying the mares. Glad my Smart Crutch allows me to interact with my horse.

all you ever wanted to know about line spacing… fill ya boots fellow type, web and accessibility nerds! 🤓
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Character: Death. (#accessibility Photo Description: Linny holding up a script close to their face for the play 'The Christmas Spirit' by Frederick Stroppel.)

Loving this all white, clean and sleek bathroom with a view. Everything is accessible including towels. #bathroom #whiteroom #homestyling #clever #sleek #timesaver #organization #roomwithaview #accessories #withinreach #accessibility #simplicity

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