Wild weekend pursuits (+ Coco had #FOMO as usual...) 🐱☕️📚 P.S. What are you all reading currently?
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Farewell, 2017 ✨
This was a year of great highs (celebrating our wedding with all our nearest + dearest, starting a new career as a writer + social media strategist and getting to work for some of my dream companies + publications) & tough lows (losing my beloved uncle to cancer this time last year, almost losing our precious #acatastyle Coco, the global political situation, & finally reaching the decision to change gears after 15 years in politics). But I’ve got a great feeling about 2018! Happy new year everyone! Sending love from Cambridge ✨

Living out all my favourite October cliches today. Pulled out my favourite kitty flats (an ode to #acatastyle), a new leopard coat, and bought pumpkins + hot chocolate in town. Happy Friday 13th everyone!
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Self-care in the form of home comforts. Back from work + into pyjamas + kettle on in 1 minute flat.
P.S. Sorry for the radio silence the past week. Our sweet little Coco (#acatastyle) fell suddenly ill the day after we got home last week & has been fighting for her life in kitty hospital since Wednesday. We really thought we were were going to lose her, & she's still stumping all the best vet minds in the country at Cambridge University, but she's making progress & we're praying she'll be ok & that we get to bring her home soon. We cancelled our weekend trip away & must have gone through 20 candles, 100 episodes of Friends + a million cups of tea in an attempt to distract myself, but our house feels so sad & empty without her here. Please send all the good vibes her way!

Fluffy kittens + macarons: two of my very favourite things. Brought home @ladureeuk-shaped treats & obviously Coco thinks they're for her because she suffers from permanent FOMO #acatastyle

Desk essentials: laptop + mood lighting + 🐱. Blog admin + getting sh*t done day with my office sidekick http://liketk.it/2qj1Z @liketoknow.it #acatastyle

President of the Cat Lady Society 🐱 Walked all over Amsterdam with these cute kitties (an ode to my Coco) today http://liketk.it/2plpq

My number one sidekick: Coco. Softer than cashmere, sweeter than candy, excellent Halloween decoration, and the greatest cure for stress I know. Any other cat ladies around here? #internationalcatday #acatastyle

Enjoys: stripes, novel accessories to sit on, photo-bombing flat-lays @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/2laPR #liketkit

Pulling out *all* my sparkly heels (there are many!) for party season. Coco can't resist a twinkly heel & a pink box & wants in on the action @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1Z4nV #liketkit

My favourite objet d'art: Coco

As the weather insists on being horrid today, this morning I'm curling up with a book + clearing out my wardrobe (Coco has come to supervise because she has perpetual FOMO & can't bear to be left out)

Coco appears to have a penchant for Louboutins. No matter where I kick off my heels when I get home, she's always to be found sitting next to them www.liketk.it/1kxxV #liketkit

The Clever Fiancé is in Kyoto this weekend, so Coco & I are having a girls' night in: House of Cards marathon, Chanel manicure, Charbonnel truffles + my first bridal magazine. Also, I can't tell you how gorgeous the place smells thanks to this @diptyque Jonquille candle @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/ZpZE #liketkit

We have a new family member in the form of this sweet little munchkin (who isn't yet trained in the art of sitting still for Instagram)

We're having a cosy snow day indoors. Coco has been leaping about at the windows trying to catch all the fluffy flakes falling outside

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